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January 1, 2008

1. As North Korea demands US end hostile actions as US response to NoKor's missed deadline is 'restrained.'

2. Renewed Hamas v. Fatah fighting in Gaza kills seven as Abbas presses Hamas to accept early elections.

3. US foes China, Iran plan cultural exchanges in capital cities.

4. Kenyan election called into question, street violence there intensifies.

5. Pakistani elections expected to be delayed, may result in angry PPP violence.

6. A US diplomat from US-AID and his driver have been killed in a shooting in Khartoum, Sudan.

Death toll rises to seven in renewed Fatah/Hamas fighting in Gaza - Reuters
Palestinian President Calls on Hamas to Accept Early Elections - VOA

Hamas wants lull in fighting with Israel - Haaretz
Hamas trying to develop West Bank Qassam rocket - Jerusalem Post
Olmert curbs West Bank construction - Reuter

Iran and China planning joint cultural centers project - Tehran Times
Iran's top nuclear negotiator reshuffles team - AFP

International observers question Kenyan vote - CNN
Fighting Intensifies After Election in Kenya - New York Times
15 reported dead as mob burns a church in Kenya - AP

Analysis: Syria’s Assassination Goal: Target March 14th Christians To Divide & Conquer - Counterterrorism Blog
Background - ThreatsWatch.Org Multimedia: Who is Next?

Mauritania forces unsure of al-Qaeda attack claim - Reuters

N. Korea Misses Nuke Deadline, but US Response Is Restrained - Washington Post
US takes soft line on North Korea snub - The Age
North Korea calls on U.S. to abandon hostility - International Herald Tribune
South Korea president-elect's aide says NoKor should be invited to inauguration - IHT

Elections Look Set to Be Delayed By Several Weeks - Wall Street Journal
Bhutto had 'proof' state, spy agency rigging poll - Reuters
Al-Qaeda aims at Pakistan's heart - Asia Times
Analysis: Benazir's Death: Army, ISI Keep Low Profile - SAAG

U.S. Diplomat Shot Dead in Khartoum, Sudan - ABC

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