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March 18, 2008

1. Only 88 countries - or 45% - have submitted sanctions implementation reports to the UN Security Council on Iran.

2. A mortar attack on a school near US Embassy in Sana, Yemen, leaves one dead, others injured, including children.

3. Dalai Lama threatens to quit over violence as China begins arrests in Tibet's Lhasa.

4. Switzerland reports $17 million seized in Oil-for-Food scandal thus far.

5. NATO reinforcing posture and forces over risks of hot conflict in Kosovo.

6. Internal troubles within Middle East countries has fingerprints of Iran stoking the flames, instigating angry Shia citizens into demonstrations.

U.S. (slowly) adapts Cold War idea to fight terrorists:: InfoWar - International Herald Tribune

Chinese Begin Arrests in Lhasa - SAAG
Dalai Lama threatens to 'resign' over Tibet violence - Times Online
China's soft power leaves Asia soft-spoken on Tibet - Guardian

Security Council receives only 88 countries (45%) report on Iran sanctions implementation - UN News Centre

Some USD 17 million successfully seized in Oil-for-Food scandal - Kuwait News Agency

Russia Warns Middle East against Kosovo Recognition - Asharq Alawsat
NATO reinforces as Kosovo comes to verge of armed conflict - M&C

Trouble brewing in the Gulf, Iran in the Shadows - Middle East Times

Pakistani appeals death sentence in killing of US diplomat David Foy - Jerusalem Post

PrincipalAnalysis: The Two Faces of Fatah - ThreatsWatch
Hamas popularity on the rise: poll - AFP
Hamas Investment in Syria Estimated at $500 Million - The Media Line
PLO urges Hamas to accept Gaza power-sharing - AFP

Venezuelan Capital Flight Reaches Record - Weekly Standard

One dead in mortar attack on school near U.S. embassy - al-Bawaba

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