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April 3, 2008

1. Iranian media reports Iran, Pakistan to embark on scientific cooperation in various fields. Meanwhile, AQ Khan is said to be demanding his freedom in Pakistan.

2. Tensions, fears rise as 'rumors of war' persist concerning Syria, Israel.

3. Ayman Zawahiri proclaims that al-Qaeda does not kill innocent people. Within same message, he threatens Egypt and Jews.

4. As new Pakistani government embarks on laying out a softer approach to terrorists within, US is asked not to take any direct military action.

5. Saudi Arabia is seen as the largest single source of funds for international terrorists globally.

Zawahri says al-AQaeda doesn't kill innocents, threatens Egypt, Jews - IHT

NATO deals setback to Ukraine, Georgia - CNN
NATO leaders are said to endorse U.S. missile defense plans - Los Angeles Times
Canada backs Ukraine’s NATO bid - Chronicle-Herald
Also See: Inside Track: Coalition of the Unable - The National Interest

NATO sends in reinforcements for Afghan mission - Toronto Star

Chinese Spy 'Slept' In U.S. for 2 Decades - Washington Post

China Gives IAEA Iran Intel - Washington Post
Iran, Pakistan discuss tech co-op - Press TV
Minister of Sciences confers with Pakistani counterpart - IRNA
A Q Khan calls his detention 'illegal'; demands freedom - The Hindu

Iraqi military continues operations in Basrah - The Long War Journal
U.S. Military: Strike kills Iraqi militant in Basra - Washington Times
Kagan: Iraq's Benchmarks: Who's Moving the goalposts now? - Weekly Standard

War Is Talk of Syria, Israel - New York Sun
Israel fears Syrian army moves may signal Hizballah attack - Haaretz
Israeli Defense Ministry: Syrian Reserve Divisions Not Called Up - Jerusalem Post
Israel: Iran trying to intercept IDF messages - Jerusalem Post
Syria confirms, Iran denies Israeli comments on listening stations - M&C

Pakistan ‘deeply concerned’ about al-Qaeda regrouping - Daily Times
US asked to refrain from direct military action - DAWN

Saudi Arabia is prime source of terror funds, U.S. says - Los Angeles Times

Spain arrests suspected Islamic extremists - CNN

Reformed Muslim radical fears future in Britain - Reuters

Experts to testify of 'growing' nuke threat to U.S. - USA Today

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