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February 4, 2008

1. Coup attempt in Chad over weekend sees many dead before attacking forces withdraw from capital.

2. Suicide bombers said to have infiltrated Israel via Gaza-Egypt border fence breach attack Israelis in Negev desert town, kill three civilians.

3. Student riots and worker strikes in Tehran go unnoticed, unreported in press. Many beaten, arrested.

4. A US-Iraq agreement would be a positive situation for both countries, writes NSC's Brett McGurk.

5. Lebanon continues to walk on the edge of civil war with new attacks on Lebanese soldiers, Hizballah threats to Israel after IDF operation kills one.

6. Though Iran says otherwise, Russia says new UN sanctions could compel compliance with IAEA.

Libyans advance in al-Qaeda network - Los Angeles Times

Bodies in streets amid coup attempt - Sydney Morning Herald
Chad rebels forced out of N'Djamena - Telegraph

Witnesses: Egypt Closes Border With Gaza - Washington Post
Egypt-Gaza border closed as Israel claims Hamas smuggled advanced arms - al-Bawaba
Last Week: Fatah: Hamas must not have border role - Guardian

They're Rioting in Tehran Again, No Media Coverage - Faster, Please (Ledeen)
See Also: Angry Students - The Spirit of Man
Iran attacks French stance in nuclear row and move for Gulf military base - Times Online
Russia says UN resolution sends 'clear signals' to Iran - AFP

McGurk: U.S.-Iraq agreement would provide stability, allow flexibility to adapt - USA Today
Maj. Gen. Lynch: US 'Surge' Tipped Scales in Iraq - Guardian
US military says it accidentally killed 9 Iraqi civilians in raid south of Baghdad - IHT

Suicide bomber kills Israeli woman - Telegraph
Report: Islamic Jihad, Martyrs Brigades attackers entered through Egypt - IHT
'Hamas smuggled advanced arms' - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah warns Israel after IDF kills Lebanese across border - Haaretz

Analysis: Lebanon - a return to civil war? - Jerusalem Post
Ahmad El-Assaad an alternative to Hizballah in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Two Lebanese Soldiers Wounded in Fresh Attack - Naharnet
Lebanon Orders 17 Arrested in Riots - AP

Al-Qaeda North Africa branch (AQIM) takes credit for Israel embassy attack - IHT
Questions Surround Israeli Embassy Attack - ThreatsWatch

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