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March 12, 2008

1. CENTCOM commander Admiral Fallon to resign. Says 'perception' of differences with Pentagon, President impeding job ability.

2. Pentagon releases quarterly Iraq security report. Says Iran, Syria continue to drive support for foreign fighters in Iraq, continue to send cash, munitions and offer training.

3. Egypt-brokered ceasefire deal said to bring end to Israeli siege of Gaza. Doubts of whether it will end rocket attacks remains, but Israel pressured to accept.

4. Tuesday's bombing of Pakistani police investigative headquarters said to be attempt by terrorists to prevent interrogation.

5. US House of Representatives attempts, fails to override Presidential veto of bill that would have outlawed rarely-used waterboarding interrogation technique.

Austrian police get new lead in al-Qaeda kidnap case - EuroNews
Being a Christian in the Maghreb - Middle East Times

Iran Unveils Imad Mugniyeh Postage Stamp - AP
Iran lauds Indonesia's abstention at latest UN Security Council vote on sanctions - IHT
Anti-Iran resolutions not affecting Iran-China gas deals - Tehran Times
Russian FM calls for talks with Iran on nuclear issue - AFP
Iranian factions gear up for crucial parliamentary vote - Los Angeles Times
Opinion: 'Electoral Engineering' in Iran - FOX

US: Syria, Iran Continue to Back Foreign Fighters in Iraq - AP
Quarterly: Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq (PDF) - Pentagon Report

US CENTCOM Commander Adm. Fallon to Retire - VOA
At Play: The Pentagon vs. Petraeus - Wall Street Journal
Media Line: Fallon's Exit Provokes Concern on Path of Bush's Iran Policy - Bloomberg

Born in Israel: Palestinian Twins Under Rocket Fire from Gaza - der Spiegel
Weapon of Terror: Development and Impact of the Qassam Rocket- Washington Institute
Hamas-Israel deal would put Abbas' men at Gaza crossings - Haaretz

U.S., N. Korea to Work Toward Ending Weapons Impasse - Washington Post

Tuesday's attack ‘aimed at preventing terrorists’ interrogation’ - DAWN
Musharraf summons Pakistan parliament on March 17 - AFP
‘Parliamentary resolution will bind Musharraf to restore judges’ - Daily Times
Coming to Terms with Reality: Not Enough Votes to Impeach? - SAAG

Veto Override Effort to Prohibit Waterboarding Fails in House - New York Times

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