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March 19, 2008

1. As crisis between Tibetans and Chinese continues and spreads ahead of Olympic Games, UK signals China may talk to Dalai Lama.

2. News reports say Senator McCain 'misspoke' linking Iran to al-Qaeda in Iraq, but evidence suggests he was correct in noting cooperation.

3. Bomb blast in Indian Kashmir injures 22. Claimed by Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen.

4. Pakistani Intelligence Bureau chief, Ijaz Shah, steps down. Was accused by Benazir Bhutto of plotting against her.

Reading Saddam’s Intelligence Files, Part 1: "Hunt" the Americans - The Weekly Standard
Captured Foreign Fighters Provide Insight into Enemy Facing Iraq - DefenseLink

China in Intense Struggle With Dalai Lama Over Tibet - VOA
U.K.: China may talk to Dalai Lama - MSNBC
Tourist video shows riot, flames in Tibetan capital - CNN

Riots in Athens as millions strike - CNN

Large blast shakes capital of Indian Kashmir, at least 22 injured - International Herald Tribune

Cheney to Meet Oman's Sultan for Talks on Iran - VOA
Iran: A new balance of forces - ISN

Presidential Council Approves Iraqi Provincial Elections Law - FOX
McCain 'Stumbles' on Iran and Al Qaeda - Wall Street Journal

McCain Was Right, Iran Works with Al Qaeda - Weekly Standard

Backgrounder: Iran's Secret Plan For Mayhem - New York Sun
Analysis: Dangerous Liaisons: Dispelling the Sunni-Shia Myth - ThreatsWatch

Security forces fear double Hizballah revenge attack in Israel, abroad - Haaretz
Merkel speaks of Germany's 'Holocaust shame' in Knesset speach - CNN

Intelligence Bureau chief removed - DAWN
'No FBI agents in Pakistan,' says Cheema after four injured in bombing - Daily Times
Pakistan Elects First Female Speaker of Parliament - Bloomberg
Zardari may be next Pakistan PM - NDTV

The Specter That Haunts the Death of Litvinenko - New York Sun

After Gass Deal, Swiss foreign minister in headscarf on Iran visit provokes outcry - IHT

Military to Boost Cyber-Protections - AP

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