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January 31, 2008

1. An Afghanistan Study Group Report warns that the gains earned in Afghanistan since 2001 are at risk of being lost.

2. While 90 tons of nuclear fuel rods have been delivered, Russia has yet to deliver key tech component for operating Iran's Bushehr reactor.

3. As question raised of potential Chinese naval base in Iran,.US hints at WTO challenges based on lack of economic transparency.

4. While Israeli courts uphold cuts in fuel, electricity to Gaza, Hamas says Egypt should supply more to Gaza.

5. Likely US missile strike in North Waziristan believed to have killed thirteen '2nd or 3rd tier' al-Qaeda leaders.

Study: Afghanistan Could Fail As State - TIME
Original Report: Afghanistan Study Group Report (PDF) - CSP
Afghans eye taking combat lead against Taliban - Reuters

A China base in Iran? - Asia Times
US hints at new WTO challenge vs. China - Business Week

Key Nuclear Instruments for Reactor Yet Undelivered by Russia - Los Angeles Times
Egypt's Mubarak Meets Iranian Parliament Speaker - AP

U.S. troops exposed to chlorine gas while destroying al-Qaeda cache - Washington Times
U.S. to Expand Outposts Across Baghdad by 30% - Washington Post

Israel's Supreme Court Upholds Gaza Fuel, Electricity Cuts - VOA
Hamas Wants Egypt to Supply Fuel, Electricity - Washington Times

Olmert: The Winograd report poses difficult questions - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah: Olmert lost even more credibility after report - Haaretz

'7 Arabs, 6 Central Asians killed' in missile strike on al-Qaeda nest - Reuters
U.S. aims to turn hostile Pakistani tribes friendly - ABC

Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee as IED Hunter - Military.com
Test Confirms Missile Firing Capability of Aegis Open Architecture Using Off-the-Shelf Technology - CNN Money

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