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January 10, 2008

1. President Bush landed in Israel and traveled to the West Bank, saying he sees a peace agreement before his term is up.

2. A suicide bomber killed 22 riot police and at least 4 civilians in a terrorist attack near Pakistan's Supreme Court.

3. The United States levied sanctions on an Iranian Quds Force general and a Syrian-based satellite TV station known for its pro-jihadi programming in support of the Iraq insurgency.

4. South Waziristan tribes are reportedly organizing an anti-al-Qaeda militia after several elders negotiating with the Pak government were killed by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance this week.

5. With December deadline ignored by North Korea, US now declares February deadline for NoKor nuclear declaration.

6. 3,000 US Marines to bolster forces in Afghanistan as European NATO allies continue to fall short of needs and expectations.

3,000 Marines to bolster forces in Afghanistan - New York Times
NATO welcomes U.S. troops boost in Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Pentagon Cites NATO's Failure to Provide Additional Troops - Washington Post

Quds Force General, Syria TV station hit with US sanctions - Washington Times
Israeli envoy to U.S.: All options are on the table regarding Iran - Haaretz

U.S. bombing raids target al-Qaeda in Iraq - Los Angeles Times

Bush calls for an end to Israeli 'occupation' of Arab land - Jerusalem Post
Bush predicts Mideast peace treaty before he leaves White House - Canadian Press
Bush: An historic opportunity for peace - Jerusalem Post

U.S. Wants North Korea Declaration by End of February - Bloomberg
US Negotiator: Washington, Beijing Mostly Agree on North Korea Nuclear Disarmament Process - VOA
China 'plans to send troops into North Korea' - Telegraph

Tribesmen raising anti-Al Qaeda militia in Waziristan: official - DAWN
26 killed in Lahore suicide attack on Pakistan police - AFP
Timeline: Recent bomb attacks in Pakistan - Reuters
Pakistan to go after Bhutto's husband in Swiss corruption case: lawyer - Daily Times
ElBaradei’s remarks on Nuclear assets' security rejected by Pakistan - Dawn

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