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February 12, 2008

1. Taliban-al-Qaeda forces abduct Pakistani nuclear officials near Peshawar and kill 8 in suicide bombing of liberal Pashtun nationalist party rally in North Waziristan.

2. East Timor president shot in coup attempt prompting state of emergency. Troops, police currently maintaining order in streets as Australia vows more troops in support.

3. Fighting flares in Mogadishu as reports surface of talks between Somali government and Islamic Courts Union insurgents.

4. FBI arrests two in separate Chinese espionage cases involving theft of military, aerospace secrets.

5. North Korea suspected of diverting humanitarian oil aid to military training.

Two FBI Arrests Made In Separate Chinese Espionage Cases - InformationWeek

Five arrested in Danish cartoon murder plot to kill newspaper cartoonist - Telegraph
Police make arrests, break up plot to kill Mohammed cartoonist - CNN

Troops on East Timor streets after President shot - Times Online
Australia to Increase Troop Numbers in East Timor - VOA

US, Iraqi forces begin push on al-Qaeda in Mosul - Reuters

US Eased Sanctions on North Korea in 2007 - Korea Times
North Korea Suspected of Misusing Oil Aid for Military Training - DefenseNews
Cucullu: Accountability Delayed – Again - FP Magazine

Suicide bombing targets liberal Pashtun nationalist party in North Waziristan - BBC
Pakistan searches for missing envoy, nuclear officials - AFP
Pakistan nuclear staff go missing - BBC

Report: Islamists and Gov't to hold talks in Egypt - Middle East Times
Somali PM Heads to Eritrean Capital - allAfrica.com
Islamic Courts Officials Meet in Southern Somalia - allAfrica.com
UN Suspends Operations Following Attacks on its Mogadishu Compound - allAfrica.com
Police say 49 of ICU's al-Shabab insurgents surrender in Mogadishu - Reuters

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