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March 21, 2008

1. State Department examining sanctions law in dealing with Swiss and Austrian gas deals with Iran which ignore UN and US sanctions.

2. Second bin Laden video in as many days links al-Qaeda's war in Iraq to greater war against Israel, implores Muslims to support jihad in Iraq as al-Qaeda falters there.

3. China launches manhunt for Tibetan protest 'ringleaders' as President Bush applies quiet pressure on Beijing.

4. Israel and Germany plan an international summit in dealing with and disrupting Iran's nuclear drive.

5. On Good Friday, Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir expressed pessimism regarding growing ethnic, religious divisions among Lebanon's diverse society. "Grouping and division" escalates.

Bin Laden Reiterates Al Qaeda Doctrine Tying Victory in Iraq to Victory Over Israel - Counterterrorism Blog

Chinese hunt Tibetan protest ringleaders - MSNBC
Privately, Bush Presses China Over Crackdown on Tibet - Washington Post
Pakistan link to failed China plotters: Hijackers had Pakistani passports - Sydney Morning Herald

State Department Looks To Sanctions Law for Swiss, Austrian Gas Deals with Iran - New York Sun
Yet, EU's Nabucco Pipeline for Iranian Gas is Supported? - World Politics Review
Dick Cheney tour sparks Iran war rumours - Telegraph

Bringing Back Salman Pak: Op Marne Grand Slam concludes successfully - MNF-I
Turkey resumes bombing PKK posts in northern Iraq - MSNBC
Saddam friendly to terror groups - Washington Times
More Evidence McCain Is Right - The Weekly Standard

Israel, Germany plan international summit to stop Iran nuke program - Haaretz
Israelis warned of greater risk of kidnappings - AFP
Can Egypt broker Hamas-Israel truce? - CS Monitor

Maronite Patriarch Sfeir Pessimistic Over Deep Divisions Among Lebanese - Naharnet
As Tensions Rise in Lebanon, Residents Again Fear the Worst - Washington Post

North Korean Military May Block Atomic Accord, Senate Aide Says - Bloomberg

Mullah "FM" Fazlullah Silenced: Pakistan Shuts Down 3 Radio Stations in Swat Valley - AP
12 militants arrested in Swat - The Hindu
NWFP Rocket attack wounds 8 Shiites celebrating new year, mayor says - IHT

Palestinian Officials: Bid to Reconcile Hamas, Fatah Fails - VOA
Two Hamas terrorists killed in 'work accident' at Gaza terror training camp - Haaretz
Palestinian Authority may collapse without peace deal: Erakat - AFP

Expenses At U.N. Balloon 25 Percent - Washington Post

Today: Military Surrenders Cyber Security to the Starfish - Wired
Wednesday: Military to Boost Cyber-Protections - AP

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