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March 10, 2008

1. A Hamas commander says 150 Hamas terrorists are currently training in Iran under the IRGC at a secured camp, and 62 currently training in Syria.

2. Israel orders the IDF to curb Gaza operations against Hamas. Olmert unwelcome at Jerusalem yeshiva where a terrorist killed eight students last week.

3. China says it has foiled a terror plot to hijack and crash a Chinese airliner.

4. Venezuela has restored ties with Colombia, but Ecuador says doing so would take more time. Colombia apologized for incursion, promised to respect borders.

5. PPP and PML-N agree on forming gov't, agree to reinstate judges to Supreme Court. Sharif declares Musharraf presidency illegal, foreshadowing probable impeachment proceedings.

Chinese officials: Terror plot foiled - Washington Times
Threat to Beijing Olympics from Uighurs - SAAG
China says it cracked ‘series of conspiracies' linked to Dalai Lama - Daily Times
Chinese Hackers Worry Pentagon - PC World

Venezuela Resumes Ties With Colombia, Ecuador Balks - VOA

Bush Pushes Democracy for Cuba, says world silent against Cuban abuses - AP
EU advocates dropping Cuba sanctions - EU Observer

Hamas has 150 terrorists being trained by IRGC in Iran - Times Online
Talk of international consortium with Iran's nuclear program - CS Monitor

State orders IDF to curb strikes against Hamas - Haaretz
Hamas denies reaching agreement with Israel over truce - Jerusalem Post
Mercaz Harav yeshiva tells Olmert he's not welcome to visit - Haaretz
Dead Yeshiva Attacker's Family Sets Memorial with Hamas Flags - Infolive.tv
Intel assessment: War unlikely in 2008 - Jerusalem Post

Malaysian voters rebuff ruling coalition in historic setback - Washington Times

Judges’ restoration through parliamentary resolution: PPP-PMLN sign historic coalition agreement - Daily Times
Nawaz Sharif declares Musharraf’s presidency illegal - Daily Times
Musharraf asks parties to avoid confrontation, assures cordial ties - The Hindu
Background Context: The Impeachment Impetus of Musharraf's New Friends - ThreatsWatch

Polish PM travels to US for talks with Bush on missile defense - International Herald Tribune
Polish poll reflects Poles want Tusk to get tough with Americans - Warsaw Business Journal

Spain's Zapatero Reelected, Gains Seats in Parliament - Bloomberg
A Polarized Win for Spain's Socialists - TIME

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