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February 11, 2008

1. Hugo Chavez threatens to cease oil exports to US over lawsuits after nationalizing Venezuelan oil operations.

2. Hamas leaders go into hiding on word of potential Israeli targeted assassinations. Israel says prepared for major military operation in Gaza.

3. After mentally disabled used for al-Qaeda bombing attacks, US raids Iraqi psychiatric hospital, arrests official suspected as al-Qaeda operative.

4. Russia relieves nearly all Iraqi debt, seeking oil and gas development agreements with 'friendly Iraq.'

5. Polish company signs energy deal with Iran, China ready for another if competitor India is pushed aside.

6. Interview with al-Qaeda shura council member highlights planned confrontation in Pakistani cities and inciting khuruj [revolt].

7. Mansoor Dadullah, and five others, reportedly captured while crossing from Afghanistan to Pakistan in the southwestern portion of Baluchistan. Dadullah was reportedly critically wounded in the clash with Pakistan's Frontier Corps.

5th Net Cable cut in Middle East, Asia - Khaleej Times
Cable Cut Paranoia - GovernmentExecutive.com
Internet service restored in Mideast and Asia - International Herald Tribune

9/11 Trials Announced: Military Prosecutors Will Seek Death for Suspects - Washington Post
Factbox: One-page brief on the six Guantanamo prisoners charged - Reuters

Indian Army refines NetWar skills - Khabrein.info

Poland signs preliminary gas deal with Iran - Reuters
China ready to join gas pipeline project if India stays away - Economic Times
Iran sends defiant message to West on revolution day - Canada.com

Al-Qaeda leaders admit: 'We are in crisis. There is panic and fear' - Times Online
Shift in Tactics Aims to Revive Struggling Insurgency - Washington Post
Gates: Pause in Iraq drawdown after July 'makes sense' - CNN
U.S. raids Iraq psychiatric hospital AQ attacks used disabled bombers - Reuters

Israel sees Hamas gone from Gaza in months - Reuters
Barak: IDF prepared for a large-scale operation in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Hamas leaders go into hiding as Israel set to launch new killing campaign - al-Bawaba
Israel Reduces Gaza’s Electricity as Rocket Attacks Continue - New York Times
U.K.: Gaza electricity cut risks harming humanitarian situation - Haaretz
Israel complains to UN Security Council over rocket barrage - Haaretz

Japan worried by N Korea, China military programs - Daily Times
Japan says Russia violated airspace - Taipei Times

Al-Qaeda sets sights on the next battlefield: Pakistan Cities and Overthrowing Gov't - Asia Times
The Senior Taliban Figure Caught in Pakistan - AP
Former Taliban commander Mansoor Dadullah captured in Pakistan - The Long War Journal
Pakistani ambassador believed kidnapped in Khyber Agency en route to Kabul - BBC

Russia Writes Off 93% of Iraq's $12.9 Billion Debt - Bloomberg
Russia counts on joint oil, gas projects with Iraq - ITAR-TASS

Chavez Threatens to Halt Oil Sales to US - ABC

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