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January 11, 2008

1. Nigerian group MEND explodes bomb on oil tanker day after threatening an "economic tsunami."

2. President Bush calls for a fund to compensate Palestinians before leaving Israel for Kuwait.

3. Vowing to target all symbols of America, Gaza group launches an RPG attack on the American International School there.

4. As 'The Surge' marks one year since announcement (not deployment), Marine General states that Anbar is ready for Iraqi handover.

5. In one of the largest bombing operations since 2003, US targets, destroys al-Qaeda defensive ring south of Baghdad.

Belgium on Edge as Female Suicide Bomber's Terror Cell Jailed - Counterterrorism Blog

In Bhutan, China and India collide - Asia Times
India's Singh Rejects U.S. Security Talks to `Contain China' - Bloomberg
China's global trade surplus up 47% - Los Angeles Times
China blogger beaten to death for filming confrontation with administrators - CNN

Colombian Rebels Free 2 Hostages - New York Times

Iran releases its own tape on Hormuz ship incident - Los Angeles Times
Arabs Sending US Mixed Signals on Iran - AP

US Marine Corps General: Anbar Province Ready for Handover - AP
US Bombing Runs Destroy al-Qaeda Defensive Ring South of Baghdad - ABC
21 al-Qaeda terrorists killed in US air blitz: Iraqi sheikh - AFP
The Surge at One - New York Post

Bush calls for fund to compensate Palestinians - Financial Times
Bush to Israel: Give Up Land - National Post
Bush: Israel must have "secure, recognized, and defensible borders" for peace - White House
Hamas: We Spurned European Offer to Mediate Truce - AP
Bush Ends Israel Visit, Heads to Kuwait - VOA

Phares: Hizballah's Billion Petrodollars: Iran Increases Hizballah Funding 250% - Human Events
Thailand Satellite Network Begins Transmitting Hizballah's Al-Manar TV - Mens News Daily
Officials see more delay in electing Lebanon president - AFP

Nigeria Rebels Step Up Attacks With Explosion of Oil Tanker - WSJ
MEND group claims Nigeria tanker explosion - AFP
Yesterday: Nigerian Insurgents Pledge "Economic Tsunami" - ThreatsWatch

Pakistan Takes A Step Backwards: Sensing A Drift From US Post-Bhutto - Asia Times
Slideshow: The Taliban Leadership - Long War Journal

Gunmen Attack the American International School in Beit Lahiya - MEMRI

State Sponsored Anti-Semitism: New Fear Among Jews in Venezuela - Miami Herald

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