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January 16, 2008

1. US Embassy restricts employee movement, travel after yesterday's bombing in Beirut.

2. Saudi Arabia snubs Bush request for increased OPEC output, per barrel price falls on reaction and sagging US demand.

3. As Taliban-al-Qaeda insurgents take base in NWFP, Musharraf says extremists can never take Pakistan.

4. Rockets, mortars from Gaza hit multiple Israel towns in mass attack, killing one injuring others.

5. IDF airstrike response on launchers, commanders in Gaza draws criticism, Palestinian general work strike in protest.

Saudi FM on Bush Remarks: 'This Is Not the Time for Provocation' - Arab News
Saudi Arabia Says OPEC Will Raise Output When Required - Bloomberg
Crude Oil Futures Fall on Retail Sales Decline, Saudi Comments - Bloomberg
US Lawmakers Renew Opposition to US Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia - VOA

Europe wises up to Iran - Middle East Times

One dead, others injured as Rocket, Mortar Barrages from Gaza strike Israeli towns - Haaretz
Israeli Aircraft Fire Missile at Gaza Rocket Launchers - FOX
Gaza: Three Palestinian civilians killed in IAF air strike - Jerusalem Post
Head of Islamic Jihad in Samaria killed during arrest operation - Israeli MFA
Israel Evacuates 2 Settler Outposts - Chicago Tribune

Security tightened as Lebanon probes anti-US attack - AFP
US Restricts Staff After Lebanon Blast - AP
Lebanon Warrants Issued Against Ten Suspected al-Qaida Terrorists - AFP
Iran backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock - AFP

Political Analysis: Parties, Players Jockeying For Position Ahead of Elections - SAAG
Islamic Militants Capture Military Base in NW Pakistan - VOA
Musharraf: 'Fanatics' can never take over Pakistan - Times of India
US seeks stepped up counter-insurgency training for Pakistan military - AFP

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