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March 28, 2008

1. Mortar attack on Iraqi Vice Presidential offices kills two, US aircraft drops ordnance on Basra targets in the south.

2. Prime Minister Maliki has extended the surrender deadline for Mahdi Army attackers to April 8.

3. An Australian defense report warns that the country's military risks turning from 'local bully to local runt' in the face of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian build-ups unless the Australian military is improved.

4. Ehud Barak warned the US that the current US=Israeli path risks a Hamas takeover of the West Bank.

U.S. Army Suspends Suspect Afghan Munitions Deal - Defense News

Defence Report: Aussies Risk Going from 'Local Bully to Local Runt' - The Australian

Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010 - VOA

Iraq Mahdi Army Conflict: Iranian Response to Resolution 1803? - An-Nahar

Iraqi leader extends date for militias to disarm - Los Angeles Times
Mortars hit Iraqi V.P.'s Green Zone office - MSNBC
U.S. Military Aircraft Drop Bombs on Militia Positions in Basra - Bloomberg

Israel: Hizballah Increases Rocket Range - AP
Fears rise of new Israel-Hizballah war, but some call it unlikely -IHT
Barak warns US that Hamas may take over the West Bank - Jerusalem Post
Ten ways Israel keeps Hamas afloat - Haaretz
Israel trying to restart peace talks with Syria, minister says - M&C

U.S. Condemns Latest North Korean Missile Test - ABC

'Iraq-Savvy' Lt. Gen. Dempsey To Succeed Fallon at CENTCOM - Military.com
Navy SEALs: Mental Strength And Courage; Bravery (and how to master it) - Men's Health
The story behind McDermott's controversial Iraq trip - Seattle Times
Lawmakers' 2002 Iraq trip shows dangers of junkets - Baltimore Sun

Massive protest in south Yemen - The Long War Journal

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