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February 21, 2008

1. Iran and Russia have agreed to set up joint energy company in a move likely intended to send US a message.

2. China criticizes US shoot-down of crippled spy satellite as Space War development. China did the same recently.

3. General Petraeus working on a flexible troop draw-down plan for Iraq to be presented in April.

4. Aussie defense chief says it is time for Australia to get out of Iraq.

5. Pakistan's Miranshah II 'peace accord' in North Waziristan being questioned amid suspicions that signatories are again supporters or members of Taliban.

Taliban leaders killed in clashes in southern Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Ten suspects arrested in huge suicide bombings in southern Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Pakistani refugees in Afghanistan on the rise - The Hindu

China Criticizes U.S. Missile Strike - New York Times
Nigerian president to visit China - Africasia

Iranian opposition group: Tehran accelerated, running nuclear warhead program - IHT
Iran Urges UN to Condemn Israel - AP
French Court Freezes $85M in Iranian Assets - New York Sun
Background: The Nexus Between Iranian National Banks and International Terrorist Financing - JCPA
[NOTE: Also see Russia section below.]

It's time to leave Iraq: Australian defense chief - The Australian
General David Petraeus reveals flex plans to scale back Iraq troops - Times Online
Multi-National Force - Iraq - Soldiers Track, Clear Fleeing al-Qaeda - MNF-I

Kuwait advises citizens not to visit Lebanon - Reuters
Background: Imad Mugniyah's Kuwait Connections - Kuwait Times

Africa Tour:President Bush Pledges US Support to Liberia - AP

South Korea, North Korea nuclear negotiators meet in China - Times of India

Miranshah II Cease-fire in Pakistan raises red flags, Insurgents may just want chance to regroup - SF Chronicle
Like Musharraf's PML-Q, Religious Hard-Liners Out in Pakistan Elections - AP
President Bush Calls Pakistani President Musharraf on Election Results - AP

Iran, Russia to set up joint energy company - Tehran Times
Russian energy ties with Iran send U.S. a message - Reuters

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