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January 4, 2008

1. Scotland Yard investigators arrive in Pakistan, Musharraf denies any connections to Bhutto assassination, and PPP calls for a Hariri-like UN probe.

2. In Kenya, amid continuing violence, the opposition party is calling for new elections while the Kenyan president says no talks until violence ends.

3. North Korea has threatened to boost its 'war deterrent' after accusing US of seeking a nuclear war, yet says it hopes six-party deal can still be implemented.

4. Blamed for failing to 'get out the vote' in the recent term limits ballot failure, Hugo Chavez has fired his VP and reshuffled the entire cabinet.

5. A US judge has ordered Iran to pay $466 million to the family of a Los Angeles man for his torture and 1997 hanging.

6. Pakistani newspaper reports that Taliban commander Baitullah Mahsud's 'hideout' in S. Waziristan was bombed.

Judge Orders Iran Pay $466 Million for Los Angeles Man's Torture, Death - AP

IDF uncovers two rockets in process of assembly in West Bank's Nablus - Haaretz
Report: Switzerland mediating Hamas-Israel 10-years ceasefire talks - Jerusalem Post
UN Mediating Israel-Hizballah talks - Jerusalem Post

Kenya president rules out talks with rival until calm prevails - Los Angeles Times
Kenya's Opposition Party Calls for New Election - Wall Street Journal
Background: Kenya's Descent into Anarchy - ThreatsWatch

North Korea says it will boost its 'war deterrent' - Los Angeles Times
N. Korea says it still hopes for smooth implementation of nuclear deal - Yonhap

British Investigators Arrive in Pakistan to Join Bhutto Probe - VOA
PPP insists on Hariri-like UN commission - Daily Times
Taliban commander ‘Baitullah’s hideout’ in South Waziristan bombed - DAWN

Bomb Blast Kills 5 in Kurdish Area in Turkey - New York Times

NY-to-CA passenger jets get anti-missile devices - USA Today

Chavez shuffles Venezuelan cabinet, Fires VP over term-limits ballot failure - IHT

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