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January 2, 2008

1. Pakistan Election Commission delays elections until February 18. UK's Scotland Yard to assist in Pakistani investigation of Bhutto assassination.

2. Iran wants better media cooperation with China "to defuse West's biased information dissemination."

3. Taiwan President says Chinese 'One China' policy a peace obstacle as military threat grows.

4. Palestinian newspaper reports 450 prisoners swap deal for IDF Cpl. Shalit to be struck in next 2 weeks.

5. Thirteen killed in militant raid on Nigerian hotel, police station.

6. US, British and Israeli embassies in Australia evacuated after each sent packages with unknown white powder. Later tests revealed no danger.

7. Car bombing kills four at Algerian police station, al-Qaeda (AQIM) claims responsibility.

Four dead in Algeria car bombing at police station - CNN
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claims northern attack - AKI

Powder packages sent to US, UK, Israeli embassies spark evacuations in Australia - Reuters
Powder sent to Israeli Embassy in Australia found to pose no threat - Haaretz

Taiwan: US Caving to China on Referendum - AP
Chen says "One China" the obstacle in cross-strait ties - Radio Taiwan
Chen: China's missiles now at 1328 - Radio Taiwan

Iran Stresses Reinvigoration of Media Cooperation with China - Fars News Agency

Citizen forces seen key to driving out violence - Washington Times
Background: Iraq's Awakening Councils and Concerned Local Citizens Are Not the Same - CT Blog
Press, political pressure helped 'lose' first Fallujah operation, report says - Washington Times

PA Security & Intelligence members behind West Bank killing of 2 Israelis - JTA
Palestinian Newspaper: Prisoner swap deal for Shalit within 2 weeks - Haaretz
'Nasrallah to speak of abducted troops' - Jerusalem Post
New Hamas clamp on Fatah - Gulf Daily News

Death Toll in Post-Election Church Burning in Kenya Rises to 35 - New York Times

Militia raid on hotel, police stations kills 13 in Nigerian oil city - Jerusalem Post

Pakistan Vote Delayed to February - New York Times
Taliban shuts down Internet cafes in NWFP - Thaindian News
Pak seeking outside support and possible help on Bhutto investigation - IHT
Britain Scotland Yard to aid Bhutto murder investigation - AKI

US Diplomat's Death Ups Sudan Ante - New York Sun

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