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March 14, 2008

1. President Bush calls for increased US cyber-security investment after DoD cites China as key threat. A report reveals that many electronic devices now manufactured with viruses pre-loaded, China often source.

2. New analysis of pre-war ties between Saddam's Iraq and terrorism being misreported as indicating "no ties" to al-Qaeda, yet body of report details cooperation with al-Zawahiri, Sudan ties and other terrorism sponsorship.

3. Al-Qaeda violence in Iraq spikes, was foretold by AQI leader in Mosul in February. Beleaguered AQI plans invasion anniversary surge and strategic shift.

4. PA's Mahmoud Abbas charges Israel with 'ethnic cleansing' while other Palestinian propaganda describes IDF operations in Gaza with term "holocaust."

Report Details Saddam's Terrorist Ties - New York Sun
The New Report on Iraq and Terror - Weekly Standard

Islamist Websites Allegedly Under U.S. Authorities' Pressure to Remove Jihadist Material - MEMRI
The Role of American News Consumers Within Al-Qaeda's Information War Strategy - ThreatsWatch

Bush Lauds Provincial Reconstruction Team Efforts in Afghanistan - DefenseLink

Bush calls for tighter cybersecurity - USA Today
U.S. military flags China cyber threat - Security Focus
Viruses now pre-loaded at factories, China often the source - Worcester Telegram
Terror Arrests in China Draw Concern About Crackdown on Dissent - Bloomberg
Chinese Military, Police at Tibetan Monasteries - AP

Iran Votes: Ahmadinejad's Power Tested, Most Reform Candidates Disqualified - CBS
Facts about Iran's parliamentary elections Friday - International Herald Tribune

Kidnapped by al-Qaeda, Archbishop in Mosul Found Dead in Iraq - Washington Post
Mourners gather for funeral of kidnapped Iraqi archbishop - AFP
US Military Says Spike in Iraq Violence Not a Trend - VOA
New Anti-insurgency Tactics Succeeding in Iraqi Detention Facilities - Multi-National Force - Iraq

Abbas: Israel committing 'ethnic cleansing' - Press TV (Iran)
Palestinian propaganda campaign has frequently employed the term “holocaust” describing IDF Ops - ITIC

Pakistani Forces arrest 31 militants in an operation in Swat Valley - Kuwait News Agency

Rice Toughens Talk Against Chavez - Washington Post

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