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February 14, 2008

1. After Mugniyah assassination, Iranian FM in Lebanon for funeral and Iran suddenly pulls out of Iraq security talks.

2. China refutes US espionage charges, arrests as 'groundless' and 'Cold War thinking.'

3. Russia's Putin seeking increased PM powers for himself after he steps 'down' as president, threatens to target former Soviet satellites for US missile defense cooperation.

4. US FISA Law debate continues, set to expire as President Bush calls for House to pass long-term bill.

5. Iran has introduced uranium gas in new advanced P-2 centrifuge tests. P-2 design would accelerate Iranian enrichment process three-fold.

6. Philippine military uncovers Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah plot to assassinate President Arroyo. Plot said not limited to her assassination only, other targets included.

Hizballah Terrorist Imad Mugniyah Assassinated in Syria - New York Times
Mugniyah's History Includes Assisting al-Qaeda - Weekly Standard
Israel tightens security after Hizballah killing - AFP
Of Interest: UN Recognizes Syria as Capital of Arab Culture - ThreatsWatch
Iran's Khameini hails 'great' Hizballah commander - Africasia
Iran cancels Iraq peace talks with US, day before meeting - InTheNews.co.uk

Iran's foreign minister at Mugniyah funeral in Lebanon - International Herald Tribune
Iran 'takes next step in nuclear programme' - Telegraph
Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Stop Enrichment - AP
Iran tests advanced P-2 centrifuges with uranium gas: diplomats - Washington Post
Backgrounder: Introducing Iran's P-2 Centrifuges - ThreatsWatch

China says U.S. spying charges 'groundless' - Xinhua
China blasts 'Cold War thinking' of spy claims - Telegraph
WTO rules against China on car parts - Globe and Mail
More tough fights in store for China at WTO - AFP

Lebanese Rally to Mark Anniversary of Hariri's Murder - Bloomberg

North Korea Diverts Rice Aid for Military Use - Korea Times
No early end to North Korean nuclear issue - UPI

High alert against Philippine assassination plot - International Herald Tribune
Arroyo cancels visit after Philippines security threat - Reuters

Vladmir Putin wants 'highest executive power' as PM - Times Online
Putin: Russia Will Target Former Satellites If Necessary - VOA

Pentagon Officials Press Congress to Pass 2009 Defense Budget - DefenseLink
Bush calls on House to pass long-term FISA bill - USA Today
House Defeats FISA Extension - CBS News
FISA Reform: The Bad Bill that Beats No Bill - National Review

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