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February 28, 2008

1. Rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel hit fevered pitch with one dead, multiple injuries. Attacks include Grad missiles now, and Israeli response has been deadly for Hamas and the PRC.

2. President Bush to meet today with Czech PM. Two countries are close to deal on cooperative missile defense.

3. Ahmadinejad declares Iran the "number one world power" as the UN Security Council is expected to approve new round of sanctions next week. Unanimous vote not expected.

4. Secretary of Defense Gates makes effort to persuade Turkish allies to draw their incursion into Iraq against the PKK to a close soon.

5. In an official al-Qaeda Senior Leadership (AQSL) video release through as-Sahab, al-Zawahiri threatens revenge for recent death of Abu Laith al-Libi.

NATO Likely To Deliver More Troops After Canadian Ultimatum to Europe - Canada.com

Al-Qaeda's Zawahiri Threatens Revenge in Video for al-Libi Death - ABC
Al-Qaeda's Resurgence: The leadership regroups - Weekly Standard

US Nuclear Envoy Wraps Up Talks in China - AP
Rice presses China on jailed dissidents - International Herald Tribune

U.S. and Czechs Close on Radar Plan, President Bush Meeting with PM - New York Times

Gates’ India Visit Aimed at Long-Term Relationship - DefenseLink
Smartest Idea This Decade - Winds of Change.NET

Russian UN Envoy: Moscow Could Back New Sanctions Against Iran - VOA
U.N. Security Council expected to OK new Iran sanctions next week - USA Today
Iran 'number one world power': Ahmadinejad - AFP
Analysis: IAEA Schweizer Käse: Holes and Questions In The IAEA's Iran Report - ThreatsWatch

Gates Pressures Turkey on Iraq Incursion - CNN
A Neighborhood Reborn - National Review

Two hurt as Qassams strike Sderot; 5 Grad missiles hit Ashkelon - Haaretz
70-year-old woman wounded as rocket attacks continue - Jerusalem Post
18 killed in IDF ops since Israeli killed in Qassam attack - Jerusalem Post
Al-Qaeda Sympathizers Are Said To Be Gathering in Gaza - New York Sun

Kenya's warring political rivals sign peace deal - Times Online

MPs call for expulsion of Hizballah from Lebanon parliament - Ya Libnan

Reported Missile Strike in S. Waziristan Kills 13, Including 'Foreigners' at Meeting - VOA
Political Allies Rally Round Pakistan's Musharraf - AP
Pakistan: Imperatives for United States to Recalibrate Policies - SAAG

Will divisions undermine Somali Islamist rebellion? - Middle East Times

TN Congresswoman Lambastes Colleagues Over 'Protect America Act' Lapse - The Commercial Appeal

February 27, 2008

1. Iran signed a $16 billion dollar deal with China National Offshore Oil Corp. allowing it to exploit gas reserves in Northern Pars.

2. China has exported more advanced weapon systems to Sudan, including Chinese T96 and upgraded T59D main battle tanks and T92 wheeled infantry fighting vehicles.

3. A new book claims that China's vast spy network is gearing up to keep an eye on journalists and potential troublemakers during the Olympics.

4. India has successfully test-fired a nuclear-capable submarine-launched ballistic missile from an undersea location off its eastern coast.

5. The Taliban have demanded that all four cellphone companies in Afghanistan cease operating at night or face attacks on their offices and communication towers.

Taliban Threatens Afghan Cellphone Companies - NYTimes

New book details Chinese spy effort ahead of Olympics - AFP

China selling advanced weapons to Sudan - UPI

India launches first nuclear-capable underwater missile - Gulf News

Iran sells gas to China breaking the West’s embargo - Asia News

February 22, 2008

1. 10,000 Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq in a massive operation against the PKK, which organizes and launches attacks against Turkey.

2. US embassy in Belgrade, Serbia stormed and partially burned by Serbian protesters angry at US recognition of breakaway Kosovo.

3. Draft for 3rd round of Iran sanctions being considered at UN Security Council. Iran says will only work with IAEA as it expects positive ElBaradei report.

4. Muqtada al-Sadr announces extension of ceasefire between Iran-backed Mahdi Army (JAM) and Iraqi government.

5. Pakistan's victorious PPP and PML-N parties agree on new coalition as talk of easing military effort against Taliban and al-Qaeda continues.

Security Council Weighs New Sanctions Draft on Iran - New York Times
Iran expects positive IAEA nuclear report - Reuters
Stay out of nuclear crisis, Iran tells Security Council - AFP
Sanctioned Iranian Bank Linked to IRGC Operates In Baghdad - The Nation

Turkish troops enter north Iraq - BBC
Earlier: Turkish artillery shells suspected Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq - IHT
Muqtada al-Sadr prolongs Mahdi Army ceasefire - Sydney Morning Herald
US SecDef Gates Voices Understanding for Australian Troop Cuts in Iraq - Bloomberg

US Wants NATO Troops in West Bank to Replace IDF - Turkish Weekly
Israel prepares, awaits Hizballah reprisals - ISN Security Watch
Israel's El-Al Airlines Tightens Security as Precaution - AFP

US Furious Over Belgrade Embassy Attack - VOA
Storming of embassy in Serbia sparks U.S. outrage - International Herald Tribune

Pakistan parties agree on coalition - Los Angeles Times
Islamic stronghold in Pakistan goes secular - CS Monitor
Limited options for US in Pakistan - Asia Times

February 21, 2008

1. Iran and Russia have agreed to set up joint energy company in a move likely intended to send US a message.

2. China criticizes US shoot-down of crippled spy satellite as Space War development. China did the same recently.

3. General Petraeus working on a flexible troop draw-down plan for Iraq to be presented in April.

4. Aussie defense chief says it is time for Australia to get out of Iraq.

5. Pakistan's Miranshah II 'peace accord' in North Waziristan being questioned amid suspicions that signatories are again supporters or members of Taliban.

Taliban leaders killed in clashes in southern Afghanistan - International Herald Tribune
Ten suspects arrested in huge suicide bombings in southern Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Pakistani refugees in Afghanistan on the rise - The Hindu

China Criticizes U.S. Missile Strike - New York Times
Nigerian president to visit China - Africasia

Iranian opposition group: Tehran accelerated, running nuclear warhead program - IHT
Iran Urges UN to Condemn Israel - AP
French Court Freezes $85M in Iranian Assets - New York Sun
Background: The Nexus Between Iranian National Banks and International Terrorist Financing - JCPA
[NOTE: Also see Russia section below.]

It's time to leave Iraq: Australian defense chief - The Australian
General David Petraeus reveals flex plans to scale back Iraq troops - Times Online
Multi-National Force - Iraq - Soldiers Track, Clear Fleeing al-Qaeda - MNF-I

Kuwait advises citizens not to visit Lebanon - Reuters
Background: Imad Mugniyah's Kuwait Connections - Kuwait Times

Africa Tour:President Bush Pledges US Support to Liberia - AP

South Korea, North Korea nuclear negotiators meet in China - Times of India

Miranshah II Cease-fire in Pakistan raises red flags, Insurgents may just want chance to regroup - SF Chronicle
Like Musharraf's PML-Q, Religious Hard-Liners Out in Pakistan Elections - AP
President Bush Calls Pakistani President Musharraf on Election Results - AP

Iran, Russia to set up joint energy company - Tehran Times
Russian energy ties with Iran send U.S. a message - Reuters

February 20, 2008

1. New NATO operation launched in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. Seeks to finish clearing, then hold area around the key town of Deh Rawod, Mullah Omar's childhood home.

2. Following China, Russia signs new major gas deal with Iran as US calls for sanctions continue.

3. 2,000 non-Palestinian Arabs entered Gaza and stayed after fence brought down. Many said to be al-Qaeda terrorists who moved in after fleeing Iraq.

4. Both Musharraf's PML-Q and Islamic fundamentalist parties take hits in Pakistani elections. Softer approach on terrorism being discussed by winners.

New NATO offensive in Afghanistan - Radio Netherlands

Russian Gazprom signs oil, gas-production deal with Iran - CNN
Iran says atomic drive brings "defeated" powers "to their knees" - swissinfo
Ahmadinejad in new attack on 'savage animal' Israel - AFP

Senior al-Qaeda in Iraq intel officer killed in Diyala - The Long War Journal
Dwindling Insurgent Forces Southeast of Baghdad Target of Operation Marne Grand Slam - MNF-I
Iraqi security forces are al-Qaeda's 'enemy No. 1' - USA Today

Gaza's New Residents: Terrorists from All Over - Weekly Standard
Egypt urges Israel to consider consequences of IDF op in Gaza - Jerusalem Post

Opinion: Mughniyah’s Death a 'Harbinger for War' - Arab News
Lebanon PM rejects civil war fear - BBC
Lebanon seeks death penalty for Fatah al-Islam chief - AFP

U.S. presses North Korea on nuclear assistance to Syria - Washington Times

Sharif, Zardari, Ex-Rivals, Pursue Pakistan Coalition - Bloomberg
Musharraf rules out resignation - BBC
Opinion: Beyond Musharraf - Wall Street Journal
Islamic fundamentalists lose big in Pakistan vote - Arizona Republic
New, softer policy on militants is planned in Pakistan - International Herald Tribune

Russia Sets Post-Soviet Arms Sale Record - Defense News
Russia Competing to Remain India's Top Military Supplier - VOA

Rwanda genocide unsettles Bush, Still on African Tour - Washington Times

February 19, 2008

1. As expected, Musharraf's majority PML-Q party soundly defeated in parliamentary elections. Musharraf assures new government can be formed without intervention.

2. Following Imad Mugniyah assassination, Hamas' Meshaal in Damascus says he too has been recently targeted but has escaped assassination.

3. China, Russia, Israel and some EU states oppose recognition of an independent Kosovo after split from Serbia.

4. 22 boat people escaping North Korea earlier in February were requested to be sent back and South Korea immediately returned them. New report: North Koreans executed all 22 for attempted defection.

5. Fidel Castro resigns in Cuba, handing reins to brother Raul, saying Cubans can "still count on the old guard."

Liberal parties rout mullahs in NWFP : All the King’s men, gone! - Daily Times
Musharraf allies face voters’ wrath: PPP, PML-N on a roll, 19 killed in poll-related violence - DAWN
Series of blasts on election day - Daily Times
Dawn Newspaper's Election 2008 Blog
Result Index for Election 2008 - Dawn
Results at a Glance: Map of Pakistan District by District Results - Dawn

Fidel Castro Resigns, Hands Cuban Reins to Brother - ABC
Who is Raul Castro, Cuba's new leader? - Times Online
Bush demands democracy as Fidel Castro quits - Telegraph

Hamas fighting Egypt to keep border open - World Tribune
'Khaled Mashaal Avoided New Assassination Attempts' in Damascus, Haniyeh Hiding in Gaza - Arutz Sheva
Last Week: Hamas leaders go underground to escape IDF strikes - Haaretz
This Week: Hamas ready to study any cease-fire initiative - Xinhua

US, Israel see eye to eye on Iran threat - Jerusalem Post

PM: Iron Dome Anti-Qassam System at Advanced Stage - Jerusalem Post
First Gaza Rocket Reaches Merchavim Area - Arutz Sheva

Superpower Divide Over Kosovo Widens, China and Russia Strongly Oppose Independence - AP
EU split over recognizing Kosovo as a nation - Telegraph
Israel won't recognize Kosovo, for now - Jerusalem Post

Lebanon braces itself for possible Hizballah attack on Israel - Haaretz
Israel concerned over impending UNIFIL breakdown in Lebanon - Jerusalem Post
Intelligence Meeting over Security Concerns Ends Militants' Immunity - Naharnet
Saudis advised to avoid Lebanon - BBC
Aoun: The Mughniyeh Assassination is Aggression on Lebanon and Syria - Naharnet

North Koreans Returned by South 'Executed for Defection' - Chosun Ilbo
N. Korea Asked for 22 Boat People to Be Sent Back, S. Korea Returned Them - Chosun Ilbo
Top U.S. Nuke Envoy in Beijing for NoKor talks, Due in Seoul - Korea Times

Peace agreement revived in North Waziristan - DAWN
Anti-terror pact reached with NW tribesmen - Daily Times
Reported New 'Peace Agreement' Between Tribes and Authorities in North Waziristan - Counterterrorism Blog

Beheading plot leader may never be freed - Telegraph

February 18, 2008

1. Polls are now closed in Pakistan and the counting begins. PPP leader Zardari says fraud will lead to violence.

2. Multiple threats made at Israel in wake of Imad Mugniyah assassination. Iran says Hizballah will destroy Israel 'soon.'

3. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia. President Bush, EU leaders recognize new state amid Russian, Serbian protest.

4. Egypt finds over 200,000 pounds of explosives near Gaza, says Gazans being arrested and smuggling routes raided.

5. Iran has opened its new oil marketplace, seeking to become a hub for region's oil trade with valuations and trades untied to US dollar.

Death by Car Bomb in Damascus: Who was Imad Mugniyah? - Weekly Standard
Analysis of Sunni-Shi'a Terror Cooperation: Dangerous Liaisons (April 2007) - ThreatsWatch
Hizballah Military Commander threatens Israel, "hostage of its own act" - Haaretz
Barak: Syria, Iran might aid retaliation against Mugniyah killing - IHT
Iran predicts Hizballah will destroy Israel "soon" - AFP
'Hizballah has a few thousand fighters,' not the 50,000 claimed in buildup - Jerusalem Post
DNI McConnell: Hizballah Threat 'Serious' - AP

Iran Starts Oil, Petrochemicals Exchange in Tehran - Bloomberg
Iran opens first oil products bourse -Economic Times
Iran: Vetting Exacts Heavy Toll On Reformist Candidates - RFE/RL

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Offers Palestinians Military and Economic Aid - MEMRI
Al-Qaeda sows fear after sunset in Iraq's north - Reuters

Kosovo Declares Its Independence From Serbia - New York Times
Bush, EU Allies Endorse Kosovo as Russians Protest - Bloomberg

Polls Close, Counting Begins in Pakistan Elections - Washington Post
Pakistan poll marred by violence - Radio Netherlands
PPP's Zardari fears violence after Pakistan elections - The Hindu

Egyptian Police Find 100,000 Kilograms of Explosives Near Gaza - Bloomberg
Egypt rounds up Palestinians to deport to Gaza - Reuters
Militant dies in Gaza blast - Los Angeles Times
Militants bomb Gaza YMCA library - BBC

Russia’s missile carriers make in-flight refuelling over Barents Sea - ITAR-TASS

BAE: Secret papers reveal terror threats to UK from Saudi prince - UK Guardian

Researchers: Damage threat from US extremists may be greater from foreign terrorists - Boston Globe

President Bush arrives in Tanzania bearing gift to fight poverty - CNN
President Bush Emphasizes Successes Over Conflicts in Africa - New York Times
President confronts Africa policy critics - AFP
Rice Urges Compromise Following One-Day Trip to Nairobi - VOA

February 15, 2008

1. President Bush has authorized the sharing of some intelligence data with the IAEA on Iran's nuclear weapons efforts.

2. Hizballah calls for 'open war' after Mugniyah hit in Damascus, Israel girds for retaliatory strikes, FBI on alert in US.

3. Germany considering more troops for Afghanistan mission as NATO continues to flounder as a cohesive military alliance.

4. DNI McConnell says in OpEd that with Congressional inaction on domestic security bill, "Some critical operations... would probably become impossible."

Imad who? - Middle East Strategy at Harvard
FlashBack: Hizballah Operation Leader Mugniyah with Ahmadinejad in Damascus? - ThreatsWatch
Hizbollah's 'open war' threat to Israel - Telegraph
Hassan Nasrallah Calls for 'Open War' - NPR
Israel bracing for Hizballah strikes - AFP
FBI on US Domestic Alert after Hizballah leader hit - Newsday

Iran's Foreign Minister meets Hamas and Islamic Jihad chiefs in Syria - Times of India
U.S. to Produce Data on Iran’s Nuclear Program - New York Times
U.S. seeks EU pressure on Iranian banks - UPI
German Exports to Iran Fall 26 Percent - CNN Money
Iran closes down five Web sites over electoral disputes - IHT

NATO's Afghan Stumbles - Council on Foreign Relations
NATO Struggles Over Who Will Send Additional Troops to Fight in Afghanistan - US News and World Report
Germany to Discuss Increasing Troops in Afghanistan - Deutsche Welle

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Israel, Chides Hamas - AP
Bombed Iraqi sheikh vows to fight on against al-Qaeda - AFP
U.S. military: Al-Qaeda in Iraq seeks female patients as bombers - CNN
Official held over Baghdad blasts by mentally ill women - AFP
No. 2 general in Iraq transfers out of post - Army Times

Three Steps Back - Weekly Standard

Hamas Delegation in Egypt for Gaza Border Talks - VOA
Hamas clinging on in West Bank - BBC

DNI: With FISA Lapse, "Some Critical Operations Would Probably Become Impossible" - Washington Post
FBI Asks Terror Squads for Threat Data - AP

February 14, 2008

1. After Mugniyah assassination, Iranian FM in Lebanon for funeral and Iran suddenly pulls out of Iraq security talks.

2. China refutes US espionage charges, arrests as 'groundless' and 'Cold War thinking.'

3. Russia's Putin seeking increased PM powers for himself after he steps 'down' as president, threatens to target former Soviet satellites for US missile defense cooperation.

4. US FISA Law debate continues, set to expire as President Bush calls for House to pass long-term bill.

5. Iran has introduced uranium gas in new advanced P-2 centrifuge tests. P-2 design would accelerate Iranian enrichment process three-fold.

6. Philippine military uncovers Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah plot to assassinate President Arroyo. Plot said not limited to her assassination only, other targets included.

Hizballah Terrorist Imad Mugniyah Assassinated in Syria - New York Times
Mugniyah's History Includes Assisting al-Qaeda - Weekly Standard
Israel tightens security after Hizballah killing - AFP
Of Interest: UN Recognizes Syria as Capital of Arab Culture - ThreatsWatch
Iran's Khameini hails 'great' Hizballah commander - Africasia
Iran cancels Iraq peace talks with US, day before meeting - InTheNews.co.uk

Iran's foreign minister at Mugniyah funeral in Lebanon - International Herald Tribune
Iran 'takes next step in nuclear programme' - Telegraph
Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Stop Enrichment - AP
Iran tests advanced P-2 centrifuges with uranium gas: diplomats - Washington Post
Backgrounder: Introducing Iran's P-2 Centrifuges - ThreatsWatch

China says U.S. spying charges 'groundless' - Xinhua
China blasts 'Cold War thinking' of spy claims - Telegraph
WTO rules against China on car parts - Globe and Mail
More tough fights in store for China at WTO - AFP

Lebanese Rally to Mark Anniversary of Hariri's Murder - Bloomberg

North Korea Diverts Rice Aid for Military Use - Korea Times
No early end to North Korean nuclear issue - UPI

High alert against Philippine assassination plot - International Herald Tribune
Arroyo cancels visit after Philippines security threat - Reuters

Vladmir Putin wants 'highest executive power' as PM - Times Online
Putin: Russia Will Target Former Satellites If Necessary - VOA

Pentagon Officials Press Congress to Pass 2009 Defense Budget - DefenseLink
Bush calls on House to pass long-term FISA bill - USA Today
House Defeats FISA Extension - CBS News
FISA Reform: The Bad Bill that Beats No Bill - National Review

February 12, 2008

1. Taliban-al-Qaeda forces abduct Pakistani nuclear officials near Peshawar and kill 8 in suicide bombing of liberal Pashtun nationalist party rally in North Waziristan.

2. East Timor president shot in coup attempt prompting state of emergency. Troops, police currently maintaining order in streets as Australia vows more troops in support.

3. Fighting flares in Mogadishu as reports surface of talks between Somali government and Islamic Courts Union insurgents.

4. FBI arrests two in separate Chinese espionage cases involving theft of military, aerospace secrets.

5. North Korea suspected of diverting humanitarian oil aid to military training.

Two FBI Arrests Made In Separate Chinese Espionage Cases - InformationWeek

Five arrested in Danish cartoon murder plot to kill newspaper cartoonist - Telegraph
Police make arrests, break up plot to kill Mohammed cartoonist - CNN

Troops on East Timor streets after President shot - Times Online
Australia to Increase Troop Numbers in East Timor - VOA

US, Iraqi forces begin push on al-Qaeda in Mosul - Reuters

US Eased Sanctions on North Korea in 2007 - Korea Times
North Korea Suspected of Misusing Oil Aid for Military Training - DefenseNews
Cucullu: Accountability Delayed – Again - FP Magazine

Suicide bombing targets liberal Pashtun nationalist party in North Waziristan - BBC
Pakistan searches for missing envoy, nuclear officials - AFP
Pakistan nuclear staff go missing - BBC

Report: Islamists and Gov't to hold talks in Egypt - Middle East Times
Somali PM Heads to Eritrean Capital - allAfrica.com
Islamic Courts Officials Meet in Southern Somalia - allAfrica.com
UN Suspends Operations Following Attacks on its Mogadishu Compound - allAfrica.com
Police say 49 of ICU's al-Shabab insurgents surrender in Mogadishu - Reuters

February 11, 2008

1. Hugo Chavez threatens to cease oil exports to US over lawsuits after nationalizing Venezuelan oil operations.

2. Hamas leaders go into hiding on word of potential Israeli targeted assassinations. Israel says prepared for major military operation in Gaza.

3. After mentally disabled used for al-Qaeda bombing attacks, US raids Iraqi psychiatric hospital, arrests official suspected as al-Qaeda operative.

4. Russia relieves nearly all Iraqi debt, seeking oil and gas development agreements with 'friendly Iraq.'

5. Polish company signs energy deal with Iran, China ready for another if competitor India is pushed aside.

6. Interview with al-Qaeda shura council member highlights planned confrontation in Pakistani cities and inciting khuruj [revolt].

7. Mansoor Dadullah, and five others, reportedly captured while crossing from Afghanistan to Pakistan in the southwestern portion of Baluchistan. Dadullah was reportedly critically wounded in the clash with Pakistan's Frontier Corps.

5th Net Cable cut in Middle East, Asia - Khaleej Times
Cable Cut Paranoia - GovernmentExecutive.com
Internet service restored in Mideast and Asia - International Herald Tribune

9/11 Trials Announced: Military Prosecutors Will Seek Death for Suspects - Washington Post
Factbox: One-page brief on the six Guantanamo prisoners charged - Reuters

Indian Army refines NetWar skills - Khabrein.info

Poland signs preliminary gas deal with Iran - Reuters
China ready to join gas pipeline project if India stays away - Economic Times
Iran sends defiant message to West on revolution day - Canada.com

Al-Qaeda leaders admit: 'We are in crisis. There is panic and fear' - Times Online
Shift in Tactics Aims to Revive Struggling Insurgency - Washington Post
Gates: Pause in Iraq drawdown after July 'makes sense' - CNN
U.S. raids Iraq psychiatric hospital AQ attacks used disabled bombers - Reuters

Israel sees Hamas gone from Gaza in months - Reuters
Barak: IDF prepared for a large-scale operation in Gaza - Jerusalem Post
Hamas leaders go into hiding as Israel set to launch new killing campaign - al-Bawaba
Israel Reduces Gaza’s Electricity as Rocket Attacks Continue - New York Times
U.K.: Gaza electricity cut risks harming humanitarian situation - Haaretz
Israel complains to UN Security Council over rocket barrage - Haaretz

Japan worried by N Korea, China military programs - Daily Times
Japan says Russia violated airspace - Taipei Times

Al-Qaeda sets sights on the next battlefield: Pakistan Cities and Overthrowing Gov't - Asia Times
The Senior Taliban Figure Caught in Pakistan - AP
Former Taliban commander Mansoor Dadullah captured in Pakistan - The Long War Journal
Pakistani ambassador believed kidnapped in Khyber Agency en route to Kabul - BBC

Russia Writes Off 93% of Iraq's $12.9 Billion Debt - Bloomberg
Russia counts on joint oil, gas projects with Iraq - ITAR-TASS

Chavez Threatens to Halt Oil Sales to US - ABC

February 8, 2008

1. Iran revealed to the IAEA that it has been in testing phases for advanced P-2 centrifuges, which it had previously denied.

2. CIA Director says that Muslim support for al-Qaeda waning in Middle East due to brutality, but Western recruits improve ability to strike US.

3. Pakistan reached ceasefire deal with Taliban in secret meetings. Ceasefire expected to be "calm before the storm" as in 2006.

4. Germany is convinced that al-Qaeda is actively targeting them and planning from Pakistani havens.

Muslim Backing Of Al-Qaeda Wanes - Washington Post
Western recruits said to boost al Qaeda's ability to hit U.S. - SF Gate
Germany convince Al-Qaeda actively planning attacks: report - Washington Post

France ready to help Canada with troops in Afghanistan - Toronto Star
NATO struggles for unity over Afghan troop concern - Canada.com
Condoleezza Rice Visits Afghanistan - New York Times

Cairo Threatens Gazans With Broken Bones If They Breach Border - New York Sun
Egypt's Change of Heart - Los Angeles Times
Money used by Gazans to shop in Egypt were mostly counterfeit - Reuters

Iran Testing Advanced P-2 Centrifuges - AP
Iran shakes pillars of non-proliferation nuclear accord - Asia Times
Video: IRGC Commander Says Iran will strike US forces in region if attacked - MEMRI
Iran bans thousands of election hopefuls, including Khomeini's grandson - Telegraph
Popularity of Ahmadinejad put to the test in Iran elections - Financial Times

How al-Qaeda Survives On The Run - Los Angeles Times

Palestinian PM: No peace accord with Israel in 2008 - Sydney Morning Herald
Israel may target Hamas heads - Jerusalem Post
Hamas seizes second convoy of food meant for Palestinian Red Crescent - Jerusalem Post
Israel begins reducing electricity supply to Gaza - Haaretz

Ceasefire: Calm Before The Storm - Asia Times
Secret Talks Led to Pakistan Cease-Fire - AP

Backlash as Archbishop of Canterbury calls for Sharia law in Britain - This is London

February 7, 2008

1. Taliban declare unilateral ceasefire in South Waziristan and Swat, but Army says its operations will continue.

2. Pakistani Army helicopter crashes in South Waziristan, killing three generals including Kohat commanding major general.

3. Congressional report says Russian institutes helping build Iranian nuclear plant in Bushehr enjoy US government financial support under Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention.

4. Chad government says in full control and pursuing rebels who attacked the capital in a coup attempt.

5. Poland joins Canada in demanding greater combat contribution from European NATO allies in Afghanistan.

6. Hamas' 'delegate to Iran' says from Tehran that a suicide attack wave on Israel is coming. Rockets from Gaza continue to rain on Israeli towns.

DNI Senate Testimony: Al-Qaeda seen planning attack on U.S. - Washington Times
Intelligence official revives Iran doubts - Financial Times
Annual Threat Assessment of the DNI (PDF) - Senate Intelligence Committee
See Also: Annual Threat Assessment Of The Director Of National Intelligence - Sources And Methods

No agreement on Afghanistan ahead of NATO meeting - AFP
NATO 'at risk over Afghanistan' - BBC
Poland joins Canada in call for more troops in Afghanistan - Globe and Mail
1,000 British Paratroopers to be sent to Afghanistan - Telegraph
1,300 Infantry to Exit Afghanistan in April - Scotsman
Afghanistan troops 'desperately over-stretched' - Telegraph

Ceasefire in Chad fighting as thousands flee capital - CNN
Chad's president says government in control, chasing fleeing rebels - IHT
Chad clashes 'killed 100' people - BBC
In Chad, Better the Devil You Know? - TIME

U.S.-Backed Russian Institutes Help Iran Build Reactor - New York Times
Russia concerned over Iran's work to develop long-range missile - RIA Novosti
Iran's Satellite Program Is `Troubling Development,' U.S. Says - Bloomberg

Children 'taught to kidnap and kill at al-Qaeda camp' in Iraq - Times Online
Video: Al-Qaeda Recruits Children - DoD New Media
Video: Kidnapped Child Rescued - DoD New Media

Hamas 'Delegate to Iran' says Suicide Attack Wave Coming - Haaretz
Hamas says 26 missiles fired into Israel - Xinhua
Analysis: When Hamas founded a mini-state - Jerusalem Post
Israel to build border fence with Egypt - USA Today

Kenya Opposition Threatens New Rallies - AP

Kuwait MP Gets Death Threat Over CoEd Classes Bill - Arab News

3 Generals among 8 dead in South Waziristan chopper crash - Daily Times
Militants Declare Cease-Fire in Pakistan - AP
Spokesman Says Pak Army Will Continue Operations - Daily Times
Taliban, Al-Qaeda Still Threaten Pakistan - VOA
Pakistan politician Nawaz Sharif calls vote 'a farce' - Seattle Times

February 5, 2008

1. US officials now said to believe al-Qaeda's WMD program head, Abu Khabab al-Masri, alive and actively running WMD efforts.

2. As IAEA chief ElBaradei warns off military option in dealing with Iran, dismisses int'l concern over budding Arab nuclear programs.

3. As Egyptian troops and Hamas clash at border, Israeli FM and IDF split on Egyptian plan to increase troop levels.

4. Diyala raids in Iraq kill nine al-Qaeda terrorists, Iranian bombs in Baghdad on the rise.

Al-Qaeda said to focus on WMDs, Abu Khabab al-Masri believed still alive - Los Angeles Times
Backgrounder: Abu Khabab al-Masri: A Master of Terror - Counterterrorism Blog

China, Japan meet in Beijing over dumplings poisoning - Forbes
China Releases Jailed Taiwanese Journalist - VOA
China Wins Top Spot At World Bank - Forbes

1 Killed as Hamas and Egyptian Troops Clash - Washington Post
Israeli FM backs Egyptian request to double its forces on Gaza border - Haaretz

IAEA chief warns against military action to solve Iranian nuclear issue - Xinhua
IAEA chief not worried about Arab nuclear development - Jerusalem Post
Iran Test Launches Rocket Designed to Carry Homemade Satellite Into Space - VOA
Iran's gas shortages plague Ahmadinejad - Telegraph

Rise in Iran-made bombs in Baghdad district - Reuters
Al-Qaeda suspects killed in Diyala raids - News.com.au
Turkey Bombs Villages In N. Iraq - Washington Post

Threat Estimates by Mossad Chief: Iran at the Top - Turkish Weekly
Israeli police on alert after suicide bombing - AFP
Suicide bomber strikes in southern Israel - Globe and Mai

February 4, 2008

1. Coup attempt in Chad over weekend sees many dead before attacking forces withdraw from capital.

2. Suicide bombers said to have infiltrated Israel via Gaza-Egypt border fence breach attack Israelis in Negev desert town, kill three civilians.

3. Student riots and worker strikes in Tehran go unnoticed, unreported in press. Many beaten, arrested.

4. A US-Iraq agreement would be a positive situation for both countries, writes NSC's Brett McGurk.

5. Lebanon continues to walk on the edge of civil war with new attacks on Lebanese soldiers, Hizballah threats to Israel after IDF operation kills one.

6. Though Iran says otherwise, Russia says new UN sanctions could compel compliance with IAEA.

Libyans advance in al-Qaeda network - Los Angeles Times

Bodies in streets amid coup attempt - Sydney Morning Herald
Chad rebels forced out of N'Djamena - Telegraph

Witnesses: Egypt Closes Border With Gaza - Washington Post
Egypt-Gaza border closed as Israel claims Hamas smuggled advanced arms - al-Bawaba
Last Week: Fatah: Hamas must not have border role - Guardian

They're Rioting in Tehran Again, No Media Coverage - Faster, Please (Ledeen)
See Also: Angry Students - The Spirit of Man
Iran attacks French stance in nuclear row and move for Gulf military base - Times Online
Russia says UN resolution sends 'clear signals' to Iran - AFP

McGurk: U.S.-Iraq agreement would provide stability, allow flexibility to adapt - USA Today
Maj. Gen. Lynch: US 'Surge' Tipped Scales in Iraq - Guardian
US military says it accidentally killed 9 Iraqi civilians in raid south of Baghdad - IHT

Suicide bomber kills Israeli woman - Telegraph
Report: Islamic Jihad, Martyrs Brigades attackers entered through Egypt - IHT
'Hamas smuggled advanced arms' - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah warns Israel after IDF kills Lebanese across border - Haaretz

Analysis: Lebanon - a return to civil war? - Jerusalem Post
Ahmad El-Assaad an alternative to Hizballah in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Two Lebanese Soldiers Wounded in Fresh Attack - Naharnet
Lebanon Orders 17 Arrested in Riots - AP

Al-Qaeda North Africa branch (AQIM) takes credit for Israel embassy attack - IHT
Questions Surround Israeli Embassy Attack - ThreatsWatch

February 1, 2008

1. Israeli embassy attacked by 6 terrorists firing weapons, six believed injured including one terrorist, all of which escaped.

2. A US missile strike in Pakistan's North Waziristan has killed a Libyan al-Qaeda leader, Abu Laith al-Libi.

3. Canadian Prime Minister reiterates to President Bush Canada's intent to withdraw from Afghanistan if European NATO allies do not share deployment burden.

4. China has developed a significant advance in amphibious assault capabilities, a serious challenge to Taiwan's coastal artillery defense systems.

Canada PM Says Ready to Quit Afghanistan Unless NATO Steps Up - DefenseNews

Al-Qaeda: How Jihad Went Freelance - The Economist
Accused terrorist waged campaign online, RCMP says - Toronto Star

China Significantly Boosts Amphibious Landing Assault Capabilities - UPI

US diplomat calls UN resolution on Iran sanctions 'long overdue,' 'wanted tougher' - IHT
Turkey cold to U.S. warning on Iranian bank - Turkish Daily News

Rockets Strike British Base in Iraq - New York Sun
Improved Security Allows More Capacity Building in Iraq - Multi-National Force-Iraq

Second Newly Elected Solon Murdered, Fresh Riots in Kenya - New York Sun

Terrorist attack on Israeli embassy in Mauritania capital - Radio Netherlands
6 gunmen hit Israeli Embassy in Mauritania, at least one injured - MSNBC

U.S. officials: CIA kills top al-Qaeda terrorist in Pakistan - CNN
Senior al-Qaeda operative al-Libi killed - Daily Times
Changes in NWFP, FATA likely in order to create links between local people, Islamabad gov't - DAWN
US election observer group pulls out over violence concerns - Daily Times

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