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January 30, 2008

1. A US diplomat was found shot dead in his Islamabad home. Suicide officially cited, but autopsy reportedly suggests otherwise.

2. Pakistan has begun talks for a new peace accord in North Waziristan, released prisoners as good will gesture.

3. Egyptian forces have reportedly broken up a Hamas cell planning suicide attacks on Israel. Cell had crossed border after Gaza fence was leveled by Hamas.

4. Iran says nearing normal ties with Egypt as Ahmadinejad vows to win nuclear row with the West.

5. US diplomat in Kenya says the domestic violence there is 'ethnic cleansing' against the majority group.

NATO defense ministers set to discuss Canada's Kandahar mission ultimatum - Toronto Star

Report: Egypt thwarts Hamas suicide terror attack against Israel from Egypt - Haaretz
'Egypt nabs terror cell in Sinai' - Jerusalem Post
Hamas, Fatah argue over border control - Sydney Morning Herald
Iran offers aid to Egypt over Gaza crisis - Telegraph
Abbas rules out talks with Hamas - USA Today
Iran Says Close to Restoring Ties With Egypt - VOA

Official: Iran amassing raw material for uranium enrichment - Haaretz
Ahmadinejad vows to win nuclear row with West - AFP
Stopping Iran: Why the case for military action still stands - WSJ
Iranian Moderates Purged From 2008 Ballot - NY Post

Allies fall short on Iraq aid pledges - USA Today

US Diplomat: 'Ethnic cleansing' in Kenya - CNN

Jundullah Cell Discovered, Destroyed in Karachi Shootout - Asia Times
Talks underway or new peace deal in North Waziristan - DAWN
Hundreds in North Waziristan Protest Pakistan's Support for America - New York Sun
U.S. diplomat found shot dead in Pakistan home - Boston Herald
Musharraf met Israeli defense minister - DAWN
US wants ‘serious distortions’ fixed before elections - Daily Times

A Cold War redux is seen on the horizon - Los Angeles Times
See Also: Interview on Russia-Iran Partnership - FrontPage Magazine

Al-Qaeda threatens wave of British attacks if terrorists not freed - Times Online

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