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February 15, 2008

1. President Bush has authorized the sharing of some intelligence data with the IAEA on Iran's nuclear weapons efforts.

2. Hizballah calls for 'open war' after Mugniyah hit in Damascus, Israel girds for retaliatory strikes, FBI on alert in US.

3. Germany considering more troops for Afghanistan mission as NATO continues to flounder as a cohesive military alliance.

4. DNI McConnell says in OpEd that with Congressional inaction on domestic security bill, "Some critical operations... would probably become impossible."

Imad who? - Middle East Strategy at Harvard
FlashBack: Hizballah Operation Leader Mugniyah with Ahmadinejad in Damascus? - ThreatsWatch
Hizbollah's 'open war' threat to Israel - Telegraph
Hassan Nasrallah Calls for 'Open War' - NPR
Israel bracing for Hizballah strikes - AFP
FBI on US Domestic Alert after Hizballah leader hit - Newsday

Iran's Foreign Minister meets Hamas and Islamic Jihad chiefs in Syria - Times of India
U.S. to Produce Data on Iran’s Nuclear Program - New York Times
U.S. seeks EU pressure on Iranian banks - UPI
German Exports to Iran Fall 26 Percent - CNN Money
Iran closes down five Web sites over electoral disputes - IHT

NATO's Afghan Stumbles - Council on Foreign Relations
NATO Struggles Over Who Will Send Additional Troops to Fight in Afghanistan - US News and World Report
Germany to Discuss Increasing Troops in Afghanistan - Deutsche Welle

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Israel, Chides Hamas - AP
Bombed Iraqi sheikh vows to fight on against al-Qaeda - AFP
U.S. military: Al-Qaeda in Iraq seeks female patients as bombers - CNN
Official held over Baghdad blasts by mentally ill women - AFP
No. 2 general in Iraq transfers out of post - Army Times

Three Steps Back - Weekly Standard

Hamas Delegation in Egypt for Gaza Border Talks - VOA
Hamas clinging on in West Bank - BBC

DNI: With FISA Lapse, "Some Critical Operations Would Probably Become Impossible" - Washington Post
FBI Asks Terror Squads for Threat Data - AP

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