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January 17, 2008

1. Unable to hold and fearing airstrikes, the Mehsud/Uzbek Taliban force abandons Frontier Corps' Waziristan fort in Pakistan overrun the night before.

2. A former US congressman was indicted for his role in allegedly raising money for al-Qaeda and the Taliban through a US Islamic charity.

3. US and Lebanese investigators are analyzing evidence at the site of bomb attack on US Embassy vehicle in Beirut.

4. Al-Qaeda online propagandist 'Irhabi 007' sentenced to 16 years in UK prison.

5. 50 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel in another barrage as tensions rise. Hamas threatens that captured IDF soldier will disappear.

6. US says Iran accelerating missile program, pressing China over its ally Iran and new UN sanctions.

'Irhabi 007' Sentenced to 16 Years for al-Qaeda Online Propaganda Role - Economic Times

Israel test-fires ballistic missile after Iran warning - AFP
Iran accelerating missile work, U.S. says - USA Today
U.S. presses China over Iran - CNN
US to Pursue New Iran Sanctions - AP
GAO Report Challenges Effect of Longtime U.S. Sanctions on Iran - Washington Post

50 rockets slam Israel as fighting escalates - National Post

US Investigators Search for Clues in Bombing of US Embassy Car in Beirut

Taliban overrun military fort in South Waziristan - The Long War Journal
Militants seize fort in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Militants abandon Pakistan fort - CNN
Hunt for Baitullah Mehsud Provokes more Reprisals - SAAG

Hamas threat to Israel: Captive IDF soldier may vanish - The Australian
Al-Qaeda in Palestine Claims Attack on American Int'l University in Gaza - ITIC

Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Conspiracy - AP

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