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February 28, 2008

1. Rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel hit fevered pitch with one dead, multiple injuries. Attacks include Grad missiles now, and Israeli response has been deadly for Hamas and the PRC.

2. President Bush to meet today with Czech PM. Two countries are close to deal on cooperative missile defense.

3. Ahmadinejad declares Iran the "number one world power" as the UN Security Council is expected to approve new round of sanctions next week. Unanimous vote not expected.

4. Secretary of Defense Gates makes effort to persuade Turkish allies to draw their incursion into Iraq against the PKK to a close soon.

5. In an official al-Qaeda Senior Leadership (AQSL) video release through as-Sahab, al-Zawahiri threatens revenge for recent death of Abu Laith al-Libi.

NATO Likely To Deliver More Troops After Canadian Ultimatum to Europe - Canada.com

Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Threatens Revenge in Video for al-Libi Death - ABC
Al-Qaeda's Resurgence: The leadership regroups - Weekly Standard

US Nuclear Envoy Wraps Up Talks in China - AP
Rice presses China on jailed dissidents - International Herald Tribune

U.S. and Czechs Close on Radar Plan, President Bush Meeting with PM - New York Times

Gates’ India Visit Aimed at Long-Term Relationship - DefenseLink
Smartest Idea This Decade - Winds of Change.NET

Russian UN Envoy: Moscow Could Back New Sanctions Against Iran - VOA
U.N. Security Council expected to OK new Iran sanctions next week - USA Today
Iran 'number one world power': Ahmadinejad - AFP
Analysis: IAEA Schweizer Käse: Holes and Questions In The IAEA's Iran Report - ThreatsWatch

Gates Pressures Turkey on Iraq Incursion - CNN
A Neighborhood Reborn - National Review

Two hurt as Qassams strike Sderot; 5 Grad missiles hit Ashkelon - Haaretz
70-year-old woman wounded as rocket attacks continue - Jerusalem Post
18 killed in IDF ops since Israeli killed in Qassam attack - Jerusalem Post
Al-Qaeda Sympathizers Are Said To Be Gathering in Gaza - New York Sun

Kenya's warring political rivals sign peace deal - Times Online

MPs call for expulsion of Hizballah from Lebanon parliament - Ya Libnan

Reported Missile Strike in S. Waziristan Kills 13, Including 'Foreigners' at Meeting - VOA
Political Allies Rally Round Pakistan's Musharraf - AP
Pakistan: Imperatives for United States to Recalibrate Policies - SAAG

Will divisions undermine Somali Islamist rebellion? - Middle East Times

TN Congresswoman Lambastes Colleagues Over 'Protect America Act' Lapse - The Commercial Appeal

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