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March 3, 2008

1. IDF pulls out of Gaza after 5-day operation as massive int'l condemnation continues...as do rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza.

2. Dmitri Medvedev elected Russian president as Putin's choice. Observers note Russian relapse away from democracy and toward totalitarian rule.

3. Iran's president Ahmadinejad visited Iraq, said foreign forces must leave. Said of American forces, "No one likes them."

4. Iran expected to have a third round of sanctions levied against them by the UN Security Council in the face of new evidence of nuclear weapons effort.

5. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez orders troops, tanks to Colombia border. Ecuador follows suit. Colombia says FARC linked to Ecuador.

6. Kuwait orders deportation of foreigners who recently participated in a rally mourning the death of Imad Mugniyah.

U.S. base in Khost province Afghanistan attacked by Suicide Bomber - IHT

Second Video Eulogy Shows Slain al-Qaeda Leader (al-Libi) Corpse - CBS News

Five days of escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC
Israel pulls out of Gaza, 110 reported dead in 5-day op - Times Online
Hamas claims Gaza 'victory' as Israel pulls back - National Post
'Hamas using US weapons against IDF' - Jerusalem Post
Israeli Arabs protest operations, call of unity - Jerusalem Post
As Rockets Continue, Olmert Says More Ops Planned - Jerusalem Post

Meeting on Arms Data Reignites Iran Nuclear Debate - New York Times
Iran to Face New UN Sanctions on Monday - AP

Ahmadinejad says in Baghdad that 'Foreigners' must leave Iraq - CNN
Bombings in Iraqi Capital Kill 23 - VOA

Kuwait to deport foreigners who mourned Hizballah's Mugniyah - AFP

Moussa: Lebanon Will be Invited to Damascus Summit - An-Nahar
U.S.-Saudi Effort Seeks to End Syrian Interference in Lebanon - Washington Post
Syria Criticizes US for Deploying Warships off Lebanese Coast - VOA

US nuclear envoy leaves China without North Korean meeting - AFP
Pyongyang dashes hopes of warmer ties - IHT

US to Train Pakistan Military Officers - AP

Medvedev Wins, but Will He Lead? - Wall Street Journal
Russia's Medvedev vows to uphold Putin legacy - Washington Post
Russia enters political parts unknown - Chicago Tribune
Profile: Dmitri Medvedev - Times Online

U.S. Bombs Islamist Target in Somalia Near Kenya Border - New York Times

Chavez Orders Tanks to Colombia Border, Raises Risks - Bloomberg
Raid leads to South American standoff - CNN

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