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March 24, 2008

1. 40-day mourning period over, Hizballah calls for Beirut rally for Mugniyeh as Syria said to have mobilized 3 battalions to Lebanese border.

2. In third al-Qaeda release in just days, Zawahiri follows bin Laden in calling for strikes on Israel, US over Gaza siege.

3. Peru says that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is backing an attempt at internal Peruvian revolt.

4. Taiwan elected a new president, Ma Ying-jeou, who seeks to mend ties to mainland China.

Out of Guantanamo and Bitter Toward Bin Laden - Washington Post
Al Qaeda's No. 2 Zawahiri orders defense of Palestinians - CNN
Bin Laden's "Way to Rescue Palestine" - Canada Free Press
Yemeni Interior Ministry: al-Qaeda cell responsible for attack on US embassy - Asharq Alawsat

Indonesia: Beat up infidel tourists, says recently freed Abu Bakr Bashir - News.com.au

Rudd's Australia: $10B Defense cuts 'endanger 4th destroyer' - The Australian

China Offers Its Own Version of Protests - ABC
Protesters Call for Olympic Boycott, Media and UN Access to Tibet - VOA
China Orders Video Web Sites to Close - ABC

Taiwan Elects a Leader Who Seeks Closer China Ties - New York Times
New leader to draw Taiwan closer, but not too close, to mainland - Globe and Mail
KMT’s Return to Power - The Korea Times

Iran shells Kurdish bases in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Iran slams Sarkozy over missile warning - Australian Broadcasting

Bomber in Iraq kills 40 pilgrims - International Herald Tribune
Al-Qaeda leader in Kirkuk, 3 suspects detained - MNF-I
From Last Week: Signs of Iran's Hand in Iraq - TIME

Saddam collected information on dozens of potential targets in Israel - Haaretz
Cheney Says Hamas Trying to 'Torpedo' Mideast Peace Talks - VOA

Syria Deploys Three Military Divisions on the Border with Lebanon - An-Nahar
Hizballah calls for Beirut rally for Mugniyah - BBC

Palestinian Sides Agree to Talk More - AP

Fatwa dubs Taliban 'out of Islam' - The Nation (Pak)

Peru Says Chavez Backs Domestic Revolt - ABC

Russian security aims a blow at British oil company venture in Russia - International Herald Tribune
Russia Drafts Law Limiting Foreign Investment - VOA
Consider: Putin's New Cold War - New York Sun

Robert Mugabe ‘cannot win election – but he can still steal it' - Times Online

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