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April 24, 2008

1. The United States released information that led to the September 6, 2007 Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear facility being constructed with North Korean direction and assistance. Video from inside the facility positively identified it as a clandestine Syrian nuclear facility.

2. Sensing Syria under intense pressure, Iran's Ahmadinejad publicly warned the ally not to side with the Americans. Moves including reports of progress on agreement with Israel over Golan Heights and speculation that Syria led US and Iraqi forces to Iraq insurgency leader Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri may worry Iran of a weakening ally in Syria.

3. The Chinese ship discovered to be a major arms shipment to Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe has turned back toward China without unloading under intense international condemnation.

4. Pakistan is working on a second peace agreement in days with Taliban groups, this one with Baitullah Mehsud's Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

Intel: North Korea Helped Syria Develop Nuclear Program - ABC
U.S. Sees North Korean Links to Reactor - New York Times
Accurate October Speculation: Israel's Case for Syria Strike: Apparent Spy Had Hard Evidence - ABC

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U.S. Ambassador Walks Out After Israel Likened to Nazis - New York Sun
30 Palestinians arrested in Gaza operation; no IDF casualties reported - Jerusalem Post
Israel accuses Hamas of fabricating fuel crisis in Gaza Strip - M&C

9 people detained as Germans raid Islamic centers - International Herald Tribune

Saddam Hussein's ally Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri 'captured' in Iraq - Telegraph
Ultimatum issued to Mahdi Army in Basrah; 15 Mahdi fighters killed in Sadr City - The Long War Journal
Groups With Iran’s Backing Blamed for Baghdad Attacks - New York Times
Turkish Army Says It Has Struck Group in Iraq - Reuters

Hamas to hand truce proposals with Israel Thursday - Reuters
Turkey relayed Israel offer to swap Golan for peace: Assad - AFP

Pakistan: Peace Deal Between Islamabad, Pro-Taliban Militants Rankles U.S. - RFE/RL
Pakistan is negotiating a new peace agreement with Baitullah Mehsud - The Long War Journal
Alleged Pakistani Al-Qaeda chief orders end to attacks: letter - AFP

April 23, 2008

1. President Bush is hosting Middle East leaders this week to discuss regional affairs. King Abdullah II of Jordan is reportedly going to ask that he cancel or defer Israel trip unless concrete progress toward peace is made.

2. While saying the Carter-Hamas talks accomplished nothing, the Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister (from the PFLP) says that an Egypt-brokered ceasefire in Gaza is near.

3. Iran, an importer of natural gas from Turkmenistan, agreed to the country's demand of a higher asking price. While Iran has among the world's largest reserves, it's under-invested and underdeveloped industry makes it an ironic net consumer.

4. Once again, Iran is saying that it is prepared to enter into talks on its nuclear program, a program it has also in the past declared "non-negotiable" before previous fruitless talks. Iran's sought resource is time.

5. Russia says that Azerbaijan is 'obstructing' an equipment shipment bound for Iran's new Russian-built Bushehr nuclear reactor.

6. SecDef Gates announced today that General David Petraeus will become the CG for CENTCOM overseeing military operations throughout the Middle East theater, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

Petraeus picked to lead Mideast command - International Herald Tribune

Al-Qaeda audiotape blisters Iran over who executed 9/11 - SF Gate

Reuters Says: 'Hamas shows Carter its pragmatic face' - Reuters
Palestinian FM Says: 'Carter-Hamas meeting achieved nothing' - AFP

Bush Hosts Middle East Leaders to Discuss Peace Effort - VOA
Jordan's King Abdullah II to ask Bush to defer or cancel trip to Israel - Haaretz
Middle East talks in Moscow get scant support - Washington Times

Palestinian FM sees Gaza ceasefire via Egypt 'very close' - AFP

Turkmenistan: Iran Admits Defeat in Gas Pricing Dispute - EurasiaNet Business & Economics
Iran agrees to discuss alleged nuclear weapons program - AP
Russia accuses Azerbaijan of 'obstructing' shipment for Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant - IHT

Maliki Tries to Rally Arabs Behind Iraq - New York Times
Bill proposed in Iraq to ban toy guns - Sydney Morning Herald

Lebanese minister: Al-Qaeda UN troop threat a 'bad omen' - Jerusalem Post

EU's Solana says no Pakistan talks with Al-Qaeda, Taliban yes - AFP
How Islamicised is the Pakistan army? (Not very.) - Reuters Blog

Sri Lanka Clashes Kill 52 Tamil Rebels, 38 Soldiers - Bloomberg

April 22, 2008

1. Chinese ship bound for restive Zimbabwe found to be a a major arms shipment to Mugabe dictatorship after German bank attains debt-based impound order.

2. SecState Rice said Jimmy Carter warned against talks with Hamas as the US says no notable change in Hamas stance since Carter defied Executive Branch.

3. Israel's domestic intelligence Shin Bet reports that Gazans are paying doctors to declare them ill in order to gain access to Israeli hospitals.

4. A Georgian air force commander released footage from a drone that he says shows a Russian fighter shooting down the Georgian unmanned aerial vehicle.

5. Pakistan has released a senior Taliban commander Sufi Muhammad and signed a peace accord with the TNSM after Muhammad renounces attacks on government forces. No territory directly surrendered.

Zawahiri Response: Attacks on Western nations in the works - CNN
Zawahiri: Lebanon will Play Pivotal Role in al-Qaeda's Coming Battles - an-Nahar

Europe Not Seeing Jihadists Returning From Iraq As Feared - National Review
However: Europe facing radicalization over the Web - Middle East Times

Detainees Allege Being Drugged, Questioned - Washington Post
April 2008: Evidence Grows of Drug Use on Detainees - CQ Politics

UNIFIL finds Hizballah arms; Hizballah gunmen scatter UNIFIL forces - Haaretz
U.N. chief calls for Hizballah disarmament - USA Today

Rice says Carter was warned against meeting with Hamas - AP
US Sees No Change From Hamas After Carter Talks - VOA

Debt Impound Uncovers Chinese Arms Shipment to Zimbabwe Tinderbox - ThreatsWatch
Japan Reviews Defense Policy to Deal With China, Yomiuri Says - Bloomberg
10-year US term for trying to bring military secrets to China - AP

Shin Bet: Gazans pay doctors to declare them ill - Jerusalem Post
From Last Week: Three IDF soldiers killed by Hamas gunfire in renewed escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC

Lebanon postpones presidential vote again - AFP
New Lebanon Travel Warning for U.S. Citizens - an-Nahar

Pakistan releases Taliban leader, signs peace deal with outlawed Taliban group - The Long War Journal
Pakistan frees pro-Taliban leader - Washington Times
Background, 2006: Religious Organization TNSM Re-Emerges in Pakistan - Jamestown.org

Russia 'shot' Georgian plane - BBC Special Reports
Georgia-Russia Tension Escalates Over Downed Drone - New York Times

April 21, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda in Iraq announces a new wave of operations celebrating 4,000 US dead milestone as Sadr openly talks of "open war" with Iraqi government.

2. A Japanese oil tanker took fire from an unidentified ship off the coast of Yemen.

3. After Hamas suicide car bombers attacked the Rafah Israel-Gaza crossing, injuring 13 IDF soldiers, Israel is bracing for more border attacks following Carter talks with Hamas.

4. Two pro-government officials were killed in Lebanon when gunmen attacked new Phalange Party center in a drive by shooting attack just after it was inaugurated.

5. As intelligence gained in Iraq reveals more al-Qaeda suicide bombers in Iraq hail from Libya - mostly from the city of Darnah - Russia is looking to 'rebuild ties' with Libya.

6. A Jamaat-i-Islami official has asked the government to commence impeachment proceedings against President Musharraf.

Iranian, Afghan forces trade gunfire at southwestern border, 1 civilian killed - Jerusalem Post
Several Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan - ABC

“India, U.S. should prepare for joint [maritime] military operations” with India - The Hindu

Indonesia Bans Jemaah Islamiyah After Malaysia Arrests Leaders On Way to Syria - CT Blog

Iran Rejects Nuclear Weapon Accusations Ahead of IAEA Visit - VOA
Iran loses patience with Shell's indecision - The Guardian
Anti-Iran sanctions have no effect on Iran's progress - IRNA

Sadr speaks on ”open war” as al-Qaeda to launch new 'celebration' campaign - al-Bawaba
New al-Qaeda in Iraq tape calls for month-long offensive - AP
Background Analysis: The Fiction of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi - ThreatsWatch
Rice, in Iraq, Praises Moves Against Militias - New York Times
NYT Posits Iran Is Sacrificing Sadr to Secure South - New York Times

Palestinian Suicide Bombers Attack Gaza Crossing - New York Times
IDF braces for more attacks on Gaza Israel border - Jerusalem Post
Calls for Crackdown on Carter Precede His Hamas Meeting - New York Sun

Carter: Hamas Willing to Accept Peace Deal With Israel If Approved by Palestinian Vote - VOA
Flashback 2006: The Hamas Hudna Hoodwink - ThreatsWatch
Palestinians' backing for terror rises - Jerusalem Post
Report: Hamas rejects Egyptian plan for truce with Israel - Haaretz
Taking cue from Hizballah, Hamas honing fighting force - Washington Times
Talks with Hamas: One Stage Too Many? - Haaretz

Two pro-government officials shot dead in Lebanon - GulfNews
Two Phalange Party Members Killed in Shooting Attack After Inauguration of New Party Center - an-Nahar
Hizballah: U.S. claims we use terror against civilians are baseless - Haaretz

Darnah to Sinjar, Iraq: Destination Martyrdom for Libyans - Newsweek
Putin looks to rebuild ties with Libya - IHT

Jamaat-i-Islami asks gov't to go for Musharraf’s impeachment - DAWN
U.S. Military Seeks to Widen Pakistan Raids - New York Times
Taliban: Free suspects in Benazir’s murder, Lal Masjid chief cleric and TNSM chief for envoy - Daily Times
3 publicly executed by Taliban in Waziristan - DAWN

Opposition Candidate, Former Priest, Wins Paraguay's Presidency - VOA

Report: Syria, Israel trade messages on possible peace talks - AP
Syrians hold sit-in in Damascus to protest beheadings in Saudi Arabia - Jerusalem Post

Guantanamo eight to sue MI5 and MI6 over 'illegal abduction and interrogation' - Daily Mail

Unidentified Ship Fires on Japanese Oil Tanker Near Yemen - ABC
Al-Qaeda in Yemen: Mercenaries or Terrorists? - The Long War Journal

April 18, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri professed eternal US failure in Iraq as another anti-al-Qaeda funeral is bombed, killing 30 in Diyala province. While largely cornered in north, al-Qaeda still capable of bombing elsewhere.

2. In Pakistan's Mohmand Agency, the Taliban have declared the implementation of Shari'a law after a two day council.

3. Israeli defense officials report increase in Iranian arms smuggling through tunnels and sea containers that float just beneath waters' surface.

4. Hamas attacks have spiked during Carter's visit, during which he declared Gaza siege a "crime and atrocity," and said "the worst thing" Hamas has done is fire rockets, which is "abominable and an act of terrorism.”

New Zawahiri Tape: Al-Qaeda declares 'failure and defeat' for U.S. troops in Iraq - CNN
Zawahiri calls on Muslims to make Iraq 'fortress of Islam' - AFP
Al-Qaida's Finances: Evidence of Organizational Decline? - Counterterrorism Blog
Analysis: Al-Qaeda’s New Hardliners in Yemen Strike Western Interests - Jamestown

Suicide Bomber Kills 23 in Front of Mosque in Southwest Afghanistan - VOA

Pakistani Taliban Hold Jihad Conference, Issue 6-Point Shari’a Implementation in Mohmand Agency- MEMRI Urdu

Bush, British PM Pledge Tough Stance, More Sanctions on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions - FOX News
Iran progress in uranium enrichment slow, ElBaradei says - Forbes

Another funeral bombing kills 30 more anti-al-Qaeda Iraqi mourners - BBC
Intercepted al-Qaeda Letter Reveals Tactics, Strategy - DefenseLink
U.S. Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City - New York Times

Defense officials: Iran smuggling arms into Gaza by sea - Jerusalem Post
Flashback 2007: Karine-A Redux: Saggers In Gaza - ThreatsWatch
Background: The Threat of Maritime Terrorism to Israel - International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Hizballah Serves Warning to UNIFIL - An-Nahar
Bush pledges support to Lebanon - Ya Libnan

Gaza violence up during Carter visit - Washington Times
HAMAS pledges to avenge Israeli attacks - AKI
Carter calls Gaza blockade a 'crime and atrocity' - Haaretz
Carter meets again with Hamas - Los Angeles Times
Carter: Gaza residents 'starving to death' - Ynetnews

April 17, 2008

1. Seeking to strike its Sunni enemies and dominate media coverage with carnage, al-Qaeda bombing targets Iraq Awakening movement funeral in Kirkuk, killing 45.

2. Former President Carter is in Egypt to met with Hamas leaders a second time, amid criticism from all American sides and praise from Hamas terrorists, including its 'foreign minister.'

3. Following a Hamas ambush that killed 3 IDF soldiers, Israeli counter-strikes in Gaza kill 20.

4. US, EU, France, Britain, Germany, Russia meet in China to discuss nuclear incentives yet again for Iran as Ahmadinejad boasts Iran's military is 'most powerful in the world.'

5. UN Security Council reiterates Resolution 1701 calling for disarming Hizballah. Meanwhile, Hizballah's marketing has become increasingly professional, employing international firms for production.

British trials offer insights into terror cases - IHT

Hamas says Carter visit a boost to militants' legitimacy - AP
Legitimizing Hamas - Weekly Standard
Hamas delegation in Egypt for another Carter meeting - AFP
Hamas Founder Mahmoud al-Zahar: No Peace Without Hamas - Washington Post
WaPo Editors: Al-Zahar Is A Terrorist - Washington Post

The Egypt-Hamas media mud-slinging intensifies - ITIC

China Beefs Up Tibet Border Presence, Stops Refugee Flow Out - ABC

Presenting Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani as a 'Promoter of Peace'? - Haaretz
Chinese ambassador calls for closer ties with Iran - Tehran Times
Foreign powers mull 'incentives' for Iran during nuclear talks - AFP
Iran Thumbs Nose At West Over Oil Demands - Forbes
Report reveals Iran seized British sailors in disputed waters - Times Online
Ahmadinejad boasts over Iran's military as "Most powerful in the world" - AFP

Al-Qaeda bombing attack at Awakening funeral kills 45 - IHT
Iraqi Army discovers IED materials during Mahmudiyah clearing operations - MNF-I
Mass grave discovered as 1,300 troops and policemen sacked - Al-Bawaba
Work completed on North Hargawi water treatment facility - MNF-I
Iraq Replaces Two Senior Commanders in Basra - VOA
Anbar Insurgents Down in the Dumps - Military.com

Some 20 Gazans killed in IAF strikes after Hamas ambush - Jerusalem Post

UN Security Council reiterates 1701 call for disarming Hizballah - IHT
Selling Terror: Madison Avenue meets the Bekaa Valley - Weekly Standard

Assad: 'Syria preparing for war,' though 'intelligence does not indicate' imminence - al-Bawaba
Hizballah predicts war with Israel after May 15 - Ya Libnan
Olmert Hints Israel Nixed Syrian Nuke Program - JTA
Olmert says Israel not under Syrian nuclear threat - International Herald Tribune

US offers Pakistan government $7bn in non-military aid to fight terrorism - The Guardian
China to loan $500 mln to Pakistan - Reuters
GAO: Terrorists operating freely on Pakistan border - AP
After Decades, Pakistan Forces Thousands of Afghans to Leave - Washington Post

US sending diplomats to North Korea to nudge deal - AP
North Korea's food shortage may worsen, U.N. agency says - Los Angeles Times

Powers Maneuver at U.N. To Resolve Zimbabwe Crisis - New York Sun

April 15, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda took two swipes at its former strongholds of Baquba (Diyala) and Ramadi (Anbar) with car bombs that killed scores of civilians, including over a dozen children. Likely target is media more than Iraqis as news of US surge success continues.

2. Germany's Army Chief of Staff has been quoted as saying he wants more German troops in Afghanistan in support of Germans stretched thin in northern Afghanistan.

3. Recent poll reflects Europeans see China (35%) as the greatest threat to global security. The United States, however, did receive 29% of the European threat vote.

4. Hamas has denied an Egyptian report that the Gaza terrorists intend a second breach of the Egyptian fence. The group did not, however, deny a Friday fatwa calling for attacks on Egyptian soldiers.

German Army Chief Wants More Troops for Afghanistan - AFP

Poll: Europeans see China as greatest threat to global stability, not US or Iran - Khaleej Times
Pakistan's Musharraf pushes China to build IPC oil, gas pipelines - Daily Times

Iran’s Top Terrorist, Brig. Gen. Suleimani, Emerges From the Shadows - CQ Homeland Security

Al-Qaeda Strikes Lost Strongholds with Car Bombs in Baquba, Ramadi - New York Times
Marine Colonel: 'Insurgents Largely Marginalized in Western Anbar Province' - DefenseLink
Fadhil: Iraq's Moment of Truth in Baghdad and Basra - Pajamas Media
When Sons of Iraq grow up - Long War Journal

Israel Says Will Connect To US Missile Early Warning Systems - AFP

Hizbullah militants regroup amid war jitters, recruiting Sunnis - CS Monitor
Report: Hizballah to Launch Offensive Against Israel if Israel Wages War, Shi'a Terrorists Recruiting Sunnis - An-Nahar

Hamas denies media reports of plans to breach Egypt's borders, but not Fatwa on attacking Egyptian soldiers - Haaretz
One million litres of fuel withheld in Gaza: UN - AFP

PM Gillani: New anti-terror policy soon - Daily Times
Al-Qaeda has new sanctuaries in Pakistan, says FBI chief - Daily Times

April 11, 2008

1. With Marines and the 101st Airborne Division now operating in Afghanistan, US force levels there now top 32,000 and Sarkozy is suggesting France will send more forces.

2. Coalition operations against Special Groups and the rest of the Mahdi Army continue in earnest in Baghdad's Sadr City. Muqtada al-Sadr's Najaf director was assassinated by unidentified gunmen.

3. As the US leaves Ecuador's Manta Air Base, it leaves the door open for a waiting China, which has drastically increased ties and activities in South and Central America and Africa since US engagements in the War on Terror.

4. Israeli military operations in Gaza have continued since Palestinian terrorists killed two civilians after infiltrating an Israeli fuel depot this week. Terrorist breach believed to have been via northern border tunnel.

5. On the energy (and economic) security front, the US Geological Survey has released a report on '3 to 4.3 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil' in North Dakota and Montana.

3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana - USGS
Energy Briefing April 11th - RSA

US Marines say they have begun operations in Afghanistan - AFP
101st Airborne assumes command in Afghanistan - Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
U.S. Troop Levels in Afghanistan Top 32,000 - FOX
France signals further boost to Afghan force - MSNBC

US Pacific Command Wants More Transparency, Clearer Intentions from China - VOA
Dalai Lama in U.S. amid Tibet turmoil - MSNBC

China displaces the US at Ecuador's Manta Air Base - Center for Security Policy

Iran denies technical difficulties with centrifuges to enrich uranium - Jerusalem Post
Commentary: The Iranian chess game in Iraq - The Spectator

Fight for Sadr City a Proving Ground for Iraq Military - New York Times
Senior Al-Sadr Aide Assassinated in Najaf - CBS

Israel sends tanks, bulldozers into Gaza - Defence Talk
How Hamas fuels Gaza 'gas shortage' - Jerusalem Post

France Says Hostages Held Off Somalia Are Freed - New York Times

South Korean president keeps focus on mending U.S. ties - IHT
Tuesday Related: What Is Wrong With South Korea? - National Review Online
Top military commanders gather for meeting on defense strategy - Yonhap News

Zimbabwe Candidate Asks South African President Mbeki to Step In - Washington Post
Zimbabwe Election Commission’s Secret Re-location Sparks Speculation - VOA

April 10, 2008

1. Terrorists infiltrating from Gaza carried out an attack in Israel which killed two workers at a fuel depot. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility, though Israel intends to show Hamas' fingerprints.

2. Following General Petraeus' report to Congress on Iraq status, President Bush will announce shortened tours and a pause in troop withdrawal.

3. Trouble in Egypt continues as food price riots and Muslim Brotherhood anger over local elections converge to disrupt parts of the north African nation.

4. With another suicide bombing in southern Afghanistan killing eight, Afghanistan is seeking training for its forces from Indian experts and military personnel.

5. On the heels of last year's congressional junket to meet with Syrian dictator Assad, former president Jimmy Carter plans trip to meet Hamas' terror leader Khaled Meshaal in Damascus.

Former President Carter to Meet With Hamas Chief - Washington Post
The Trouble with Talking - Power Line

Norway Reverses Opposition to U.S. Missile Shield - Defense News

Al-Qaeda leader al-Masri believed dead of natural causes - BBC
AQIM mastermind of French killings arrested in Mauritania - AP
Chilling AQ Martyrdom Video Shown in U.K. Court - ABC

8 Civilians Killed in Suicide Attack in Southern Afghanistan - ABC
Suicide bomber targets foreign (NATO) soldiers - AKI
Afghanistan Wants Indian Help Training Troops - Defense News

China: Kidnap Plot During Olympic Games Foiled - Washington Post

Egypt calls in more troops in case of Gaza border breach - AFP
U.S. Criticizes Egyptian Local Elections - RTT News
Egyptian Local Poll: Mubarak's Games - Global Politician
Egypt moves to appease angry workers - MSNBC
World Bank Calls for Action: Chaos Spreads as Food Prices Skyrocket - der Spiegel

Hamas undertaking a broad military buildup, Israeli study finds - International Herald Tribune
Original Study: Hamas’s military buildup in the Gaza Strip (PDF) - ITIC
Hamas says 'Israel is digging tunnels into Gaza' for kidnapping operations - Jerusalem Post

Ahmadinejad fires economics and interior ministers ahead of elections in Iran - New York Times
President Ahmadinejad: Era of Iran's enemies over - IRNA
Ahmadinejad says Iran's mission is to 'annihilate corrupt powers that dominate our planet' - AKI

MND-B Soldiers detain suspected EFP cell leader, seize cache - MNF-I
Iraq Sets Curfew on 5th Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad - VOA
Iraqi Police, Iraqi Army discover large cache in Husayniyah - MNF-I
Babylon & Beyond: U.S. and Iran's talk about talks continues - Los Angeles Times
President Bush to Announce Shortened Tours, Pause in US Troop Withdrawals from Iraq - VOA

Gaza Fuel Depot Closed After Attack - AP
2 Israeli civilians killed in attack by Gaza infiltrators - Haaretz
Israel plans int'l campaign to show Hamas behind Wed. attack - Haaretz

AF Sec. Wynne: Safety of space assets not assured - Air Force Times
Army to Relax Information Controls to Keep Pace with Cyberspace - DefenseLink

April 09, 2008

1. General David Petraeus explained that US withdrawal should pause once pre-surge level reached in July, afford 45-day period of evaluation, and then assess situation for 'conditions-based' withdrawal rather than a blind time line.

2. In a move that may be seen as interference for its Syrian ally, Russia has questioned arrests made in the Hariri assassination UN investigation.

3. Israeli Defense Forces discovered tunnel linking Northern Gaza to Israel for terrorist infiltration. Nearly all other tunnels to date have been in south for smuggling from Egypt.

4. An Israeli commentary very accurately describes Iran's nuclear strategy: Talk and Build. Yesterday, Russia announced plans for talks on new incentives after Iran said it would not cease for incentives.

Petraeus recommends troop pause - Washington Times
A 'Conditions-Based' Answer - Washington Post
Petraeus urges 45-day halt in weighing new Iraq troop cuts -IHT
Petraeus, Democrats square off - Los Angeles Times
Iraq by the numbers: April 2008 - Long War Journal

Clashes continue in Baghdad, Basra - Long War Journal
7 Killed in Blast in Baghdad's Sadr City - ABC

Key conspirator ‘took on new identity to join in transatlantic bomb plot’ - Times Online

Afghanistan to cement defense ties with India - The Post

Iranian Nuclear Strategy: Talk and Build - Spero News

Tunnel meant for terrorist infiltration found in Northern Gaza - Haaretz
IDF soldier killed in Gaza ambush - Jerusalem Post

Philippines Police Seize Bomb Materials - AP

Russia to parade military as defense industry decays - Washington Times

Russia Questions Arrests in Hariri Death - New York Sun

April 8, 2008

1. General David Petraeus gets set to deliver Iraq assessment to Congress amid political circus of presidential candidates who are all sitting Senators. Petraeus recommended a July pause for assessment before withdrawing beyond pre-surge force levels.

2. Chinese Defense Minister says his country seeks even deeper military ties with Russia.

3. Iran has announced it has begun to install an additional 6,000 centrifuges to its underground Natanz enrichment facility. Currently has 3,000 installed there while under sanctions for enrichment program.

4. French Foreign Minister recommends 'reinforced sanctions' over Iran centrifuge developments.

5. Tensions in the Israel-Lebanon-Syria border area continue to rise as Israel completes its largest civil defense drills ever.

Insurgents attack road workers in southern Afghanistan; 17 killed, 16 wounded - Canadian Press

Al-Qaeda Group (AQIM) Holding Austrian Hostages Issues Fresh Demands - Bloomberg

Defense minister says China seeking to deepen military ties with Russia - International Herald Tribune

Food Protests Strike Haitian Capital< Presidential Palace Stormed - ABC

Indonesia Blocks Web Access Over 'Fitna' Film - ABC

Iran expands its uranium enrichment program - International Herald Tribune
French FM suggests reinforced sanctions against Iran over new nuclear work - Jerusalem Post
Last Week: Iran Refuses to Halt Nuclear Work for Incentives - VOA
Today: Russia's Lavrov: International negotiators working on new incentives for Iran - Jerusalem Post

Petraeus Recommends July Pause Before Withdrawing Beyond Pre-Surge Levels - ABC
Al-Sadr Postpones Big Baghdad Protest - New York Times
Iraqi Forces, Mahdi Militiamen Clash in Sadr City - New York Sun
Fighting intensifies in Iraq's capital - Los Angeles Times
Sadr Told to Disband Militia - Washington Post
Iran Condemns Iraq Green Zone Attacks - AP

Large Israeli military drills raise alerts - Middle East Times
Sirens wail in Israel as part of largest ever civil missile defense drill - M&C

Hizballah turns to Iran for new weapons to wage war on Israel - The Independent
Assad: We'll use any means in Lebanon - Jerusalem Post

Unrest in Kenya as Peace Plan Falters - New York Times

Mauritania security forces find bomb-making facility after shootout - AFP

'34 Percent of South Korean Army Cadets Regard US as Main Enemy' - Korea Times

Iranian news agency: Syria arrests Saudi official tied to Mughniyeh death - Jerusalem Post

Turkish police, courts target al-Qaeda cells - Southeast European Times

April 7, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for attack on Yemen compound housing American oil workers. Yemen says 7 in custody.

2. Nine terrorists convicted of Casablanca bombings have tunneled out of a Moroccan prison and escaped.

3. As General Petraeus prepares to speak to Congress on Iraq situation, Muqtada al-Sadr says he will disband Mahdi Army if Grand Ayatollah Sistani orders such.

4. Britain believes five citizens seized in Iraq are being held in Iran.

Taliban commander arrested, over 15 killed in Afghanistan - M&C

Hamas renews war with major Palestinian clan - World Tribune

Proof of Iran's military nuclear program - Middle East Times
Britons seized in Iraq may now be held in Iran - Times Online

The Iraqis Step Up: Why Petraeus Sees Gains - New York Post
British fear Petraeus is beating the drum for Iran strikes - Telegraph
Iraq's Sadr to Disband Militia if Ordered by Ayatollah Sistani - Washington Post
Iran joined militias in battle for Basra - Times Online

Lebanon PM rejects Berri's terms for dialogue, says Israel only enemy - Ya Libnan

9 terrorists convicted over Casablanca bombs tunnel out of jail - Times Online

Yemen Holds 7 in Western Complex Blasts - AP
Al-Qaeda attacks in Yemen latest to target oil - PennEnergy

Mugabe Moves to Bolster Himself for Runoff - Washington Post

April 5, 2008

1. Lebanese PM puts Army on alert and Iran puts Hizballah on alert 'fearing imminent IDF attack.'

2. Iran has said once again, just as it has since EU3 negotiations in years past, that it will not exchange its enrichment program for any incentives packages offered.

3. After reports of Chinese troops firing on Tibetan monks yesterday, today it is reported that China has blocked international reporting from the region once again.

4. An Iraqi priest has been assassinated in Baghdad as terrorist attacks on Christians continue in the ongoing ethnic cleansing attempt to purge the religious minority from the country.

New Zawahiri tape suggests al-Qaeda PR shift - CS Monitor
Al-Libi: From American prison to the heights of Al Qaeda - International Herald Tribune

Facebook terror threat: Man claims he is Hizballah and will kill Australian - The Australian

China Blocks Reporting in Tibetan Areas - ABC
France sets Olympics conditions - BBC

East Timor Militia Leader Aquitted by Indonesia's Supreme Court - VOA

Iran Refuses to Halt Nuclear Work for Incentives - VOA
2006 Flashback: Iran Answers: Enrichment Halt 'Completely Unacceptable' - ThreatsWatch
Message from the Mullahs: Russia to Continue Nuclear Cooperation with Iran - Fars News Agency
Message from the Mullahs: Lebanon, Hizballah on full alert - Press TV

Combat Video: Special Forces Fight in Sadr City - Blackfive
Iraqi priest shot dead in Baghdad - BBC
Maliki vs Sadr, Round 5 - Los Angeles Times

Security forces fear plane attacks - UPI

Lebanon raises military alert fearing imminent IDF attack - Haaretz

Pakistan not involved in acts of terror in India: Nawaz Sharif - Khabrein.info

Missile Defense Deal Unlikely in Russia - AP

Pirates Seize French Ship Off Somalia - ABC

Zimbabwe Opposition Barred From Court - ABC
Tsvangirai declares Zimbabwe run-off 'not necessary' - BBC

April 4, 2008

1. While Iran is amid process of upgrading cascades to P-2 centrifuges, China denies report that it shared Iran intelligence with IAEA.

2. Israel and the United States will be coordinating in the boycot of the UN-sponsored Durban II 'anti-racism' conference. The original conference was criticized sharply for open racist incitement against Jews.

3. In Zimbabwe, Mugabe is said to vow to "fight to the last" in the yet unresolved election there.

4. Lebanon's seemingly perpetual presidential candidate, General Suleiman, has threatened to abandon the nomination if political bickering inside Lebanon does not subside.

5. Fresh violence has erupted in Tibet, with Chinese troops reportedly firing on Tibetan monks. Eight are said to have been killed today.

Russia, NATO agree on Afghan supply route - UPI

New Violence Reported in Tibetan Area, 8 Reported Dead - ABC
China denies giving intelligence on Iran - UPI
China order targets dissent ahead of Olympics - Washington Times

Disputes Follow Opening of Divided Street in Cyprus - New York Sun

Israel, U.S. to coordinate on boycott of Durban II 'anti-racism' conference - Haaretz

Diplomats: Iran Assembling Centrifuges, Replacing Older with Advanced P-2 Design - AP
Iran vows to reject deal to suspend uranium enrichment - Iran Focus
Putin says Iran is no threat - Middle East Online
Intelligence officials now downplay December Iran NIE - Washington Times

The Press Botches Basra - Weekly Standard
Rival claims over Basra battle - BBC
Sadr calls for his own 'Million-Man March' against U.S. 'occupiers' - ABC
The Second Iran-Iraq War - WSJ
Intelligence Update Cites Progress in Iraq - New York Sun
Maliki Freezes Raids Targeting Sadr's Militia - NY Post
More than 1,000 in Iraq's forces quit Basra fight - International Herald Tribune

Israel beefs up flight security - Scotsman
Hamas says its gunmen wound Israeli minister's aide - AFP

Hamas seizes Palestinian university - World Tribune

U.N. Hariri Probe Digging Up Evidence on Criminal Network - an-Nahar
Lebanon's army chief threatens to quit presidential race if political wrangling continues - IHT

Pakistan arrests four Turkish al Qaeda suspects - Reuters
US braces for Pakistan’s new plan - DAWN
Ross: Statecraft And The Pakistan Paradox: Can U.S. Get On Good Side Of History And Revamp Assault On al-Qaeda? - CBS

Up to 18 linked to jet bomb plot - Toronto Star

Mugabe said ready to 'fight to the last' - UPI
Inside Mugabe's Divided Ranks - Globe and Mail
The Death of Zimbabwe II - Faster, Please!

April 3, 2008

1. Iranian media reports Iran, Pakistan to embark on scientific cooperation in various fields. Meanwhile, AQ Khan is said to be demanding his freedom in Pakistan.

2. Tensions, fears rise as 'rumors of war' persist concerning Syria, Israel.

3. Ayman Zawahiri proclaims that al-Qaeda does not kill innocent people. Within same message, he threatens Egypt and Jews.

4. As new Pakistani government embarks on laying out a softer approach to terrorists within, US is asked not to take any direct military action.

5. Saudi Arabia is seen as the largest single source of funds for international terrorists globally.

Zawahri says al-AQaeda doesn't kill innocents, threatens Egypt, Jews - IHT

NATO deals setback to Ukraine, Georgia - CNN
NATO leaders are said to endorse U.S. missile defense plans - Los Angeles Times
Canada backs Ukraine’s NATO bid - Chronicle-Herald
Also See: Inside Track: Coalition of the Unable - The National Interest

NATO sends in reinforcements for Afghan mission - Toronto Star

Chinese Spy 'Slept' In U.S. for 2 Decades - Washington Post

China Gives IAEA Iran Intel - Washington Post
Iran, Pakistan discuss tech co-op - Press TV
Minister of Sciences confers with Pakistani counterpart - IRNA
A Q Khan calls his detention 'illegal'; demands freedom - The Hindu

Iraqi military continues operations in Basrah - The Long War Journal
U.S. Military: Strike kills Iraqi militant in Basra - Washington Times
Kagan: Iraq's Benchmarks: Who's Moving the goalposts now? - Weekly Standard

War Is Talk of Syria, Israel - New York Sun
Israel fears Syrian army moves may signal Hizballah attack - Haaretz
Israeli Defense Ministry: Syrian Reserve Divisions Not Called Up - Jerusalem Post
Israel: Iran trying to intercept IDF messages - Jerusalem Post
Syria confirms, Iran denies Israeli comments on listening stations - M&C

Pakistan ‘deeply concerned’ about al-Qaeda regrouping - Daily Times
US asked to refrain from direct military action - DAWN

Saudi Arabia is prime source of terror funds, U.S. says - Los Angeles Times

Spain arrests suspected Islamic extremists - CNN

Reformed Muslim radical fears future in Britain - Reuters

Experts to testify of 'growing' nuke threat to U.S. - USA Today

April 2, 2008

1. Domestic political opposition forces Sarkozy to deploy his 1,000 French troop surge to quieter areas of Afghanistan and away from fighting where needed most.

2. President Bush recommended the expansion of NATO while in Europe. Concerns grow about lagging military capabilities, political will of existing NATO members.

3. Israeli intelligence report suggests a growing Hizballah in Lebanon may strike Israel through the Iranian proxy's own proxy group.

4. After an apparent defeat by all accounts, Mugabe's Zimbabwe government announced a 'run-off' election is likely. Later, opposition declared Tsvangirai electoral victor.

5. Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reports Syria is calling up reserve military forces fearing an Israeli attack. Last month, citing same fears, Syria reportedly deployed 3 divisions along its Lebanon border.

A Look Inside al-Qaeda: Tracking An Egyptian Bomb Maker - Los Angeles Times

Political Opposition Forces Sarkozy to Deploy French Troops in Quieter Afghan Areas - Toronto Star
Bush Urges Patience in Afghanistan, Expansion of NATO - New York Times

The Basra Business: What we know and what we don't. - Weekly Standard
Basra violence delays withdrawal of UK troops - Telegraph
Iraqi Army Stages Show of Force in Basra - AP

Irish Prime Minister to Step Down Amid Corruption Allegations - New York Times

Intelligence officers: Hizballah may strike Israel via third party - Haaretz

Hizballah accuses Saudi Arabia of siding with government in Lebanon's power struggle - International Herald Tribune

Syria said calling up reserve soldiers, fearing Israeli attack - Haaretz
Last Month: Syria Deploys Three Military Divisions on the Border with Lebanon - An-Nahar

Pakistan's A.Q. Khan wants to be free - UPI

Russians Suing Bank of New York for $22.5 Billion - New York Sun

DHS Secretary Chertoff fast-tracks Mexico border fences - Washington Times

After Apparent Mugabe Defeat, State-Owned Newspaper Says Election Runoff Likely - Washington Post
Opposition Declares Election Victory in Zimbabwe - New York Sun

West and Muslims Clash on Free Speech, UNHRC passes 'discrimination' measure restricting expression, 32-0 - AP

Feds: Flier Tried to Smuggle, Build Bomb in Florida - ABC

April 1, 2008

1. Iran's Quds Force deeply involved in Mahdi Army truce in Iraq. Iraqi lawmakers made trip to Qom, Iran to meet with Quds Force commander, said truce was result of trip.

2. Opposed to US support for Ukraine NATO bid, Russia to offer NATO bases as transit point for Afghanistan mission supply route.

3. Pentagon analyst admits to selling secrets to China and will be sentenced in June.

4. The United States is demanding to see the Swiss energy agreement made with the Iranian regime in March.

5. Zimbabwe opposition, which assured it had a commanding lead before delayed counting was finished, now sways Mugabe can be expected to announce 'victory' in the elections. Vote count not trusted. Update: Opposition says negotiations underway for Mugabe to step down.

President Bush Backs Ukraine NATO Bid - AP
NATO summit faces tough choices on expansion, Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Russia NATO envoy says steps to expansion are 'point of no return - M&C

Putin to offer NATO Russian transit to Afghanistan at summit - Reuters

Pentagon analyst admits selling secrets to Chinese agent - USA Today

U.S. to Push European Missile Defense Plans - DefenseLink
Czechs support Israel joining NATO - Jerusalem Post

Hamas Controls Pervasive Message of Hatred and Violence In Gaza - New York Times

US Demands to See Swiss-Iran Gas Contract - AP
Russians Criticize Iran on Nuclear Talks - New York Sun
Arab League leaders call on Iran to end occupation of UAE islands - Gulf News

Iranian Quds Force Co-Signs Sadr's Ceasefire - ThreatsWatch

Two civilians lightly hurt in mortar attack on Negev kibbutz - Haaretz
Barak: We'll consider easing Gaza crossings if violence ends - Jerusalem Post

Iran Incites Cold War With U.S. in Lebanon Roiled by Hizballah - Bloomberg

North Korean jets flew near South 10 times in past month - Khaleej Times

U.S. names North Korean nuke experts allegedly helping Syria: paper - AP
Israel tells Japan that Syria got N. Korea help for nuclear facility - Asahi.com

A big balancing act awaits Taiwan's president-elect - International Herald Tribune

Unified Maritime Strategy Aims to Prevent War - Defense News

UPDATE: Opposition: Negotiations Underway for Mugabe to Step Down - New York Times
Zimbabwe Opposition Parties Say Mugabe Is Poised to Claim Victory Today - VOA
'Lid On the Pressure Cooker About to Blow'? - BBC

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