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January 23, 2008

1. Hamas has downed several kilometers of the fence between Gaza and Egypt using cutting torches and explosives, propagandizing the appearance of crisis.

2. 14 al-Qaeda suspects appeared in Spanish court, reports that their suicide bombing orders came from AQ headquarters in Pakistan.

3. Russia says new UNSC Iran sanctions not punitive and mild. Russian enriched uranium deliveries to Bushehr plant continue.

4. $13 billion China-Iran gas deal reportedly near formal agreement, would require three new and separate Chinese receiving terminals.

14 al-Qaeda suspects in Barcelona court - CNN
Alleged Indian, Pakistani Tablighis Held in Spain with IED Material - SAAG
'Pakistan-based al-Qaeda ordered suicide attack in Spain’ - Daily Times
All quiet on the al-Qaeda front: Zawahiri silent on questions posed - The Scotsman
Padilla gets 17 years for conspiring with al-Qaeda - Chicago Tribune

Thousands Flood Across Border From Gaza to Egypt - VOA
Hamas 'spent months cutting through Gaza wall in secret operation' - Times Online
Hamas leader says attacks 'must continue' - UPI

China, Iran Near Gas Deal -Wall Street Journal
Russia: No 'Harsh' Sanctions on Iran iin UN proposal - AP
Russia Says New Iran Resolution Not Punitive - VOA
The China-Russia-Iran Axis (ThreatsWatch Interview) - FrontPage Magazine

Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents, 90% of Suicide Bombers Foreign - Washington Post
Flashback: Among Insurgents in Iraq, Few Foreigners Are Found - Washington Post

Al-Qaeda-inspired militants stir up Lebanon - San Francisco Gate
The Mystery of Fatah al-Islam's Shaker Al Absi - Asharq Alawsat

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