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March 31, 2007

1. Mahdi Army withdraws from fight in Basra amid heavy losses, Sadr issues ceasefire. But Green Zone in Baghdad has been attacked again.

2. While Musharraf swears in a new cabinet opposed to him, the Taliban say they welcome talks with the new Pakistani government.

3. CIA Director Adm. Hayden says that al-Qaeda is training Westerners for infiltration, attacks and that Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions.

4. While SecState Rice gains Israeli concession of eliminating 50 security posts in West Bank, the Palestinians' top Israel negotiator deposited $3 million of donated PA funds into personal account.

CIA: Al-Qaeda Training Europeans, Americans for Infiltration, Attack - ABC
Al-Qaeda Waning on 10th Birthday - Middle East Times

China Arrests Suspects in Tibetan Riots - AP

Adm. Hayden says Iran has nuclear weapons ambitions - AFP

Basra Calm as al-Sadr Pulls in Militia - Military.com
Cease Fire Impetus: Mahdi Army taking significant casualties in Baghdad, South - The Long War Journal
Calm falls on Basra as al-Mahdi Army truce holds - Times Online
Official: Basra battle to end 'soon' - CNN
Green Zone in Baghdad shelled again - International Herald Tribune

Lead Palestinian Negotiator w/Israel Pocketed $3M in Funds - Jerusalem Post
Southern Front: IDF upping Gaza ground ops in face of heavier rocket fire - Haaretz
Rice Gets Israel to Remove 50 West Bank Barriers - Washington Post
March 28: Barak fears Hamas West Bank takeover - Jerusalem Post
From March 18 On Hamas Takeover: PrincipalAnalysis: The Two Faces of Fatah - ThreatsWatch

Musharraf swears in hostile cabinet - AFP
Pakistan's Taliban Militants Welcome Talks With New Government - VOA
Ground is shifting beneath diplomacy with Pakistan - Los Angeles Times

UN officials: Syria still suspect in Hariri murder - Haaretz
Syria 'calls for joint efforts to encourage Lebanon solution' - Xinhua
Official: PM sent 20 messages of peace to Assad, but Syrian Pres. disappointed us - Haaretz

Drugs, desertion leave British Army short of soldiers - Telegraph

Dictator's Downfall? Opposition Claims Victory Over Mugabe - ABC
Zimbabwe rigging fears rise amid vote delay - CNN

Independence of U.N. Probes in Doubt - New York Sun

Islam Surpasses Catholicism As World’s Largest Religion - New York Sun

March 28, 2008

1. Mortar attack on Iraqi Vice Presidential offices kills two, US aircraft drops ordnance on Basra targets in the south.

2. Prime Minister Maliki has extended the surrender deadline for Mahdi Army attackers to April 8.

3. An Australian defense report warns that the country's military risks turning from 'local bully to local runt' in the face of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian build-ups unless the Australian military is improved.

4. Ehud Barak warned the US that the current US=Israeli path risks a Hamas takeover of the West Bank.

U.S. Army Suspends Suspect Afghan Munitions Deal - Defense News

Defence Report: Aussies Risk Going from 'Local Bully to Local Runt' - The Australian

Burma's Junta Leader Says He May Relinquish Power in 2010 - VOA

Iraq Mahdi Army Conflict: Iranian Response to Resolution 1803? - An-Nahar

Iraqi leader extends date for militias to disarm - Los Angeles Times
Mortars hit Iraqi V.P.'s Green Zone office - MSNBC
U.S. Military Aircraft Drop Bombs on Militia Positions in Basra - Bloomberg

Israel: Hizballah Increases Rocket Range - AP
Fears rise of new Israel-Hizballah war, but some call it unlikely -IHT
Barak warns US that Hamas may take over the West Bank - Jerusalem Post
Ten ways Israel keeps Hamas afloat - Haaretz
Israel trying to restart peace talks with Syria, minister says - M&C

U.S. Condemns Latest North Korean Missile Test - ABC

'Iraq-Savvy' Lt. Gen. Dempsey To Succeed Fallon at CENTCOM - Military.com
Navy SEALs: Mental Strength And Courage; Bravery (and how to master it) - Men's Health
The story behind McDermott's controversial Iraq trip - Seattle Times
Lawmakers' 2002 Iraq trip shows dangers of junkets - Baltimore Sun

Massive protest in south Yemen - The Long War Journal

March 27, 2008

1. Iraqi Security Forces continue to battle Mahdi Army (JAM) groups from Basra to Baghdad. PM Maliki gives militants 72 hours to surrender.

2. Court documents reveal Iraqi intelligence facilitated travel of 3 dissenting Congressmen in 2002 run-up to war.

3. China begins to open up Tibet to foreign journalists again, signaling operations may be drawing down. Beijing had complained that Western media coverage was unfair while media blackout in place.

4. UN appoints founder of the 'Khaddafi Human Rights Prize' to its Human Rights Council.

5. While saying it will confront terrorists, new Pakistani government distancing itself from US partnership.

First Foreign Journalists Enter Tibet Since Riots - The New York Sun
China Accuses Western Media of Distorting Reports on Tibet Riots, Crackdown - ABC
Last Week: China Orders Video Web Sites to Close - ABC
660 Held in Tibetan Uprising, China Says - New York Times
Tibetan Monks Disrupt China's Show Tour - ABC

Iran Wants Compensation for UN Sanctions - AP
US moves towards engaging Iran - Asia Times
Cheney disputes Iran's nuclear goals - Los Angeles Times

PM Maliki gives Shiite militias in Basra three days to surrender - Los Angeles Times
Bomb Damages Oil Pipeline in Basra - VOA
Iraqi Army’s Assault on Militias in Basra Stalls - New York Times
Violence spreads across Iraq as army and militias clash - Telegraph
Analysis: Unrest in Basra provides a window on Iraq's future - M&C
Pentagon Calls Iraq Fighting Good Sign, Analysts Not Convinced - VOA
Maliki's Moment of Truth in Basra - TIME
Officials Await IDs on 3 Iraq Bodies - AP

Two Sderot residents lightly hurt in fresh Qassam barrage - Haaretz

New Pakistani Leaders Tell Americans There’s ‘a New Sheriff in Town’ - New York Times
New Pakistan leaders 'target militants' - Asia Times

Iraq Hands Over Saudi Detainees to Riyadh, Including "Most Wanted" - Asharq Alawsat

'Moammar Khaddafi Human Rights Prize' Founder Appointed to UN Human Rights Council - UN Watch

U.S. Says Hussein Spy Agency and Iraqi-American Arranged ’02 Trip by Congressman - New York Times
Another Virginia Sniper? Five Vehicles Shot on Interstate - ABC

March 25, 2008

1. Pakistan swore in its new Prime Minister, Bhutto loyalist Yousaf Raza Gilani, whose first task was to order the release of all judges detained by Musharraf.

2. Shi'a militias continue attacks on coalition forces and Iraqi government targets from Baghdad to Basra. Muqtada al-Sadr referenced by some, but Iran sidelined him weeks ago. Petraeus says Iran behind attacks.

3. A US ship fired on approaching boats in the Suez canal after radio and siren warnings went unheeded.

4. In the War of Ideas, al-Qaeda recruiting efforts are being hampered by Muslim parents who will not give their children permission to join, commit suicide in attacks.

Parental Consent for Suicide: How al-Qaeda Will Perish - WSJ

EU tells China to stop using force against Tibetan protesters - International Herald Tribune
But China Says: 'Nearly 100 Nations Support Chinese Actions in Tibet' - China Daily
US engineer gets 24 years for exporting military data to China - AFP

Comoros Gov't: Rebel Capital Captured - ABC

U.S. Ship Fires on Approaching Boats in Suez Canal - ABC

Security Forces, Militias Clash in Basra - Asharq Alawsat
Petraeus: Iran 'behind Green Zone attack' - BBC
Fighting Breaks Out in Sadr City; Mahdi Army Takes Over Checkpoints - WSJ
Diyala’s Leaders Meet to Establish Tribal Support Councils - MNF-I

IDF NCO Suspected of Passing Information to Hizballah - Arutz Sheva

Hizballah chief vows revenge against Israel after 40 Day Mourning Period over - AFP

New Pakistani PM Takes Over - ABC
PM’s first order: release judges - Daily Times
Major reshuffle in army - DAWN

Fatah-Hamas agreement fizzles out - Jerusalem Post

March 24, 2008

1. 40-day mourning period over, Hizballah calls for Beirut rally for Mugniyeh as Syria said to have mobilized 3 battalions to Lebanese border.

2. In third al-Qaeda release in just days, Zawahiri follows bin Laden in calling for strikes on Israel, US over Gaza siege.

3. Peru says that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is backing an attempt at internal Peruvian revolt.

4. Taiwan elected a new president, Ma Ying-jeou, who seeks to mend ties to mainland China.

Out of Guantanamo and Bitter Toward Bin Laden - Washington Post
Al Qaeda's No. 2 Zawahiri orders defense of Palestinians - CNN
Bin Laden's "Way to Rescue Palestine" - Canada Free Press
Yemeni Interior Ministry: al-Qaeda cell responsible for attack on US embassy - Asharq Alawsat

Indonesia: Beat up infidel tourists, says recently freed Abu Bakr Bashir - News.com.au

Rudd's Australia: $10B Defense cuts 'endanger 4th destroyer' - The Australian

China Offers Its Own Version of Protests - ABC
Protesters Call for Olympic Boycott, Media and UN Access to Tibet - VOA
China Orders Video Web Sites to Close - ABC

Taiwan Elects a Leader Who Seeks Closer China Ties - New York Times
New leader to draw Taiwan closer, but not too close, to mainland - Globe and Mail
KMT’s Return to Power - The Korea Times

Iran shells Kurdish bases in Iraq - Los Angeles Times
Iran slams Sarkozy over missile warning - Australian Broadcasting

Bomber in Iraq kills 40 pilgrims - International Herald Tribune
Al-Qaeda leader in Kirkuk, 3 suspects detained - MNF-I
From Last Week: Signs of Iran's Hand in Iraq - TIME

Saddam collected information on dozens of potential targets in Israel - Haaretz
Cheney Says Hamas Trying to 'Torpedo' Mideast Peace Talks - VOA

Syria Deploys Three Military Divisions on the Border with Lebanon - An-Nahar
Hizballah calls for Beirut rally for Mugniyah - BBC

Palestinian Sides Agree to Talk More - AP

Fatwa dubs Taliban 'out of Islam' - The Nation (Pak)

Peru Says Chavez Backs Domestic Revolt - ABC

Russian security aims a blow at British oil company venture in Russia - International Herald Tribune
Russia Drafts Law Limiting Foreign Investment - VOA
Consider: Putin's New Cold War - New York Sun

Robert Mugabe ‘cannot win election – but he can still steal it' - Times Online

March 21, 2008

1. State Department examining sanctions law in dealing with Swiss and Austrian gas deals with Iran which ignore UN and US sanctions.

2. Second bin Laden video in as many days links al-Qaeda's war in Iraq to greater war against Israel, implores Muslims to support jihad in Iraq as al-Qaeda falters there.

3. China launches manhunt for Tibetan protest 'ringleaders' as President Bush applies quiet pressure on Beijing.

4. Israel and Germany plan an international summit in dealing with and disrupting Iran's nuclear drive.

5. On Good Friday, Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir expressed pessimism regarding growing ethnic, religious divisions among Lebanon's diverse society. "Grouping and division" escalates.

Bin Laden Reiterates Al Qaeda Doctrine Tying Victory in Iraq to Victory Over Israel - Counterterrorism Blog

Chinese hunt Tibetan protest ringleaders - MSNBC
Privately, Bush Presses China Over Crackdown on Tibet - Washington Post
Pakistan link to failed China plotters: Hijackers had Pakistani passports - Sydney Morning Herald

State Department Looks To Sanctions Law for Swiss, Austrian Gas Deals with Iran - New York Sun
Yet, EU's Nabucco Pipeline for Iranian Gas is Supported? - World Politics Review
Dick Cheney tour sparks Iran war rumours - Telegraph

Bringing Back Salman Pak: Op Marne Grand Slam concludes successfully - MNF-I
Turkey resumes bombing PKK posts in northern Iraq - MSNBC
Saddam friendly to terror groups - Washington Times
More Evidence McCain Is Right - The Weekly Standard

Israel, Germany plan international summit to stop Iran nuke program - Haaretz
Israelis warned of greater risk of kidnappings - AFP
Can Egypt broker Hamas-Israel truce? - CS Monitor

Maronite Patriarch Sfeir Pessimistic Over Deep Divisions Among Lebanese - Naharnet
As Tensions Rise in Lebanon, Residents Again Fear the Worst - Washington Post

North Korean Military May Block Atomic Accord, Senate Aide Says - Bloomberg

Mullah "FM" Fazlullah Silenced: Pakistan Shuts Down 3 Radio Stations in Swat Valley - AP
12 militants arrested in Swat - The Hindu
NWFP Rocket attack wounds 8 Shiites celebrating new year, mayor says - IHT

Palestinian Officials: Bid to Reconcile Hamas, Fatah Fails - VOA
Two Hamas terrorists killed in 'work accident' at Gaza terror training camp - Haaretz
Palestinian Authority may collapse without peace deal: Erakat - AFP

Expenses At U.N. Balloon 25 Percent - Washington Post

Today: Military Surrenders Cyber Security to the Starfish - Wired
Wednesday: Military to Boost Cyber-Protections - AP

March 20, 2008

1. As Chairman of Joint Chiefs Adm. Mullen meets with Musharraf on al-Qaeda/Taliban threat, car bomb in South Waziristan capital kills five Pakistani troops, injures more.

2. As Turkey considers increased military support in Afghanistan, the annual 'Spring Offensive' looks once again to be a NATO initiative and not the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance.

3. New Web audio from bin Laden released, which contains threats and complaints on dated issues of Muhammed cartoon publication and the Pope.

4. Wide media criticism continues on Senator McCain's mention of Iran-al-Qaeda linkage, and the Presidential candidate remains correct in doing so.

5. Blueprints and floor plans for elite Canadian counterterrorism units' new headquarters building was found outside in a garbage can on Ottawa street.

McCain Camp Again Links Al Qaeda to Iran - Wall Street Journal
McCain's Correct: Reading Saddam’s Intelligence Files, Part 4: Iran & al-Qaeda - Weekly Standard
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Reorganizes under Nasir al-Wahayshi - Jamestown
Bin Laden Warns Europeans Over Cartoon - New York Times

Same Game, New Rules in Afghanistan: 'Spring Offensive' May Be NATO's Again - Asia Times
Turkish FM: Turkey to consider increased military contribution in Afghanistan - IHT
Longer Canadian Afghan Deployments Eyed - Toronto Star

Elite Counterterrorism unit's blueprints for new HQ found in trash can - Ottawa Citizen
How did CT Unit's Blueprints end up in Ottawa street? - Ottawa Citizen

China Acknowledges Spread of Riots - Wall Street Journal
Stability Trumps Reform at China’s Parliamentary Session - Jamestown
US identifies Heparin contaminant in China-made blood thinner - Los Angeles Times

China Tensions Sway Taiwan's Saturday Election - New York Times
Taiwan's governing party fears it has lost youth vote - International Herald Tribune

Vice President Cheney: Iran may have restarted nuclear weaponization program - IHT
General Petraeus: Iran still meddles in Iraq - CNN
'Swiss selling principles for Iranian gas' - Jerusalem Post
Study: Iran Indoctrinating Children in Islamic Supremacism - New York Sun

Iraq panel clears obstacle to provincial elections - Los Angeles Times

McCain visits besieged Israeli town of Sderot - Los Angeles Times

Still in crisis, UNIFIL marks 30th anniversary of mission in Lebanon - Beirut Daily Star

Hamas Funds Gaza With Few Remaining Taxes, `Islamic Friends' Help - Bloomberg
U.S., Palestinians sign $150 million agreement - Reuters

Suicide car bomb kills 5 Pakistani troops in Wana, South Waziristan, military says - Asharq Alawsat
Joint Chiefs chairman and Musharraf discuss terror threat - IHT

US (Still) Awaiting North Korea's Nuclear List - AP
Pyongyang cashes in on US SoKor deployment row - Asia Times

March 19, 2008

1. As crisis between Tibetans and Chinese continues and spreads ahead of Olympic Games, UK signals China may talk to Dalai Lama.

2. News reports say Senator McCain 'misspoke' linking Iran to al-Qaeda in Iraq, but evidence suggests he was correct in noting cooperation.

3. Bomb blast in Indian Kashmir injures 22. Claimed by Hezb-ul-Mujahedeen.

4. Pakistani Intelligence Bureau chief, Ijaz Shah, steps down. Was accused by Benazir Bhutto of plotting against her.

Reading Saddam’s Intelligence Files, Part 1: "Hunt" the Americans - The Weekly Standard
Captured Foreign Fighters Provide Insight into Enemy Facing Iraq - DefenseLink

China in Intense Struggle With Dalai Lama Over Tibet - VOA
U.K.: China may talk to Dalai Lama - MSNBC
Tourist video shows riot, flames in Tibetan capital - CNN

Riots in Athens as millions strike - CNN

Large blast shakes capital of Indian Kashmir, at least 22 injured - International Herald Tribune

Cheney to Meet Oman's Sultan for Talks on Iran - VOA
Iran: A new balance of forces - ISN

Presidential Council Approves Iraqi Provincial Elections Law - FOX
McCain 'Stumbles' on Iran and Al Qaeda - Wall Street Journal

McCain Was Right, Iran Works with Al Qaeda - Weekly Standard

Backgrounder: Iran's Secret Plan For Mayhem - New York Sun
Analysis: Dangerous Liaisons: Dispelling the Sunni-Shia Myth - ThreatsWatch

Security forces fear double Hizballah revenge attack in Israel, abroad - Haaretz
Merkel speaks of Germany's 'Holocaust shame' in Knesset speach - CNN

Intelligence Bureau chief removed - DAWN
'No FBI agents in Pakistan,' says Cheema after four injured in bombing - Daily Times
Pakistan Elects First Female Speaker of Parliament - Bloomberg
Zardari may be next Pakistan PM - NDTV

The Specter That Haunts the Death of Litvinenko - New York Sun

After Gass Deal, Swiss foreign minister in headscarf on Iran visit provokes outcry - IHT

Military to Boost Cyber-Protections - AP

March 18, 2008

1. Only 88 countries - or 45% - have submitted sanctions implementation reports to the UN Security Council on Iran.

2. A mortar attack on a school near US Embassy in Sana, Yemen, leaves one dead, others injured, including children.

3. Dalai Lama threatens to quit over violence as China begins arrests in Tibet's Lhasa.

4. Switzerland reports $17 million seized in Oil-for-Food scandal thus far.

5. NATO reinforcing posture and forces over risks of hot conflict in Kosovo.

6. Internal troubles within Middle East countries has fingerprints of Iran stoking the flames, instigating angry Shia citizens into demonstrations.

U.S. (slowly) adapts Cold War idea to fight terrorists:: InfoWar - International Herald Tribune

Chinese Begin Arrests in Lhasa - SAAG
Dalai Lama threatens to 'resign' over Tibet violence - Times Online
China's soft power leaves Asia soft-spoken on Tibet - Guardian

Security Council receives only 88 countries (45%) report on Iran sanctions implementation - UN News Centre

Some USD 17 million successfully seized in Oil-for-Food scandal - Kuwait News Agency

Russia Warns Middle East against Kosovo Recognition - Asharq Alawsat
NATO reinforces as Kosovo comes to verge of armed conflict - M&C

Trouble brewing in the Gulf, Iran in the Shadows - Middle East Times

Pakistani appeals death sentence in killing of US diplomat David Foy - Jerusalem Post

PrincipalAnalysis: The Two Faces of Fatah - ThreatsWatch
Hamas popularity on the rise: poll - AFP
Hamas Investment in Syria Estimated at $500 Million - The Media Line
PLO urges Hamas to accept Gaza power-sharing - AFP

Venezuelan Capital Flight Reaches Record - Weekly Standard

One dead in mortar attack on school near U.S. embassy - al-Bawaba

March 17, 2008

1. Crisis in Tibet continues, as many as 100 reported killed. China says only 13 killed, and that its troops did not shoot them.

2. Elections turn out as expected in Iran, with regime continuing to sideline moderates. Iran sends conflicting signals on potential negotiations on its nuclear program.

3. A missile strike on a building in Wana, South Waziristan in Pakistan's tribal areas said to have killed 20 including 8 'Arabs and Turkmen' as al-Qaeda likely targeted by US unmanned aircraft.

4. Israel quietly threatened Syria with retaliatory strikes if Hizballah targeted the Jewish state from Lebanon. Syria called for public peace talks with Israel, citing list of demands.

5. Austria says al-Qaeda deadline for hostage ransom payment extended in Algeria/Mali. Closer look suggests that kidnapping less an ideological attack on West than opportunistic chance ransom source for GSPC/AQIM actors in region.

6. Four FBI agents were injured in a bombing of an Islamabad restaurant. Hand grenade believed thrown into outside dining area.

Marines, Canadians Working Well Together in Kandahar - Ottawa Citizen

Al-Qaeda wants five million euros for hostages: report - AFP
Austria says deadline extended for al Qaeda hostages - swissinfo
Analysis: AQIM/GSPC kidnaps two in Tunisia - Adrian Martin

As Many as 100 Reported Killed in Tibet Uprising - CNN
Tibetan Exile Gov't Says At Least 80 Killed in Tibetan Unrest - BBC
Tibet's Chinese governor says riot death toll 13 - IHT
China: Troops 'did not shoot Tibetans' - BBC
China blocks YouTube over Tibet riots - Telegraph

Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Mandate Strengthened After Iran Election - Bloomberg
Iran Rejects Nuclear Talks with 5+1, Then Rescinds - ThreatsWatch
Iran's call to vote ignored by millions - Telegraph
Iran shuts down nine magazines after election - The Hindu

Profits from stolen oil help sustain insurgency in Iraq - IHT
Suicide vest now weapon of choice for Qaeda in Iraq: US - AFP
McCain Trip Comes During Iraq Milestones - ABC
Navy SEAL Mike Monsoor to Receive Medal of Honor - Michael Fumento
UN Envoy Says Iraq Has 'Window Of Opportunity' - RFE/RL
Captured Foreign Fighters Provide Insight into Enemy Facing Iraq - DefenseLink

Israel secretly threatened Syria 'if Hizballah attacked' Jewish State - Jerusalem Post
'Damascus interested in public peace talks' - Jerusalem Post
Hamas vows to keep Israeli aircraft in its line of fire - Canadian Press
Smuggler dies in Gaza tunnel collapse - Gulf Times

20 'Arabs and Turkmen' die in South Waziristan missile strike - Daily Times
US plane attacks Wana house with precision bombs: Foreign militants among nine killed - DAWN
Four FBI Agents Hurt in Pakistan Bombing - ABC
Musharraf Interview Prep for The End? - ‘Remember me as honest, frank person’ - Daily Times
PML-Q, PPP and allies field former Karachi mayor Farooq Sattar for PM - DAWN
New Pakistan Parliament Convenes, MPs Take Oaths under High Security - AP

Three suspected Saudi militants to return home from Pakistan - M&C

U.N. Legal Counsel Will Depart in August Under Corruption Cloud - New York Sun

March 14, 2008

1. President Bush calls for increased US cyber-security investment after DoD cites China as key threat. A report reveals that many electronic devices now manufactured with viruses pre-loaded, China often source.

2. New analysis of pre-war ties between Saddam's Iraq and terrorism being misreported as indicating "no ties" to al-Qaeda, yet body of report details cooperation with al-Zawahiri, Sudan ties and other terrorism sponsorship.

3. Al-Qaeda violence in Iraq spikes, was foretold by AQI leader in Mosul in February. Beleaguered AQI plans invasion anniversary surge and strategic shift.

4. PA's Mahmoud Abbas charges Israel with 'ethnic cleansing' while other Palestinian propaganda describes IDF operations in Gaza with term "holocaust."

Report Details Saddam's Terrorist Ties - New York Sun
The New Report on Iraq and Terror - Weekly Standard

Islamist Websites Allegedly Under U.S. Authorities' Pressure to Remove Jihadist Material - MEMRI
The Role of American News Consumers Within Al-Qaeda's Information War Strategy - ThreatsWatch

Bush Lauds Provincial Reconstruction Team Efforts in Afghanistan - DefenseLink

Bush calls for tighter cybersecurity - USA Today
U.S. military flags China cyber threat - Security Focus
Viruses now pre-loaded at factories, China often the source - Worcester Telegram
Terror Arrests in China Draw Concern About Crackdown on Dissent - Bloomberg
Chinese Military, Police at Tibetan Monasteries - AP

Iran Votes: Ahmadinejad's Power Tested, Most Reform Candidates Disqualified - CBS
Facts about Iran's parliamentary elections Friday - International Herald Tribune

Kidnapped by al-Qaeda, Archbishop in Mosul Found Dead in Iraq - Washington Post
Mourners gather for funeral of kidnapped Iraqi archbishop - AFP
US Military Says Spike in Iraq Violence Not a Trend - VOA
New Anti-insurgency Tactics Succeeding in Iraqi Detention Facilities - Multi-National Force - Iraq

Abbas: Israel committing 'ethnic cleansing' - Press TV (Iran)
Palestinian propaganda campaign has frequently employed the term “holocaust” describing IDF Ops - ITIC

Pakistani Forces arrest 31 militants in an operation in Swat Valley - Kuwait News Agency

Rice Toughens Talk Against Chavez - Washington Post

March 13, 2008

1. Five held in Iraq in connection with suicide bombing targeting US troops. Also, days after Muqtada al-Sadr stepped down, Iraqi police raided Mahdi Army strongholds.

2. Regardless of initial reports, Adm. Fallon's resignation as CENTCOM commander is not seen as a move toward attacking Iran.

3. Operational tempo on both sides increases in Afghanistan. 41 Taliban killed in the south while a suicide bomber killed multiple civilians, UN sending envoy to Kabul.

4. As Haniyeh talks of ceasefire in Gaza, Israel says Hamas offers truce, not peace. Israel also imposing sanctions on al-Jazeera for unfair coverage of the conflict.

5. Energy and Economic Security: As crude oil prices continue to set records, OPEC seen as now operating well beyond past US influence and American ability to nudge production levels.

41 Taliban Killed in South Afghanistan - AP
U.N. To Send New Kabul Envoy Amid Heightened Violence - New York Sun
Ethnic dispute tears al-Qaeda, Hayden says - Washington Times

Russia, India Sign Billion Dollar Deal to Upgrade Indian Fighter Jets - VOA

Fallon's Resignation Is Not Seen as Step Toward Attack on Iran - Washington Post

Five held after suicide bomb attack on US troops in Iraq - AFP
Mahdi Army strongholds raided by police - Washington Times
Rocket fire kills 3 US troops in Iraq - Boston Globe
Images: Anatomy of an IED - The Long War Journal

Algeria: Eight would-be suicide bombers 'headed to Gaza', says report - AKI
In Speech, Hamas' Haniyeh Outlines Terms To Cease Rocket Fire - New York Sun
UPDATE: Gaza Rockets followed by Israeli warplanes end Gaza lull - AFP
Israel to Impose Sanctions on Al-Jazeera - AP
Ashkelon: Israelis bolster new front line with Gaza - CS Monitor

Jordan frees former mentor to al-Qaeda's Musab al-Zarqawi - Daily Mail

Kuwait releases former lawmaker on bail after eulogy of slain Hizballah militant - IHT

Russia Warns Against Georgia in NATO - Washington Post
Rice, Gates to discuss missile defense, arms control with Russian counterparts - Kyiv Post
Russia to Aid EU Military Mission in Chad - Washington Post

Russia: Banned University Takes Protest To The Blogosphere - RFE/RL
Kremlin Moves To Rein In Last Media Refuge - RFE/RL

OpEd: OPEC's Triumph - Washington Post
Crude Oil Rises to Record as Dollar Declines to 12-Year Low - Bloomberg

March 12, 2008

1. CENTCOM commander Admiral Fallon to resign. Says 'perception' of differences with Pentagon, President impeding job ability.

2. Pentagon releases quarterly Iraq security report. Says Iran, Syria continue to drive support for foreign fighters in Iraq, continue to send cash, munitions and offer training.

3. Egypt-brokered ceasefire deal said to bring end to Israeli siege of Gaza. Doubts of whether it will end rocket attacks remains, but Israel pressured to accept.

4. Tuesday's bombing of Pakistani police investigative headquarters said to be attempt by terrorists to prevent interrogation.

5. US House of Representatives attempts, fails to override Presidential veto of bill that would have outlawed rarely-used waterboarding interrogation technique.

Austrian police get new lead in al-Qaeda kidnap case - EuroNews
Being a Christian in the Maghreb - Middle East Times

Iran Unveils Imad Mugniyeh Postage Stamp - AP
Iran lauds Indonesia's abstention at latest UN Security Council vote on sanctions - IHT
Anti-Iran resolutions not affecting Iran-China gas deals - Tehran Times
Russian FM calls for talks with Iran on nuclear issue - AFP
Iranian factions gear up for crucial parliamentary vote - Los Angeles Times
Opinion: 'Electoral Engineering' in Iran - FOX

US: Syria, Iran Continue to Back Foreign Fighters in Iraq - AP
Quarterly: Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq (PDF) - Pentagon Report

US CENTCOM Commander Adm. Fallon to Retire - VOA
At Play: The Pentagon vs. Petraeus - Wall Street Journal
Media Line: Fallon's Exit Provokes Concern on Path of Bush's Iran Policy - Bloomberg

Born in Israel: Palestinian Twins Under Rocket Fire from Gaza - der Spiegel
Weapon of Terror: Development and Impact of the Qassam Rocket- Washington Institute
Hamas-Israel deal would put Abbas' men at Gaza crossings - Haaretz

U.S., N. Korea to Work Toward Ending Weapons Impasse - Washington Post

Tuesday's attack ‘aimed at preventing terrorists’ interrogation’ - DAWN
Musharraf summons Pakistan parliament on March 17 - AFP
‘Parliamentary resolution will bind Musharraf to restore judges’ - Daily Times
Coming to Terms with Reality: Not Enough Votes to Impeach? - SAAG

Veto Override Effort to Prohibit Waterboarding Fails in House - New York Times

March 11, 2008

1. A car bomb targeted the Federal Investigation Agency in Lahore, Pakistan during morning rush hour. Along with a second coordinated suicide bombing elsewhere in the city, 24 dead and 170 wounded are reported.

2. President Bush and Poland's PM Tusk agree to missile defense systems in Poland and the modernization of the stalwart ally's military.

3. An Israeli strike on a Gaza truck carrying over 100 rockets reported to have killed Iranian, Syrian trainers assisting Hamas terrorists.

4. A BBC poll reflects a decrease since 2006 of international public opinion on taking action against Iran - either military or sanctions - over its nuclear weapons program.

5. MI5 in London investigating four officers suspected of being al-Qaeda moles.

MI5 targets four Met police officers 'working as Al Qaeda spies' - This is London

China President Hu Calls for More Defense Buildup, Xinhua Says - Bloomberg

Support drops for action on Iran - BBC
Iran confirms expulsions of Swedish diplomat - International Herald Tribune
Al-Sadr Steps Back: Another Change of Command Inside Iranian-Backed Terror - ThreatsWatch

Al-Qaeda Commander in Northern Iraq: We Are in Dire Straits - MEMRI
Misreading the History of the Iraq War - Small Wars Journal
With Petraeus on patrol - Chicago Tribune

Israel reportedly 'agrees to 30 days of quiet' with Hamas - Jerusalem Post
Iranians, Syrians were killed by Israeli strike on Gaza missiles - World Tribune
Sarkozy: Israel must stop 'colonization' - Jerusalem Post

Lebanon presidential vote postponed for 16th time - Ya Libnan

At Least 24 Killed as Two Bombs Strike Pakistan - New York Times
Deadly blasts hit Pakistani city - Lahore

Bush links U.S. aid, missile defense deal - Los Angeles Times
Bush Vows He Will Upgrade Poland's Air Defenses - Washington Post

Turkish scholars aim to modernize Islam's Hadith - CS Monitor

Counterfeit Chinese Chips Raise Big Hacking and Terror Threats - Popular Mechanics

March 10, 2008

1. A Hamas commander says 150 Hamas terrorists are currently training in Iran under the IRGC at a secured camp, and 62 currently training in Syria.

2. Israel orders the IDF to curb Gaza operations against Hamas. Olmert unwelcome at Jerusalem yeshiva where a terrorist killed eight students last week.

3. China says it has foiled a terror plot to hijack and crash a Chinese airliner.

4. Venezuela has restored ties with Colombia, but Ecuador says doing so would take more time. Colombia apologized for incursion, promised to respect borders.

5. PPP and PML-N agree on forming gov't, agree to reinstate judges to Supreme Court. Sharif declares Musharraf presidency illegal, foreshadowing probable impeachment proceedings.

Chinese officials: Terror plot foiled - Washington Times
Threat to Beijing Olympics from Uighurs - SAAG
China says it cracked ‘series of conspiracies' linked to Dalai Lama - Daily Times
Chinese Hackers Worry Pentagon - PC World

Venezuela Resumes Ties With Colombia, Ecuador Balks - VOA

Bush Pushes Democracy for Cuba, says world silent against Cuban abuses - AP
EU advocates dropping Cuba sanctions - EU Observer

Hamas has 150 terrorists being trained by IRGC in Iran - Times Online
Talk of international consortium with Iran's nuclear program - CS Monitor

State orders IDF to curb strikes against Hamas - Haaretz
Hamas denies reaching agreement with Israel over truce - Jerusalem Post
Mercaz Harav yeshiva tells Olmert he's not welcome to visit - Haaretz
Dead Yeshiva Attacker's Family Sets Memorial with Hamas Flags - Infolive.tv
Intel assessment: War unlikely in 2008 - Jerusalem Post

Malaysian voters rebuff ruling coalition in historic setback - Washington Times

Judges’ restoration through parliamentary resolution: PPP-PMLN sign historic coalition agreement - Daily Times
Nawaz Sharif declares Musharraf’s presidency illegal - Daily Times
Musharraf asks parties to avoid confrontation, assures cordial ties - The Hindu
Background Context: The Impeachment Impetus of Musharraf's New Friends - ThreatsWatch

Polish PM travels to US for talks with Bush on missile defense - International Herald Tribune
Polish poll reflects Poles want Tusk to get tough with Americans - Warsaw Business Journal

Spain's Zapatero Reelected, Gains Seats in Parliament - Bloomberg
A Polarized Win for Spain's Socialists - TIME

March 7, 2008

1. Terrorist kills 8 in Jerusalem seminary attack. Hizballah's Al-Manar TV credits new group named after Imad Mugniyah. Gunman was previously arrested for Hizballah ties.

2. Major Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, arrested in Thailand. Said to have been in meetings to acquire arms for Colombian insurgent narco-terror group, FARC.

3. After NYC overnight bombing in TImes Square, letters sent to members of Congress said to be unrelated.

4. US has been granted access to Uzbekistan bases once again after being denied in 2005. Bases are used as a 'stepping off point' for Afghanistan operations.

5. Just as civilian deaths reach post-invasion lows in Iraq, coordinated bombings in Baghdad as well as blast in Mosul kill over 70. US troop casualty rate also at lowest 3-month level since conflict began.

8 murdered by terrorist at Jerusalem seminary - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah's Al-Manar TV: 'Martyrs of Imad Mughniyeh and Gaza' Responsible for Jerusalem Attack - An-Nahar
Gunman who killed students previously arrested for Hizballah ties - AKI
Gazans see attack on yeshiva as unusual achievement - Haaretz
Hamas hails 'heroic' attack - AFP
Israel Imposes Curfew on West Bank After 8 Are Killed in Attack - Bloomberg
Israel: Peace Talks to Continue Despite Religious School Shooting - VOA
Analysis: Hopes of Middle East peace are blown away - Telegraph
Hamas withdraws claim over shooting after 'member' made claim - Press Association

Russian Arrested in Thailand, Viktor Bout Charged With Trying to Sell Arms - New York Times
Profile of Viktor Bout (2003) - International Herald Tribune
Thailand's FARC Connection - Bangkok Pundit
Colombian FARC Rebels' Ties to Hugo Chavez Come Into Focus - Washington Post
Behind the Colombia-Ecuador-Venezuela Border Fracas - Strategy Page

China's envoy to Sudan defends policy on Darfur - International Herald Tribune

Coordinated Baghdad bombs kill 68 - Los Angeles Times
Bombs Reported to Kill 4 in Mosul - AP
Operation ‘Marne Grand Slam’ Produces Military, Civic Success - DefenseLink
Before the Baghdad Bombings, Civilian Deaths at Lowest Point:
Military, Civilian Deaths in Iraq Lowest Since Invasion - Brookings Institution Iraq Index 3MAR08 (PDF)
See: How Much Does Liberating Iraq Really Cost? - Dean’s World
See: Tracking Iraq: What the Media Did Not Tell You This Month - Gateway Pundit

Mullen Talks Training, Supply With Senior Pakistani Leaders - DefenseLink
Taliban defeat in North-West Frontier? - Middle East Times
Pakistan: New Dawn or New Nightmare? - SAAG

Russia Pumps Tens of Millions Into Burnishing Image Abroad - Washington Post

Terror training ringleaders of Finsbury Park Mosque jailed in Britain - Telegraph

Officials: Letters Not Linked to NYC Times Square Bomb - AP

US military returns to ex-Soviet Uzbekistan - AFP

March 6, 2008

1. A small explosive device was detonated near the empty Times Square military recruiting station in New York City. No injuries reported.

2. Former US Navy sailor, Abu Jihaad, convicted of supporting terrorism by jury in an Arizona court.

3. Leadership changes and $1billion Iranian cash influx raise questions about Hizballah's near-term designs in Lebanon and region.

4. Palestinians attacked an IDF vehicle near border crossing, killing one, as rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza continue.

5. Pentagon believes China's announced 18% defense budget increase is far less than actual. China deflects by saying US exaggerates threat to Taiwan and stating PRC's PLA is no threat to any country.

Al-Qaeda calls for foreign recruits to join jihad in tape - Reuters

Big hike in Chinese military spending not the whole story: Gates - AFP
From Monday: Pentagon says China's military secrecy poses risk - USA Today
Senior PLA officer: China's military power no threat to any country - Xinhua
China Says US Exaggerating Taiwan Threat - AP

U.S. Skeptical of Colombian 'Dirty Bomb' Claims - ABC
Chavez Calls Colombian Raid A 'War Crime' - CBS

Picking Up Pieces, Gazans Debate Israel Incursion - New York Times
Palestinian Militants Ambush Israeli Army; Rocket Hits Southern Israel - CBS

U.S. awaits Iraqi request to turn over 'Chemical Ali' for execution - CNN
Iraq: Sunnis Say Iran Working To Solidify Economic Control - RFE/RL

Kenyan Parliament to Mull Peace Deal - ABC

Hizballah gets a Billion Dollar Subsidy from Iran - Ya Libnan

Bhutto party (PPP) delays Pakistan PM decision - AFP
Police Fire Tear Gas at Pakistan Lawyers as Chaudhry rails against US, Britain, Musharraf - AP
Pakistan's Karachi blacked out over unpaid bills - Forbes
Dr A.Q. Khan, Father of the Islamic Bomb, hospitalized - DAWN

Philippines Arrests 3 in Bomb Plot - Washington Post

Small Explosion at NYC Times Square Recruiting Station - MSNBC
Ex-Sailor Convicted in Terrorism Case - ABC

March 5, 2008

1. As Venezuela and Ecuador mobilize troops on Colombia's border, Colombian president seeks genocide charges on Chavez for support of FARC, massacres.

2. Two suicide bombers attacked Pakistan's Naval War College in Lahore killing 6 as US military trainers arrive in Pakistan.

3. Taiwan is boosting military spending in efforts to match Chinese ongoing buildup.

4. As doubts surface over effectiveness of new sanctions, Iran is challenged by the US and EU over latest questions and track record of non-cooperation.

5. US missile strike in southern Somalia targeted al-Qaeda terrorist suspected of involvement in 1998 twin embassy bombings in Africa.

China spins military spending spree - UPI
Taiwan boosts military spending amid China increase - Forbes

Venezuela moves 9,000 troops, tanks to Colombian border - MSNBC
Diplomats confident South American crisis will be resolved - CNN
Colombia seeking genocide charge against Hugo Chavez - Radio Netherlands

Iran arming Hezbollah with missiles sent via Turkey - Haaretz
The Launch of the Iranian Kavoshgar Rocket: Shahab-3B in Space? - INSS
Press skeptical on Iran sanctions - BBC
US, EU challenge Iran with tough questions on nuclear program - Jerusalem Post
Iran rejects new EU nuclear talks - BBC

Drawdown Will Test Security as Iran Pushes Ahead With Enrichment - New York Sun
Odierno: Progress in Iraq Approaches Point of Irreversibility - DefenseLink
Iraqi forces stand up as U.S. mentors step aside - Washington Times

Recap: Five days of escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC

Two bombers hit Navy War College, 6 killed - Daily Times
Ministry points finger at Baitullah Mehsud - DAWN
The Attack's Timeline - Daily Times
US military trainers arrive in Pakistan - DAWN
OpEd: Pakistan's New Frontier: Engage Winners and Losers in NWFP - Wall Street Journal

Naftogaz threatens to divert Europe's gas if Gazprom continues Ukraine cuts - Washington Times

Official: Missile aimed at FBI target in Somalia, linked to US embassy bombings - CNN
US names Somali al-Qaeda wanted - BBC

March 3, 2008

1. IDF pulls out of Gaza after 5-day operation as massive int'l condemnation continues...as do rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza.

2. Dmitri Medvedev elected Russian president as Putin's choice. Observers note Russian relapse away from democracy and toward totalitarian rule.

3. Iran's president Ahmadinejad visited Iraq, said foreign forces must leave. Said of American forces, "No one likes them."

4. Iran expected to have a third round of sanctions levied against them by the UN Security Council in the face of new evidence of nuclear weapons effort.

5. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez orders troops, tanks to Colombia border. Ecuador follows suit. Colombia says FARC linked to Ecuador.

6. Kuwait orders deportation of foreigners who recently participated in a rally mourning the death of Imad Mugniyah.

U.S. base in Khost province Afghanistan attacked by Suicide Bomber - IHT

Second Video Eulogy Shows Slain al-Qaeda Leader (al-Libi) Corpse - CBS News

Five days of escalation in the Gaza Strip - ITIC
Israel pulls out of Gaza, 110 reported dead in 5-day op - Times Online
Hamas claims Gaza 'victory' as Israel pulls back - National Post
'Hamas using US weapons against IDF' - Jerusalem Post
Israeli Arabs protest operations, call of unity - Jerusalem Post
As Rockets Continue, Olmert Says More Ops Planned - Jerusalem Post

Meeting on Arms Data Reignites Iran Nuclear Debate - New York Times
Iran to Face New UN Sanctions on Monday - AP

Ahmadinejad says in Baghdad that 'Foreigners' must leave Iraq - CNN
Bombings in Iraqi Capital Kill 23 - VOA

Kuwait to deport foreigners who mourned Hizballah's Mugniyah - AFP

Moussa: Lebanon Will be Invited to Damascus Summit - An-Nahar
U.S.-Saudi Effort Seeks to End Syrian Interference in Lebanon - Washington Post
Syria Criticizes US for Deploying Warships off Lebanese Coast - VOA

US nuclear envoy leaves China without North Korean meeting - AFP
Pyongyang dashes hopes of warmer ties - IHT

US to Train Pakistan Military Officers - AP

Medvedev Wins, but Will He Lead? - Wall Street Journal
Russia's Medvedev vows to uphold Putin legacy - Washington Post
Russia enters political parts unknown - Chicago Tribune
Profile: Dmitri Medvedev - Times Online

U.S. Bombs Islamist Target in Somalia Near Kenya Border - New York Times

Chavez Orders Tanks to Colombia Border, Raises Risks - Bloomberg
Raid leads to South American standoff - CNN

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