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February 27, 2008

1. Iran signed a $16 billion dollar deal with China National Offshore Oil Corp. allowing it to exploit gas reserves in Northern Pars.

2. China has exported more advanced weapon systems to Sudan, including Chinese T96 and upgraded T59D main battle tanks and T92 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles.

3. A new book claims that China's vast spy network is gearing up to keep an eye on journalists and potential troublemakers during the Olympics.

4. India has successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile from an undersea location off its eastern coast.

5. The Taliban have demanded that all four cellphone companies in Afghanistan cease operating at night or face attacks on their offices and communication towers.

Taliban Threatens Afghan Cellphone Companies - NYTimes

New book details Chinese spy effort ahead of Olympics - AFP

China selling advanced weapons to Sudan - UPI

India launches first nuclear-capable underwater missile - Gulf News

Iran sells gas to China breaking the West’s embargo - Asia News

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