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January 3, 2008

1. Libya assumes presidency of UN Security Council.

2. Hizballah fires anti-aircraft commander, wants to exchange Israeli body parts for prisoners.

3. Longest range Palestinian rocket yet lands in Ashkelon.

4. China says North Korean missed nuclear deadline 'normal.'

5. Khameini says US ties not in interests, enrichment to continue.

6. Report says US export policy with China puts National Security at risk.

7. Report says Iranian leaders no longer funding, training, arming Iraqi militias. US General says report "made a leap of faith logic that was not discussed between the reporter and me."

8. Russia admits to thwarting more than 120 attempts to smuggle "highly radioactive" material out of the country in 2007.

Study Says US Policy on Tech Exports to China Threatens National Security - VOA
Original Report: In China We Trust? (PDF) - Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
India PM Singh to visit, China says - AFP

Khamenei says US ties not in Iran's interest; to keep enriching uranium - Forbes
Iran hangs 13 persons convicted on murder, drug charges - International Herald Tribune

General says Washington Times Iran article inaccurate - Danger Room
US Generals: Iran no longer aids Iraq militants - Washington Times
String of suicide bombings in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor

Longest range rocket yet lands near hotel in Ashkelon - Ynetnews
Israel riled as Gazans cross Rafah - Jerusalem Post
Israel-Egypt relations in crisis: Cairo lets Hamas men into Gaza unchecked - Israel Insider

Hizballah dismisses senior anti-aircraft commander for wartime failures - Haaretz
Hizballah wants to exchange Israeli body parts for terrorist prisoners - JTA
Hizballah Wants Veto in Lebanon - AP
Nasrallah: Israel is behind the assassinations in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Jumblatt: Hezbollah is behind the Lebanon murders - Ya Libnan

Libya Assumes Presidency of Security Council - New York Times
Libya Officially Welcomed Back To the U.S. Fold - Washington Post

China calls missed North Korea nuclear deadline 'normal' - AFP

Is Pakistan Pivotal for al-Qaeda? - Wall Street Journal
Why Pakistan Matters - TIME
Scotland Yard's Pakistan casebook - BBC
Musharraf deploys army for elections - Washington Times

Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades calls for death of PA 'collaborator' - Jerusalem Post
Seven dead as Israel battles militants in southern Gaza - M&C
Background: Islamic Jihad technical expert killed in IAF strike - Jerusalem Post

High Rate of Nuclear Smuggling in 2007Admitted by Russia - Telegraph

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