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January 28, 2008

1. Fake delivery, service trucks are being used by crime cartels to smuggle drugs, immigrants, weapons.

2. A devastating explosion in northern Iraq was reportedly spearheaded by foreign fighters under the sponsorship of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of the Libyan leader.

3. North Korea used bank accounts linked to the UN Development Program to facilitate arms deals.

4. Army kills seven Shi'a protesters in Lebanon riots as Syria demands more Hizballah representation.

5. After negotiations, Taliban said to have released 250 students after storming a school near Peshawar in the NWFP.

6. Venezuela's Chavez calls for anti-US military alliance with Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Terror Fight Escalates in Pakistan, Afghanistan - New York Sun

As-Sahab Releases 'Winds of Paradise, Part 2' to Build Terrorist Morale - ThreatsWatch
Spain Plot Latest Sign of al-Qaeda Revival - ABC

Israel: No talks on Gaza border crisis until Abbas meets Egyptians - CNN
Hamas must not have role in running Gaza-Egypt crossing, Abbas aide says - Canadian Press

UN pressed for third round of sanctions on Iran, diluted by China, Russia - Financial Times
Russia completes final fuel delivery to Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant - RIA Novosti

Gadhafi son may be linked to Iraq attack - ABC
Iraqi forces deployed to Mosul for battle with al-Qaeda - CNN

Seven shot dead in Lebanon riots as army clashes with Shiite protesters - Sydney Morning Herald
Syria demands greater Hizballah representation - Gulf News
Editorial: Hizballah's Dark Hand - Washington Times

NoKor Used UN-linked Accounts for Arms Dealing - Heritage Foundation

Militants free 250 children at Pakistan school: ministry - AFP
Al-Qaeda Poses Fresh Threats in Pakistan, U.S. Shifts Focus - FOX
US ready to ‘partner with’ Pakistan troops in Tribal Areas - DAWN
Analysis: Pakistani Army Faces Four-Front Jihad - SAAG

Fake delivery, service trucks new security threat - ABC

Chavez urges anti-US military alliance with Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba - The Age

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