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January 8, 2008

1. As Pakistan announces operations against Taliban's Baitullah Mehsud, Taliban assassinates eight tribal leaders in talks with government.

2. Ahmadinejad and Khameini continue to square off ahead of Iran's May elections.

3. Saakashvili wins Georgia elections as Putin, Moscow protest 'irregularities.'

4. Major Coalition operation begins throughout Iraq: Operation Phantom Phoenix.

5. Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, says Hizballah in Lebanon stronger now than before 2006 Summer War with IDF.

Egypt to Use US Technology, Training to Bolster Gaza Border - Washington Post

Saakashvili Wins in Tiblisi Elections, But With Far Weaker Mandate - Radio Free Europe
Russia Protests Irregularities In Georgian Vote - Radio Free Europe

Ahmadinejad-Khamenei Rift Continues (not new) Ahead of Elections - IHT
Israel warns of Iranian missile peril for Europe - Telegraph
NJ Divests: For New Jersey Pension Fund, No Iran-Linked Investments - New York Times

Phantom Phoenix: Major U.S.-Iraqi operation begins - USA Today

Bush to visit an ambivalent Israel - Los Angeles Times
Barak: New rocket fire in north is 'grave' incident - Haaretz
Clashes between Hamas and Israeli boats reported on Gaza coast - Jerusalem Post

Israeli Defense Minister says Hizballah stronger than ever - AFP
UN seeks to halt Hizballah arms in Lebanon - Telegraph
Fatah al-Islam Leader Releases 1st Web Message - AP
Fatah al-Islam chief warns of attacks on Lebanon army - Reuters

US Wants Pakistan to Bite the Bullet - Asia Times
Taliban Kill Eight Tribal Leaders in Waziristan - VOA
Tribal killings shatter hopes for ceasefire - Times Online
Waziristan: The hub of al-Qaeda operations - Guardian

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