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March 11, 2008

1. A car bomb targeted the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore, Pakistan during morning rush hour. Along with a second coordinated suicide bombing elsewhere in the city, 24 dead and 170 wounded are reported.

2. President Bush and Poland's PM Tusk agree to missile defense systems in Poland and the modernization of the stalwart ally's military.

3. An Israeli strike on a Gaza truck carrying over 100 rockets reported to have killed Iranian, Syrian trainers assisting Hamas terrorists.

4. A BBC poll reflects a decrease since 2006 of international public opinion on taking action against Iran - either military or sanctions - over its nuclear weapons program.

5. MI5 in London investigating four officers suspected of being al-Qaeda moles.

MI5 targets four Met police officers 'working as Al Qaeda spies' - This is London

China President Hu Calls for More Defense Buildup, Xinhua Says - Bloomberg

Support drops for action on Iran - BBC
Iran confirms expulsions of Swedish diplomat - International Herald Tribune
Al-Sadr Steps Back: Another Change of Command Inside Iranian-Backed Terror - ThreatsWatch

Al-Qaeda Commander in Northern Iraq: We Are in Dire Straits - MEMRI
Misreading the History of the Iraq War - Small Wars Journal
With Petraeus on patrol - Chicago Tribune

Israel reportedly 'agrees to 30 days of quiet' with Hamas - Jerusalem Post
Iranians, Syrians were killed by Israeli strike on Gaza missiles - World Tribune
Sarkozy: Israel must stop 'colonization' - Jerusalem Post

Lebanon presidential vote postponed for 16th time - Ya Libnan

At Least 24 Killed as Two Bombs Strike Pakistan - New York Times
Deadly blasts hit Pakistani city - Lahore

Bush links U.S. aid, missile defense deal - Los Angeles Times
Bush Vows He Will Upgrade Poland's Air Defenses - Washington Post

Turkish scholars aim to modernize Islam's Hadith - CS Monitor

Counterfeit Chinese Chips Raise Big Hacking and Terror Threats - Popular Mechanics

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