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March 7, 2008

1. Terrorist kills 8 in Jerusalem seminary attack. Hizballah's Al-Manar TV credits new group named after Imad Mugniyah. Gunman was previously arrested for Hizballah ties.

2. Major Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, arrested in Thailand. Said to have been in meetings to acquire arms for Colombian insurgent narco-terror group, FARC.

3. After NYC overnight bombing in TImes Square, letters sent to members of Congress said to be unrelated.

4. US has been granted access to Uzbekistan bases once again after being denied in 2005. Bases are used as a 'stepping off point' for Afghanistan operations.

5. Just as civilian deaths reach post-invasion lows in Iraq, coordinated bombings in Baghdad as well as blast in Mosul kill over 70. US troop casualty rate also at lowest 3-month level since conflict began.

8 murdered by terrorist at Jerusalem seminary - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah's Al-Manar TV: 'Martyrs of Imad Mughniyeh and Gaza' Responsible for Jerusalem Attack - An-Nahar
Gunman who killed students previously arrested for Hizballah ties - AKI
Gazans see attack on yeshiva as unusual achievement - Haaretz
Hamas hails 'heroic' attack - AFP
Israel Imposes Curfew on West Bank After 8 Are Killed in Attack - Bloomberg
Israel: Peace Talks to Continue Despite Religious School Shooting - VOA
Analysis: Hopes of Middle East peace are blown away - Telegraph
Hamas withdraws claim over shooting after 'member' made claim - Press Association

Russian Arrested in Thailand, Viktor Bout Charged With Trying to Sell Arms - New York Times
Profile of Viktor Bout (2003) - International Herald Tribune
Thailand's FARC Connection - Bangkok Pundit
Colombian FARC Rebels' Ties to Hugo Chavez Come Into Focus - Washington Post
Behind the Colombia-Ecuador-Venezuela Border Fracas - Strategy Page

China's envoy to Sudan defends policy on Darfur - International Herald Tribune

Coordinated Baghdad bombs kill 68 - Los Angeles Times
Bombs Reported to Kill 4 in Mosul - AP
Operation ‘Marne Grand Slam’ Produces Military, Civic Success - DefenseLink
Before the Baghdad Bombings, Civilian Deaths at Lowest Point:
Military, Civilian Deaths in Iraq Lowest Since Invasion - Brookings Institution Iraq Index 3MAR08 (PDF)
See: How Much Does Liberating Iraq Really Cost? - Dean’s World
See: Tracking Iraq: What the Media Did Not Tell You This Month - Gateway Pundit

Mullen Talks Training, Supply With Senior Pakistani Leaders - DefenseLink
Taliban defeat in North-West Frontier? - Middle East Times
Pakistan: New Dawn or New Nightmare? - SAAG

Russia Pumps Tens of Millions Into Burnishing Image Abroad - Washington Post

Terror training ringleaders of Finsbury Park Mosque jailed in Britain - Telegraph

Officials: Letters Not Linked to NYC Times Square Bomb - AP

US military returns to ex-Soviet Uzbekistan - AFP

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