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April 1, 2008

1. Iran's Quds Force deeply involved in Mahdi Army truce in Iraq. Iraqi lawmakers made trip to Qom, Iran to meet with Quds Force commander, said truce was result of trip.

2. Opposed to US support for Ukraine NATO bid, Russia to offer NATO bases as transit point for Afghanistan mission supply route.

3. Pentagon analyst admits to selling secrets to China and will be sentenced in June.

4. The United States is demanding to see the Swiss energy agreement made with the Iranian regime in March.

5. Zimbabwe opposition, which assured it had a commanding lead before delayed counting was finished, now sways Mugabe can be expected to announce 'victory' in the elections. Vote count not trusted. Update: Opposition says negotiations underway for Mugabe to step down.

President Bush Backs Ukraine NATO Bid - AP
NATO summit faces tough choices on expansion, Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Russia NATO envoy says steps to expansion are 'point of no return - M&C

Putin to offer NATO Russian transit to Afghanistan at summit - Reuters

Pentagon analyst admits selling secrets to Chinese agent - USA Today

U.S. to Push European Missile Defense Plans - DefenseLink
Czechs support Israel joining NATO - Jerusalem Post

Hamas Controls Pervasive Message of Hatred and Violence In Gaza - New York Times

US Demands to See Swiss-Iran Gas Contract - AP
Russians Criticize Iran on Nuclear Talks - New York Sun
Arab League leaders call on Iran to end occupation of UAE islands - Gulf News

Iranian Quds Force Co-Signs Sadr's Ceasefire - ThreatsWatch

Two civilians lightly hurt in mortar attack on Negev kibbutz - Haaretz
Barak: We'll consider easing Gaza crossings if violence ends - Jerusalem Post

Iran Incites Cold War With U.S. in Lebanon Roiled by Hizballah - Bloomberg

North Korean jets flew near South 10 times in past month - Khaleej Times

U.S. names North Korean nuke experts allegedly helping Syria: paper - AP
Israel tells Japan that Syria got N. Korea help for nuclear facility - Asahi.com

A big balancing act awaits Taiwan's president-elect - International Herald Tribune

Unified Maritime Strategy Aims to Prevent War - Defense News

UPDATE: Opposition: Negotiations Underway for Mugabe to Step Down - New York Times
Zimbabwe Opposition Parties Say Mugabe Is Poised to Claim Victory Today - VOA
'Lid On the Pressure Cooker About to Blow'? - BBC

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