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January 25, 2008

1. Former envoy for Britain remarked that European governments should lift their operational restrictions placed on their forces in Afghanistan.

2. Egypt begins sealing its border with Gaza as Israel increases its security to prevent infiltration along its own Egyptian border.

3. US Senate rejects increased FISA oversight of counterterrorism surveillance efforts on Net communications.

4. A key Lebanese ISF intelligence officer was assassinated in yet another bombing; Jumblatt fears Hizballah prepping for war.

5. Fomer SecDef Donald Rumsfeld said that a new US agency should be created to engage the War of Ideas with strategic communication.

<a title="C4ISR Journal: Rumsfeld: U.S. needs online strategic-communications agency" href="http://www.isrjournal.com/story.php?F=3327966"Rumsfeld: U.S. needs online strategic-communications agency - C4ISR Journal

Official Says Iranian Mines Found In Taliban Commander's House - RFE/RL
Ex-envoy to European Gov'ts: Lift Operational Restrictions on NATO Troops - Washington Times

Israel puts Gaza onus on Egypt - The Washington Times
One-Third of Gazans Said To Have Crossed Into Egypt - New York Sun
Egypt begins closing Gaza border - Reuters
IDF beefs up security on Egyptian border - Jerusalem Post

Iraq PM promises 'decisive battle' against Al-Qaeda - AFP
U.S. Seeking to Replace Expiring UN Mandate with an Iraqi One - Los Angeles Times
Iraq's flag redesign erases one of the last symbols of Hussein regime - CS Monitor

Internal Security Forces Intelligence chief assassinated in Lebanon bomb - Times Online
Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt fears Hizballah bracing for war - AFP

Serbian deal to give Russia's Gazprom further energy control over Europe - Washington Times
Russian Defense Chief: Pre-emptive nuclear strikes an option - RussiaToday
NATO Responds: 'First strike' nuclear option remains 'indispensable instrument' - Guardian

Senate Rejects Increased FISA Powers Over Surveillance - AP
New Database will mine 9 federal sources to assist police; tracks criminals, visitors, immigrants - USA Today

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