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January 7, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda has posted a video by Adam Ghadan urging attacks on President Bush during his Middle East trip this week that includes Egypt and the West Bank.

2. A senior member of bin Laden's personal 'Black Guard' is reported detained in Lahore, US intelligence yet to confirm.

3. Reports surface of US consideration of SpecOp plans inside Pakistan's tribal areas, Pakistan publicly denies US permission as 8 tribal leaders killed by militants for negotiating peace.

4. Iran expels German diplomat, expects to finish gas pipeline deal with Pakistan in two weeks.

5. Taiwan's President Chen said that if opposition party wins weekend elections, "then reunification with China could be realized anytime soon." Added fears that "Taiwan could become another Hong Kong or Macau."

6. IAEA director general ElBaredei headed back to Tehran for talks.

Al-Qaeda Posts Video Urging Attacks on Bush Mideast Visit - WSJ
Senior al-Qaeda leader reported detained in Lahore, Pakistan - The Nation
US Intelligence yet to confirm al-Haq capture - Long War Journal
Pakistan 'not particularly looking for' bin Laden: Musharraf - AFP

'Taiwan could become another Hong Kong or Macau' if Opposition Wins - President Chen - Forbes
Taiwan To Purchase Patriots, Apaches - DefenseNews
China 's Taiwan Strait route for commercial aviation scares Taiwan - IHT
Taiwan Fears China Is Chipping Away at U.S. Support - DefenseNews

Iranian ships 'harass' U.S. Navy in Strait of Hormuz, officials say - CNN
Background/Analysis: Iranian Navy Threatens US Navy in Gulf - ThreatsWatch
Iran expels German diplomat in 'tit-for-tat row' - Telegraph
Iran has no immediate plans for normalized US relations - Canadian Press
Ahmadinejad seeks budget boost ahead of election - Reuters
‘Pakistan, Iran to finalize gas pipeline project by 25th’ - Daily Times
ElBaredei Headed back to Tehran - Los Angeles Times

Abbas-Olmert talks planned ahead of Bush trip: officials - AFP
Olmert to assure Bush he will remove outposts 'expeditiously' - Haaretz
Sderot families sue Egypt for Kassam Rockets - Jerusalem Post

Hizballah delegation met Iran's Larijani in Damascus over Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Arab League Backs Gen. Suleiman as Lebanese President - New York Times

Militants Kill 8 Waziristan Tribal Elders Negotiating with Pakistan - ABC
Governor of militancy-plagued NWFP Pakistan border province quits - AFP
U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan Against al-Qaeda - NYT
Pakistan says it will not allow US forces to hunt militants on its soil - IHT
Commentary: In defence of Pakistan's military dictator - Toronto Star
The Ghosts That Haunt Pakistan - New York Times

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