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January 14, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda has vowed to break out their imprisoned terrorists in Yemen, saying "The Prophet (Mohammad) ... has ordered that we free detainees."

2. An attack by Uzbeki Taliban forces on a Waziristan tribal elder negotiating with Pakistani government failed, left two Uzbeks dead.

3. Lebanon man arrested after a telephoned al-Qaeda bombing threat on Germany's Justice Ministry. Germany hunting explosives-laden truck.

4. Attempts by Arab League to mediate differences fail in Lebanon, drawing criticism from Egypt, Syria.

5. IAEA's ElBaradei assures Iran will answer unresolved nuclear questions within 4 weeks.

6. British government reports 1,500 white Britons converted to Islam and recruited by al-Qaeda to fund, plan, carry out UK attacks.

Blast at Kabul Hotel Heard Miles Away, Taliban Takes Responsibility - New York Times
Taliban kill 10 policemen in Afghan attack - Khaleej Times

German Security Services Reveal al-Qaeda Bomb Threat to Justice Ministry - Deutsche Welle
Spiegel: Germany opens inquiry into terror attack claim - M&C

Who's the voice on radio in Iran standoff? 'Filipino Monkey' - Seattle Times
Petraeus: Iranian Bombs in Iraq Spike in January - CNN
President Bush slams Iran in pro-democracy speech - Los Angeles Times
President Bush Urges Arab Allies to Confront Iran - New York Times
ElBaradei says Iran will answer unresolved nuclear questions within 4 weeks - Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Iraq says Iran’s IRGC commander in secret Iraq talks with US - Times Online
Anti-war Soros secretly funded discredited Lancet Iraq study - Times Online
Operation Phantom Phoenix continues to drive al-Qaeda out of 'Triangle of Death' - AP

Arab League Mediation in Lebanon Fails - AP
Mubarak: Lebanon 'will be lost' unless it heeds Arab plan - Beirut Daily Star
Syria backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock - AFP

Al-Qaeda Suspects Held in Mauritania Over Killings, U.S. Says - Bloomberg

Pakistan Warns U.S. on Attacking Al Qaeda on Its Own - New York Times
US: No unilateral action in Pakistan - DAWN
Two Uzbeks killed in attack on rival pro-govt tribal elder - Daily Times
Fierce clashes in Tank after militants attack garrison - DAWN
'Pro-Taliban militants' ambush in Mohmand, Pakistani troops killed in clash - BBC
Scotland Yard believes Al-Qaeda assassinated Benazir Bhutto - Times Online
Pakistan Poll Shows Suspicion of Leaders - ABC
US Journalist Schmidle Deported by Pakistan - Washington Note
Schmidle's Last Dispatch: Next-Gen Taliban - New York Times

Al-Qaeda's white army of terror: AQ Recruiting in UK Prisons -The Scotsman

Yemen's al-Qaeda wing vows to free jailed militants - Reuters
Protesters killed at Yemen rally in Aden - BBC

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