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January 9, 2008

1. US military releases video and audio of Iranian speed boat threat on Strait of Hormuz, Iran claims both are "fabricated."

2. President Bush lands in Israel on Middle East trip as region's leaders vow to focus on post-Annapolis talks.

3. Roadside bomb targeted against UN troops in Lebanon as US professor meets with Hizballah's southern commander.

4. US skeptical of any North Korean nuclear declaration.

5. Terrorist planning to travel to Pakistan, Afghanistan to 'kill many' sentenced to only 4 years in UK.

U.S. Releases Dramatic Iran Boat Video - ABC
Iran-Navy Clash: The Raw Video - Danger Room
Iran says US navy video is 'clumsy fake' - AFP
A IRAN 1, USA 0: Naval Error in the Gulf - NY PostDangerous Game in the Strait - New York Times

Sunni and Shi'a Sheikhs in Iraq's Anbar Province Join to Fight al-Qaeda, Insurgents - VOA

Bush in Israel to Push for Peace - ABC
Mideast leaders vow to refocus on talks - Los Angeles Times
PA rejects int'l troops in West Bank - Jerusalem Post

Roadside Bomb Targets UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon - VOA
Arab League pushes their plan to end Lebanon crisis - AFP
American Israeli critic meets Hizballah's Southern Commander - International Herald Tribune

The US Is Skeptical of North Korea's Nuclear Declaration - Daily NK
Pyongyang 'Not Ready' for Full Declaration - Chosun Ilbo

Outgoing Korean President Pushes Reconsideration of US Military Role - UPI

Conspiracy Theories Thrive in Pakistan - Wall Street Journal
Some fear Pakistan could splinter apart - USA Today
Taliban Commander Fazlullah possibly killed in Pakistani shelling - Daily Times

BBC: Al-Qaeda linked terrorist in UK sentenced to 4 years - BBC
Outrage as al-Qaeda extremist gets soft sentence - Mirror
Terrorist Planned To Kill Many - The Herald

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