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March 31, 2007

1. Mahdi Army withdraws from fight in Basra amid heavy losses, Sadr issues ceasefire. But Green Zone in Baghdad has been attacked again.

2. While Musharraf swears in a new cabinet opposed to him, the Taliban say they welcome talks with the new Pakistani government.

3. CIA Director Adm. Hayden says that al-Qaeda is training Westerners for infiltration, attacks and that Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions.

4. While SecState Rice gains Israeli concession of eliminating 50 security posts in West Bank, the Palestinians' top Israel negotiator deposited $3 million of donated PA funds into personal account.

CIA: Al-Qaeda Training Europeans, Americans for Infiltration, Attack - ABC
Al-Qaeda Waning on 10th Birthday - Middle East Times

China Arrests Suspects in Tibetan Riots - AP

Adm. Hayden says Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions - AFP

Basra Calm as al-Sadr Pulls in Militia - Military.com
Cease Fire Impetus: Mahdi Army taking significant casualties in Baghdad, South - The Long War Journal
Calm falls on Basra as al-Mahdi Army truce holds - Times Online
Official: Basra battle to end 'soon' - CNN
Green Zone in Baghdad shelled again - International Herald Tribune

Lead Palestinian Negotiator w/Israel Pocketed $3M in Funds - Jerusalem Post
Southern Front: IDF upping Gaza ground ops in face of heavier rocket fire - Haaretz
Rice Gets Israel to Remove 50 West Bank Barriers - Washington Post
March 28: Barak fears Hamas West Bank takeover - Jerusalem Post
From March 18 On Hamas Takeover: PrincipalAnalysis: The Two Faces of Fatah - ThreatsWatch

Musharraf swears in hostile cabinet - AFP
Pakistan's Taliban Militants Welcome Talks With New Government - VOA
Ground is shifting beneath diplomacy with Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

UN officials: Syria still suspect in Hariri murder - Haaretz
Syria 'calls for joint efforts to encourage Lebanon solution' - Xinhua
Official: PM sent 20 messages of peace to Assad, but Syrian Pres. disappointed us - Haaretz

Drugs, desertion leave British Army short of soldiers - Telegraph

Dictator's Downfall? Opposition Claims Victory Over Mugabe - ABC
Zimbabwe rigging fears rise amid vote delay - CNN

Independence of U.N. Probes in Doubt - New York Sun

Islam Surpasses Catholicism As World’s Largest Religion - New York Sun

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