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February 7, 2008

1. Taliban declare unilateral ceasefire in South Waziristan and Swat, but Army says its operations will continue.

2. Pakistani Army helicopter crashes in South Waziristan, killing three generals including Kohat commanding major general.

3. Congressional report says Russian institutes helping build Iranian nuclear plant in Bushehr enjoy US government financial support under Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention.

4. Chad government says in full control and pursuing rebels who attacked the capital in a coup attempt.

5. Poland joins Canada in demanding greater combat contribution from European NATO allies in Afghanistan.

6. Hamas' 'delegate to Iran' says from Tehran that a suicide attack wave on Israel is coming. Rockets from Gaza continue to rain on Israeli towns.

DNI Senate Testimony: Al-Qaeda seen planning attack on U.S. - Washington Times
Intelligence official revives Iran doubts - Financial Times
Annual Threat Assessment of the DNI (PDF) - Senate Intelligence Committee
See Also: Annual Threat Assessment Of The Director Of National Intelligence - Sources And Methods

No agreement on Afghanistan ahead of NATO meeting - AFP
NATO 'at risk over Afghanistan' - BBC
Poland joins Canada in call for more troops in Afghanistan - Globe and Mail
1,000 British Paratroopers to be sent to Afghanistan - Telegraph
1,300 Infantry to Exit Afghanistan in April - Scotsman
Afghanistan troops 'desperately over-stretched' - Telegraph

Ceasefire in Chad fighting as thousands flee capital - CNN
Chad's president says government in control, chasing fleeing rebels - IHT
Chad clashes 'killed 100' people - BBC
In Chad, Better the Devil You Know? - TIME

U.S.-Backed Russian Institutes Help Iran Build Reactor - New York Times
Russia concerned over Iran's work to develop long-range missile - RIA Novosti
Iran's Satellite Program Is `Troubling Development,' U.S. Says - Bloomberg

Children 'taught to kidnap and kill at al-Qaeda camp' in Iraq - Times Online
Video: Al-Qaeda Recruits Children - DoD New Media
Video: Kidnapped Child Rescued - DoD New Media

Hamas 'Delegate to Iran' says Suicide Attack Wave Coming - Haaretz
Hamas says 26 missiles fired into Israel - Xinhua
Analysis: When Hamas founded a mini-state - Jerusalem Post
Israel to build border fence with Egypt - USA Today

Kenya Opposition Threatens New Rallies - AP

Kuwait MP Gets Death Threat Over CoEd Classes Bill - Arab News

3 Generals among 8 dead in South Waziristan chopper crash - Daily Times
Militants Declare Cease-Fire in Pakistan - AP
Spokesman Says Pak Army Will Continue Operations - Daily Times
Taliban, Al-Qaeda Still Threaten Pakistan - VOA
Pakistan politician Nawaz Sharif calls vote 'a farce' - Seattle Times

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