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April 2, 2008

1. Domestic political opposition forces Sarkozy to deploy his 1,000 French troop surge to quieter areas of Afghanistan and away from fighting where needed most.

2. President Bush recommended the expansion of NATO while in Europe. Concerns grow about lagging military capabilities, political will of existing NATO members.

3. Israeli intelligence report suggests a growing Hizballah in Lebanon may strike Israel through the Iranian proxy's own proxy group.

4. After an apparent defeat by all accounts, Mugabe's Zimbabwe government announced a 'run-off' election is likely. Later, opposition declared Tsvangirai electoral victor.

5. Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reports Syria is calling up reserve military forces fearing an Israeli attack. Last month, citing same fears, Syria reportedly deployed 3 divisions along its Lebanon border.

A Look Inside al-Qaeda: Tracking An Egyptian Bomb Maker - Los Angeles Times

Political Opposition Forces Sarkozy to Deploy French Troops in Quieter Afghan Areas - Toronto Star
Bush Urges Patience in Afghanistan, Expansion of NATO - New York Times

The Basra Business: What we know and what we don't. - Weekly Standard
Basra violence delays withdrawal of UK troops - Telegraph
Iraqi Army Stages Show of Force in Basra - AP

Irish Prime Minister to Step Down Amid Corruption Allegations - New York Times

Intelligence officers: Hizballah may strike Israel via third party - Haaretz

Hizballah accuses Saudi Arabia of siding with government in Lebanon's power struggle - International Herald Tribune

Syria said calling up reserve soldiers, fearing Israeli attack - Haaretz
Last Month: Syria Deploys Three Military Divisions on the Border with Lebanon - An-Nahar

Pakistan's A.Q. Khan wants to be free - UPI

Russians Suing Bank of New York for $22.5 Billion - New York Sun

DHS Secretary Chertoff fast-tracks Mexico border fences - Washington Times

After Apparent Mugabe Defeat, State-Owned Newspaper Says Election Runoff Likely - Washington Post
Opposition Declares Election Victory in Zimbabwe - New York Sun

West and Muslims Clash on Free Speech, UNHRC passes 'discrimination' measure restricting expression, 32-0 - AP

Feds: Flier Tried to Smuggle, Build Bomb in Florida - ABC

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