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March 20, 2008

1. As Chairman of Joint Chiefs Adm. Mullen meets with Musharraf on al-Qaeda/Taliban threat, car bomb in South Waziristan capital kills five Pakistani troops, injures more.

2. As Turkey considers increased military support in Afghanistan, the annual 'Spring Offensive' looks once again to be a NATO initiative and not the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance.

3. New Web audio from bin Laden released, which contains threats and complaints on dated issues of Muhammed cartoon publication and the Pope.

4. Wide media criticism continues on Senator McCain's mention of Iran-al-Qaeda linkage, and the Presidential candidate remains correct in doing so.

5. Blueprints and floor plans for elite Canadian counterterrorism units' new headquarters building was found outside in a garbage can on Ottawa street.

McCain Camp Again Links Al Qaeda to Iran - Wall Street Journal
McCain's Correct: Reading Saddam’s Intelligence Files, Part 4: Iran & al-Qaeda - Weekly Standard
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Reorganizes under Nasir al-Wahayshi - Jamestown
Bin Laden Warns Europeans Over Cartoon - New York Times

Same Game, New Rules in Afghanistan: 'Spring Offensive' May Be NATO's Again - Asia Times
Turkish FM: Turkey to consider increased military contribution in Afghanistan - IHT
Longer Canadian Afghan Deployments Eyed - Toronto Star

Elite Counterterrorism unit's blueprints for new HQ found in trash can - Ottawa Citizen
How did CT Unit's Blueprints end up in Ottawa street? - Ottawa Citizen

China Acknowledges Spread of Riots - Wall Street Journal
Stability Trumps Reform at China’s Parliamentary Session - Jamestown
US identifies Heparin contaminant in China-made blood thinner - Los Angeles Times

China Tensions Sway Taiwan's Saturday Election - New York Times
Taiwan's governing party fears it has lost youth vote - International Herald Tribune

Vice President Cheney: Iran may have restarted nuclear weaponization program - IHT
General Petraeus: Iran still meddles in Iraq - CNN
'Swiss selling principles for Iranian gas' - Jerusalem Post
Study: Iran Indoctrinating Children in Islamic Supremacism - New York Sun

Iraq panel clears obstacle to provincial elections - Los Angeles Times

McCain visits besieged Israeli town of Sderot - Los Angeles Times

Still in crisis, UNIFIL marks 30th anniversary of mission in Lebanon - Beirut Daily Star

Hamas Funds Gaza With Few Remaining Taxes, `Islamic Friends' Help - Bloomberg
U.S., Palestinians sign $150 million agreement - Reuters

Suicide car bomb kills 5 Pakistani troops in Wana, South Waziristan, military says - Asharq Alawsat
Joint Chiefs chairman and Musharraf discuss terror threat - IHT

US (Still) Awaiting North Korea's Nuclear List - AP
Pyongyang cashes in on US SoKor deployment row - Asia Times

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