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February 8, 2008

1. Iran revealed to the IAEA that it has been in testing phases for advanced P-2 centrifuges, which it had previously denied.

2. CIA Director says that Muslim support for al-Qaeda waning in Middle East due to brutality, but Western recruits improve ability to strike US.

3. Pakistan reached ceasefire deal with Taliban in secret meetings. Ceasefire expected to be "calm before the storm" as in 2006.

4. Germany is convinced that al-Qaeda is actively targeting them and planning from Pakistani havens.

Muslim Backing Of Al-Qaeda Wanes - Washington Post
Western recruits said to boost al Qaeda's ability to hit U.S. - SF Gate
Germany convince Al-Qaeda actively planning attacks: report - Washington Post

France ready to help Canada with troops in Afghanistan - Toronto Star
NATO struggles for unity over Afghan troop concern - Canada.com
Condoleezza Rice Visits Afghanistan - New York Times

Cairo Threatens Gazans With Broken Bones If They Breach Border - New York Sun
Egypt's Change of Heart - Los Angeles Times
Money used by Gazans to shop in Egypt were mostly counterfeit - Reuters

Iran Testing Advanced P-2 Centrifuges - AP
Iran shakes pillars of non-proliferation nuclear accord - Asia Times
Video: IRGC Commander Says Iran will strike US forces in region if attacked - MEMRI
Iran bans thousands of election hopefuls, including Khomeini's grandson - Telegraph
Popularity of Ahmadinejad put to the test in Iran elections - Financial Times

How al-Qaeda Survives On The Run - Los Angeles Times

Palestinian PM: No peace accord with Israel in 2008 - Sydney Morning Herald
Israel may target Hamas heads - Jerusalem Post
Hamas seizes second convoy of food meant for Palestinian Red Crescent - Jerusalem Post
Israel begins reducing electricity supply to Gaza - Haaretz

Ceasefire: Calm Before The Storm - Asia Times
Secret Talks Led to Pakistan Cease-Fire - AP

Backlash as Archbishop of Canterbury calls for Sharia law in Britain - This is London

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