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March 5, 2008

1. As Venezuela and Ecuador mobilize troops on Colombia's border, Colombian president seeks genocide charges on Chavez for support of FARC, massacres.

2. Two suicide bombers attacked Pakistan's Naval War College in Lahore killing 6 as US military trainers arrive in Pakistan.

3. Taiwan is boosting military spending in efforts to match Chinese ongoing buildup.

4. As doubts surface over effectiveness of new sanctions, Iran is challenged by the US and EU over latest questions and track record of non-cooperation.

5. US missile strike in southern Somalia targeted al-Qaeda terrorist suspected of involvement in 1998 twin embassy bombings in Africa.

China spins military spending spree - UPI
Taiwan boosts military spending amid China increase - Forbes

Venezuela moves 9,000 troops, tanks to Colombian border - MSNBC
Diplomats confident South American crisis will be resolved - CNN
Colombia seeking genocide charge against Hugo Chavez - Radio Netherlands

Iran arming Hezbollah with missiles sent via Turkey - Haaretz
The Launch of the Iranian Kavoshgar Rocket: Shahab-3B in Space? - INSS
Press skeptical on Iran sanctions - BBC
US, EU challenge Iran with tough questions on nuclear program - Jerusalem Post
Iran rejects new EU nuclear talks - BBC

Drawdown Will Test Security as Iran Pushes Ahead With Enrichment - New York Sun
Odierno: Progress in Iraq Approaches Point of Irreversibility - DefenseLink
Iraqi forces stand up as U.S. mentors step aside - Washington Times

Recap: Five days of escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC

Two bombers hit Navy War College, 6 killed - Daily Times
Ministry points finger at Baitullah Mehsud - DAWN
The Attack's Timeline - Daily Times
US military trainers arrive in Pakistan - DAWN
OpEd: Pakistan's New Frontier: Engage Winners and Losers in NWFP - Wall Street Journal

Naftogaz threatens to divert Europe's gas if Gazprom continues Ukraine cuts - Washington Times

Official: Missile aimed at FBI target in Somalia, linked to US embassy bombings - CNN
US names Somali al-Qaeda wanted - BBC

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