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January 31, 2008

1. An Afghanistan Study Group Report warns that the gains earned in Afghanistan since 2001 are at risk of being lost.

2. While 90 tons of nuclear fuel rods have been delivered, Russia has yet to deliver key tech component for operating Iran's Bushehr reactor.

3. As question raised of potential Chinese naval base in Iran,.US hints at WTO challenges based on lack of economic transparency.

4. While Israeli courts uphold cuts in fuel, electricity to Gaza, Hamas says Egypt should supply more to Gaza.

5. Likely US missile strike in North Waziristan believed to have killed thirteen '2nd or 3rd tier' al-Qaeda leaders.

Study: Afghanistan Could Fail As State - TIME
Original Report: Afghanistan Study Group Report (PDF) - CSP
Afghans eye taking combat lead against Taliban - Reuters

A China base in Iran? - Asia Times
US hints at new WTO challenge vs. China - Business Week

Key Nuclear Instruments for Reactor Yet Undelivered by Russia - Los Angeles Times
Egypt's Mubarak Meets Iranian Parliament Speaker - AP

U.S. troops exposed to chlorine gas while destroying al-Qaeda cache - Washington Times
U.S. to Expand Outposts Across Baghdad by 30% - Washington Post

Israel's Supreme Court Upholds Gaza Fuel, Electricity Cuts - VOA
Hamas Wants Egypt to Supply Fuel, Electricity - Washington Times

Olmert: The Winograd report poses difficult questions - Jerusalem Post
Hizballah: Olmert lost even more credibility after report - Haaretz

'7 Arabs, 6 Central Asians killed' in missile strike on al-Qaeda nest - Reuters
U.S. aims to turn hostile Pakistani tribes friendly - ABC

Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee as IED Hunter - Military.com
Test Confirms Missile Firing Capability of Aegis Open Architecture Using Off-the-Shelf Technology - CNN Money

January 30, 2008

1. A US diplomat was found shot dead in his Islamabad home. Suicide officially cited, but autopsy reportedly suggests otherwise.

2. Pakistan has begun talks for a new peace accord in North Waziristan, released prisoners as good will gesture.

3. Egyptian forces have reportedly broken up a Hamas cell planning suicide attacks on Israel. Cell had crossed border after Gaza fence was leveled by Hamas.

4. Iran says nearing normal ties with Egypt as Ahmadinejad vows to win nuclear row with the West.

5. US diplomat in Kenya says the domestic violence there is 'ethnic cleansing' against the majority group.

NATO defense ministers set to discuss Canada's Kandahar mission ultimatum - Toronto Star

Report: Egypt thwarts Hamas suicide terror attack against Israel from Egypt - Haaretz
'Egypt nabs terror cell in Sinai' - Jerusalem Post
Hamas, Fatah argue over border control - Sydney Morning Herald
Iran offers aid to Egypt over Gaza crisis - Telegraph
Abbas rules out talks with Hamas - USA Today
Iran Says Close to Restoring Ties With Egypt - VOA

Official: Iran amassing raw material for uranium enrichment - Haaretz
Ahmadinejad vows to win nuclear row with West - AFP
Stopping Iran: Why the case for military action still stands - WSJ
Iranian Moderates Purged From 2008 Ballot - NY Post

Allies fall short on Iraq aid pledges - USA Today

US Diplomat: 'Ethnic cleansing' in Kenya - CNN

Jundullah Cell Discovered, Destroyed in Karachi Shootout - Asia Times
Talks underway or new peace deal in North Waziristan - DAWN
Hundreds in North Waziristan Protest Pakistan's Support for America - New York Sun
U.S. diplomat found shot dead in Pakistan home - Boston Herald
Musharraf met Israeli defense minister - DAWN
US wants ‘serious distortions’ fixed before elections - Daily Times

A Cold War redux is seen on the horizon - Los Angeles Times
See Also: Interview on Russia-Iran Partnership - FrontPage Magazine

Al-Qaeda threatens wave of British attacks if terrorists not freed - Times Online

January 28, 2008

1. Fake delivery, service trucks are being used by crime cartels to smuggle drugs, immigrants, weapons.

2. A devastating explosion in northern Iraq was reportedly spearheaded by foreign fighters under the sponsorship of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of the Libyan leader.

3. North Korea used bank accounts linked to the UN Development Program to facilitate arms deals.

4. Army kills seven Shi'a protesters in Lebanon riots as Syria demands more Hizballah representation.

5. After negotiations, Taliban said to have released 250 students after storming a school near Peshawar in the NWFP.

6. Venezuela's Chavez calls for anti-US military alliance with Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Terror Fight Escalates in Pakistan, Afghanistan - New York Sun

As-Sahab Releases 'Winds of Paradise, Part 2' to Build Terrorist Morale - ThreatsWatch
Spain Plot Latest Sign of al-Qaeda Revival - ABC

Israel: No talks on Gaza border crisis until Abbas meets Egyptians - CNN
Hamas must not have role in running Gaza-Egypt crossing, Abbas aide says - Canadian Press

UN pressed for third round of sanctions on Iran, diluted by China, Russia - Financial Times
Russia completes final fuel delivery to Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant - RIA Novosti

Gadhafi son may be linked to Iraq attack - ABC
Iraqi forces deployed to Mosul for battle with al-Qaeda - CNN

Seven shot dead in Lebanon riots as army clashes with Shiite protesters - Sydney Morning Herald
Syria demands greater Hizballah representation - Gulf News
Editorial: Hizballah's Dark Hand - Washington Times

NoKor Used UN-linked Accounts for Arms Dealing - Heritage Foundation

Militants free 250 children at Pakistan school: ministry - AFP
Al-Qaeda Poses Fresh Threats in Pakistan, U.S. Shifts Focus - FOX
US ready to ‘partner with’ Pakistan troops in Tribal Areas - DAWN
Analysis: Pakistani Army Faces Four-Front Jihad - SAAG

Fake delivery, service trucks new security threat - ABC

Chavez urges anti-US military alliance with Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba - The Age

January 26, 2008

1. U.S. military commanders fear that al-Qaeda is preparing a major assault in Mosul in order to defend its last urban redoubt.

2. Pakistan conducted a successful test launch of a medium-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile.

3. North Korea is reportedly preparing to sell mini-submarines to Iran.

4. Imagery reveals a number of new Chinese air-to-air missile programs, including enhanced versions of existing weapons and previously unknown designs

5.The suspected mastermind behind Benazir Bhutto's assassination has reportedly raided a NATO convoy and stolen sophisticated communications gear.

6. Somali insurgents briefly seized a major military airbase in southern Somalia and reportedly looted weapons, medicines and other equipment.

Mosul Attack Points to Insurgent Shift

Pakistan test fires medium-range ballistic missile

Taliban seize NATO supplies in Pakistan

North Korea to sell minisubs to Iran

China hints at new air-launched missiles

Somalia’s govt says insurgents briefly captured airbase, looted weapons

January 25, 2008

1. Former envoy for Britain remarked that European governments should lift their operational restrictions placed on their forces in Afghanistan.

2. Egypt begins sealing its border with Gaza as Israel increases its security to prevent infiltration along its own Egyptian border.

3. US Senate rejects increased FISA oversight of counterterrorism surveillance efforts on Net communications.

4. A key Lebanese ISF intelligence officer was assassinated in yet another bombing; Jumblatt fears Hizballah prepping for war.

5. Fomer SecDef Donald Rumsfeld said that a new US agency should be created to engage the War of Ideas with strategic communication.

<a title="C4ISR Journal: Rumsfeld: U.S. needs online strategic-communications agency" href="http://www.isrjournal.com/story.php?F=3327966"Rumsfeld: U.S. needs online strategic-communications agency - C4ISR Journal

Official Says Iranian Mines Found In Taliban Commander's House - RFE/RL
Ex-envoy to European Gov'ts: Lift Operational Restrictions on NATO Troops - Washington Times

Israel puts Gaza onus on Egypt - The Washington Times
One-Third of Gazans Said To Have Crossed Into Egypt - New York Sun
Egypt begins closing Gaza border - Reuters
IDF beefs up security on Egyptian border - Jerusalem Post

Iraq PM promises 'decisive battle' against Al-Qaeda - AFP
U.S. Seeking to Replace Expiring UN Mandate with an Iraqi One - Los Angeles Times
Iraq's flag redesign erases one of the last symbols of Hussein regime - CS Monitor

Internal Security Forces Intelligence chief assassinated in Lebanon bomb - Times Online
Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt fears Hizballah bracing for war - AFP

Serbian deal to give Russia's Gazprom further energy control over Europe - Washington Times
Russian Defense Chief: Pre-emptive nuclear strikes an option - RussiaToday
NATO Responds: 'First strike' nuclear option remains 'indispensable instrument' - Guardian

Senate Rejects Increased FISA Powers Over Surveillance - AP
New Database will mine 9 federal sources to assist police; tracks criminals, visitors, immigrants - USA Today

January 23, 2008

1. Hamas has downed several kilometers of the fence between Gaza and Egypt using cutting torches and explosives, propagandizing the appearance of crisis.

2. 14 al-Qaeda suspects appeared in Spanish court, reports that their suicide bombing orders came from AQ headquarters in Pakistan.

3. Russia says new UNSC Iran sanctions not punitive and mild. Russian enriched uranium deliveries to Bushehr plant continue.

4. $13 billion China-Iran gas deal reportedly near formal agreement, would require three new and separate Chinese receiving terminals.

14 al-Qaeda suspects in Barcelona court - CNN
Alleged Indian, Pakistani Tablighis Held in Spain with IED Material - SAAG
'Pakistan-based al-Qaeda ordered suicide attack in Spain’ - Daily Times
All quiet on the al-Qaeda front: Zawahiri silent on questions posed - The Scotsman
Padilla gets 17 years for conspiring with al-Qaeda - Chicago Tribune

Thousands Flood Across Border From Gaza to Egypt - VOA
Hamas 'spent months cutting through Gaza wall in secret operation' - Times Online
Hamas leader says attacks 'must continue' - UPI

China, Iran Near Gas Deal -Wall Street Journal
Russia: No 'Harsh' Sanctions on Iran iin UN proposal - AP
Russia Says New Iran Resolution Not Punitive - VOA
The China-Russia-Iran Axis (ThreatsWatch Interview) - FrontPage Magazine

Papers Paint New Portrait of Iraq's Foreign Insurgents, 90% of Suicide Bombers Foreign - Washington Post
Flashback: Among Insurgents in Iraq, Few Foreigners Are Found - Washington Post

Al-Qaeda-inspired militants stir up Lebanon - San Francisco Gate
The Mystery of Fatah al-Islam's Shaker Al Absi - Asharq Alawsat

January 17, 2008

1. Unable to hold and fearing airstrikes, the Mehsud/Uzbek Taliban force abandons Frontier Corps' Waziristan fort in Pakistan overrun the night before.

2. A former US congressman was indicted for his role in allegedly raising money for al-Qaeda and the Taliban through a US Islamic charity.

3. US and Lebanese investigators are analyzing evidence at the site of bomb attack on US Embassy vehicle in Beirut.

4. Al-Qaeda online propagandist 'Irhabi 007' sentenced to 16 years in UK prison.

5. 50 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel in another barrage as tensions rise. Hamas threatens that captured IDF soldier will disappear.

6. US says Iran accelerating missile program, pressing China over its ally Iran and new UN sanctions.

'Irhabi 007' Sentenced to 16 Years for al-Qaeda Online Propaganda Role - Economic Times

Israel test-fires ballistic missile after Iran warning - AFP
Iran accelerating missile work, U.S. says - USA Today
U.S. presses China over Iran - CNN
US to Pursue New Iran Sanctions - AP
GAO Report Challenges Effect of Longtime U.S. Sanctions on Iran - Washington Post

50 rockets slam Israel as fighting escalates - National Post

US Investigators Search for Clues in Bombing of US Embassy Car in Beirut

Taliban overrun military fort in South Waziristan - The Long War Journal
Militants seize fort in Pakistan - Los Angeles Times
Militants abandon Pakistan fort - CNN
Hunt for Baitullah Mehsud Provokes more Reprisals - SAAG

Hamas threat to Israel: Captive IDF soldier may vanish - The Australian
Al-Qaeda in Palestine Claims Attack on American Int'l University in Gaza - ITIC

Ex-Congressman Charged in Terror Conspiracy - AP

January 16, 2008

1. US Embassy restricts employee movement, travel after yesterday's bombing in Beirut.

2. Saudi Arabia snubs Bush request for increased OPEC output, per barrel price falls on reaction and sagging US demand.

3. As Taliban-al-Qaeda insurgents take base in NWFP, Musharraf says extremists can never take Pakistan.

4. Rockets, mortars from Gaza hit multiple Israel towns in mass attack, killing one injuring others.

5. IDF airstrike response on launchers, commanders in Gaza draws criticism, Palestinian general work strike in protest.

Saudi FM on Bush Remarks: 'This Is Not the Time for Provocation' - Arab News
Saudi Arabia Says OPEC Will Raise Output When Required - Bloomberg
Crude Oil Futures Fall on Retail Sales Decline, Saudi Comments - Bloomberg
US Lawmakers Renew Opposition to US Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia - VOA

Europe wises up to Iran - Middle East Times

One dead, others injured as Rocket, Mortar Barrages from Gaza strike Israeli towns - Haaretz
Israeli Aircraft Fire Missile at Gaza Rocket Launchers - FOX
Gaza: Three Palestinian civilians killed in IAF air strike - Jerusalem Post
Head of Islamic Jihad in Samaria killed during arrest operation - Israeli MFA
Israel Evacuates 2 Settler Outposts - Chicago Tribune

Security tightened as Lebanon probes anti-US attack - AFP
US Restricts Staff After Lebanon Blast - AP
Lebanon Warrants Issued Against Ten Suspected al-Qaida Terrorists - AFP
Iran backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock - AFP

Political Analysis: Parties, Players Jockeying For Position Ahead of Elections - SAAG
Islamic Militants Capture Military Base in NW Pakistan - VOA
Musharraf: 'Fanatics' can never take over Pakistan - Times of India
US seeks stepped up counter-insurgency training for Pakistan military - AFP

January 15, 2008

1. Beirut bomb targeting US embassy vehicle wounds driver, kills Lebanese civilians in vehicle behind the embassy SUV. Hizballah and Iran suspected.

2. President Bush talks OPEC production levels, 'smart bomb' arms with Saudi Arabia.

3. French deal with UAE will see 500 French troops stationed in Gulf.

4. Another explosives shipment headed for Gaza disguised as international aid intercepted by Israelis.

5. ThaiCom satellite service halts broadcasting Hizballah's al-Manar TV after criticism.

6. Nawaz Sharif slams current Pakistani alliance with US ahead of elections.

U.S. Criticizes UK Plan to Arm Afghan Militias - Military.com
Afghanistan Welcomes U.S. Troop ‘Mini-Surge’ - DefenseNews

France to station forces in UAE - BBC

Israel, PA start 'core issue talks' - Jerusalem Post
Israel foils bid to take explosive material into Gaza on aid truck - Haaretz
December 30: Chemicals at checkpoint were disguised as EU aid - Jerusalem Post
Gaza tunnel smugglers stay busy - CS Monitor

Iran & Hizballah Targeted U.S. Embassy Officials in Lebanon - Counterterrorism Blog
Bomb Targets U.S. Car in Beirut, Three Local Civilians Reported Killed - New York Times
Four reported dead in attack on US embassy vehicle in Lebanon - Guardian
Thai communications satellite ThaiCom stopped broadcasting Al-Manar TV - ITIC
Background: Hizballah’s Al-Manar TV Broadcast by ThaiCom Satellite - ITIC

Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) slams alliance with U.S. - CNN

Israeli troops kill son of Hamas chief Mahmoud Zahar - Times Online

President Bush discusses OPEC production levels with Saudis - CNN
U.S. Plans Sale of 900 Missiles to Saudi Arabia - New York Times
Sarkozy eyes big French contracts with Saudi Arabia - The Peninsula

Ex-Leaders of Islamic Charity, Care Int'l, Are Convicted - Washington Post
Policy View: Prosecuting Terrorism Beyond 'Material Support' - Washington Institute

January 14, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda has vowed to break out their imprisoned terrorists in Yemen, saying "The Prophet (Mohammad) ... has ordered that we free detainees."

2. An attack by Uzbeki Taliban forces on a Waziristan tribal elder negotiating with Pakistani government failed, left two Uzbeks dead.

3. Lebanon man arrested after a telephoned al-Qaeda bombing threat on Germany's Justice Ministry. Germany hunting explosives-laden truck.

4. Attempts by Arab League to mediate differences fail in Lebanon, drawing criticism from Egypt, Syria.

5. IAEA's ElBaradei assures Iran will answer unresolved nuclear questions within 4 weeks.

6. British government reports 1,500 white Britons converted to Islam and recruited by al-Qaeda to fund, plan, carry out UK attacks.

Blast at Kabul Hotel Heard Miles Away, Taliban Takes Responsibility - New York Times
Taliban kill 10 policemen in Afghan attack - Khaleej Times

German Security Services Reveal al-Qaeda Bomb Threat to Justice Ministry - Deutsche Welle
Spiegel: Germany opens inquiry into terror attack claim - M&C

Who's the voice on radio in Iran standoff? 'Filipino Monkey' - Seattle Times
Petraeus: Iranian Bombs in Iraq Spike in January - CNN
President Bush slams Iran in pro-democracy speech - Los Angeles Times
President Bush Urges Arab Allies to Confront Iran - New York Times
ElBaradei says Iran will answer unresolved nuclear questions within 4 weeks - Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Iraq says Iran’s IRGC commander in secret Iraq talks with US - Times Online
Anti-war Soros secretly funded discredited Lancet Iraq study - Times Online
Operation Phantom Phoenix continues to drive al-Qaeda out of 'Triangle of Death' - AP

Arab League Mediation in Lebanon Fails - AP
Mubarak: Lebanon 'will be lost' unless it heeds Arab plan - Beirut Daily Star
Syria backs Arab League efforts to end Lebanon deadlock - AFP

Al-Qaeda Suspects Held in Mauritania Over Killings, U.S. Says - Bloomberg

Pakistan Warns U.S. on Attacking Al Qaeda on Its Own - New York Times
US: No unilateral action in Pakistan - DAWN
Two Uzbeks killed in attack on rival pro-govt tribal elder - Daily Times
Fierce clashes in Tank after militants attack garrison - DAWN
'Pro-Taliban militants' ambush in Mohmand, Pakistani troops killed in clash - BBC
Scotland Yard believes Al-Qaeda assassinated Benazir Bhutto - Times Online
Pakistan Poll Shows Suspicion of Leaders - ABC
US Journalist Schmidle Deported by Pakistan - Washington Note
Schmidle's Last Dispatch: Next-Gen Taliban - New York Times

Al-Qaeda's white army of terror: AQ Recruiting in UK Prisons -The Scotsman

Yemen's al-Qaeda wing vows to free jailed militants - Reuters
Protesters killed at Yemen rally in Aden - BBC

January 11, 2008

1. Nigerian group MEND explodes bomb on oil tanker day after threatening an "economic tsunami."

2. President Bush calls for a fund to compensate Palestinians before leaving Israel for Kuwait.

3. Vowing to target all symbols of America, Gaza group launches an RPG attack on the American International School there.

4. As 'The Surge' marks one year since announcement (not deployment), Marine General states that Anbar is ready for Iraqi handover.

5. In one of the largest bombing operations since 2003, US targets, destroys al-Qaeda defensive ring south of Baghdad.

Belgium on Edge as Female Suicide Bomber's Terror Cell Jailed - Counterterrorism Blog

In Bhutan, China and India collide - Asia Times
India's Singh Rejects U.S. Security Talks to `Contain China' - Bloomberg
China's global trade surplus up 47% - Los Angeles Times
China blogger beaten to death for filming confrontation with administrators - CNN

Colombian Rebels Free 2 Hostages - New York Times

Iran releases its own tape on Hormuz ship incident - Los Angeles Times
Arabs Sending US Mixed Signals on Iran - AP

US Marine Corps General: Anbar Province Ready for Handover - AP
US Bombing Runs Destroy al-Qaeda Defensive Ring South of Baghdad - ABC
21 al-Qaeda terrorists killed in US air blitz: Iraqi sheikh - AFP
The Surge at One - New York Post

Bush calls for fund to compensate Palestinians - Financial Times
Bush to Israel: Give Up Land - National Post
Bush: Israel must have "secure, recognized, and defensible borders" for peace - White House
Hamas: We Spurned European Offer to Mediate Truce - AP
Bush Ends Israel Visit, Heads to Kuwait - VOA

Phares: Hizballah's Billion Petrodollars: Iran Increases Hizballah Funding 250% - Human Events
Thailand Satellite Network Begins Transmitting Hizballah's Al-Manar TV - Mens News Daily
Officials see more delay in electing Lebanon president - AFP

Nigeria Rebels Step Up Attacks With Explosion of Oil Tanker - WSJ
MEND group claims Nigeria tanker explosion - AFP
Yesterday: Nigerian Insurgents Pledge "Economic Tsunami" - ThreatsWatch

Pakistan Takes A Step Backwards: Sensing A Drift From US Post-Bhutto - Asia Times
Slideshow: The Taliban Leadership - Long War Journal

Gunmen Attack the American International School in Beit Lahiya - MEMRI

State Sponsored Anti-Semitism: New Fear Among Jews in Venezuela - Miami Herald

January 10, 2008

1. President Bush landed in Israel and traveled to the West Bank, saying he sees a peace agreement before his term is up.

2. A suicide bomber killed 22 riot police and at least 4 civilians in a terrorist attack near Pakistan's Supreme Court.

3. The United States levied sanctions on an Iranian Quds Force general and a Syrian-based satellite TV station known for its pro-jihadi programming in support of the Iraq insurgency.

4. South Waziristan tribes are reportedly organizing an anti-al-Qaeda militia after several elders negotiating with the Pak government were killed by the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance this week.

5. With December deadline ignored by North Korea, US now declares February deadline for NoKor nuclear declaration.

6. 3,000 US Marines to bolster forces in Afghanistan as European NATO allies continue to fall short of needs and expectations.

3,000 Marines to bolster forces in Afghanistan - New York Times
NATO welcomes U.S. troops boost in Afghanistan - Canadian Press
Pentagon Cites NATO's Failure to Provide Additional Troops - Washington Post

Quds Force General, Syria TV station hit with US sanctions - Washington Times
Israeli envoy to U.S.: All options are on the table regarding Iran - Haaretz

U.S. bombing raids target al-Qaeda in Iraq - Los Angeles Times

Bush calls for an end to Israeli 'occupation' of Arab land - Jerusalem Post
Bush predicts Mideast peace treaty before he leaves White House - Canadian Press
Bush: An historic opportunity for peace - Jerusalem Post

U.S. Wants North Korea Declaration by End of February - Bloomberg
US Negotiator: Washington, Beijing Mostly Agree on North Korea Nuclear Disarmament Process - VOA
China 'plans to send troops into North Korea' - Telegraph

Tribesmen raising anti-Al Qaeda militia in Waziristan: official - DAWN
26 killed in Lahore suicide attack on Pakistan police - AFP
Timeline: Recent bomb attacks in Pakistan - Reuters
Pakistan to go after Bhutto's husband in Swiss corruption case: lawyer - Daily Times
ElBaradei’s remarks on Nuclear assets' security rejected by Pakistan - Dawn

January 9, 2008

1. US military releases video and audio of Iranian speed boat threat on Strait of Hormuz, Iran claims both are "fabricated."

2. President Bush lands in Israel on Middle East trip as region's leaders vow to focus on post-Annapolis talks.

3. Roadside bomb targeted against UN troops in Lebanon as US professor meets with Hizballah's southern commander.

4. US skeptical of any North Korean nuclear declaration.

5. Terrorist planning to travel to Pakistan, Afghanistan to 'kill many' sentenced to only 4 years in UK.

U.S. Releases Dramatic Iran Boat Video - ABC
Iran-Navy Clash: The Raw Video - Danger Room
Iran says US navy video is 'clumsy fake' - AFP
A IRAN 1, USA 0: Naval Error in the Gulf - NY PostDangerous Game in the Strait - New York Times

Sunni and Shi'a Sheikhs in Iraq's Anbar Province Join to Fight al-Qaeda, Insurgents - VOA

Bush in Israel to Push for Peace - ABC
Mideast leaders vow to refocus on talks - Los Angeles Times
PA rejects int'l troops in West Bank - Jerusalem Post

Roadside Bomb Targets UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon - VOA
Arab League pushes their plan to end Lebanon crisis - AFP
American Israeli critic meets Hizballah's Southern Commander - International Herald Tribune

The US Is Skeptical of North Korea's Nuclear Declaration - Daily NK
Pyongyang 'Not Ready' for Full Declaration - Chosun Ilbo

Outgoing Korean President Pushes Reconsideration of US Military Role - UPI

Conspiracy Theories Thrive in Pakistan - Wall Street Journal
Some fear Pakistan could splinter apart - USA Today
Taliban Commander Fazlullah possibly killed in Pakistani shelling - Daily Times

BBC: Al-Qaeda linked terrorist in UK sentenced to 4 years - BBC
Outrage as al-Qaeda extremist gets soft sentence - Mirror
Terrorist Planned To Kill Many - The Herald

January 8, 2008

1. As Pakistan announces operations against Taliban's Baitullah Mehsud, Taliban assassinates eight tribal leaders in talks with government.

2. Ahmadinejad and Khameini continue to square off ahead of Iran's May elections.

3. Saakashvili wins Georgia elections as Putin, Moscow protest 'irregularities.'

4. Major Coalition operation begins throughout Iraq: Operation Phantom Phoenix.

5. Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, says Hizballah in Lebanon stronger now than before 2006 Summer War with IDF.

Egypt to Use US Technology, Training to Bolster Gaza Border - Washington Post

Saakashvili Wins in Tiblisi Elections, But With Far Weaker Mandate - Radio Free Europe
Russia Protests Irregularities In Georgian Vote - Radio Free Europe

Ahmadinejad-Khamenei Rift Continues (not new) Ahead of Elections - IHT
Israel warns of Iranian missile peril for Europe - Telegraph
NJ Divests: For New Jersey Pension Fund, No Iran-Linked Investments - New York Times

Phantom Phoenix: Major U.S.-Iraqi operation begins - USA Today

Bush to visit an ambivalent Israel - Los Angeles Times
Barak: New rocket fire in north is 'grave' incident - Haaretz
Clashes between Hamas and Israeli boats reported on Gaza coast - Jerusalem Post

Israeli Defense Minister says Hizballah stronger than ever - AFP
UN seeks to halt Hizballah arms in Lebanon - Telegraph
Fatah al-Islam Leader Releases 1st Web Message - AP
Fatah al-Islam chief warns of attacks on Lebanon army - Reuters

US Wants Pakistan to Bite the Bullet - Asia Times
Taliban Kill Eight Tribal Leaders in Waziristan - VOA
Tribal killings shatter hopes for ceasefire - Times Online
Waziristan: The hub of al-Qaeda operations - Guardian

January 7, 2008

1. Al-Qaeda has posted a video by Adam Ghadan urging attacks on President Bush during his Middle East trip this week that includes Egypt and the West Bank.

2. A senior member of bin Laden's personal 'Black Guard' is reported detained in Lahore, US intelligence yet to confirm.

3. Reports surface of US consideration of SpecOp plans inside Pakistan's tribal areas, Pakistan publicly denies US permission as 8 tribal leaders killed by militants for negotiating peace.

4. Iran expels German diplomat, expects to finish gas pipeline deal with Pakistan in two weeks.

5. Taiwan's President Chen said that if opposition party wins weekend elections, "then reunification with China could be realized anytime soon." Added fears that "Taiwan could become another Hong Kong or Macau."

6. IAEA director general ElBaredei headed back to Tehran for talks.

Al-Qaeda Posts Video Urging Attacks on Bush Mideast Visit - WSJ
Senior al-Qaeda leader reported detained in Lahore, Pakistan - The Nation
US Intelligence yet to confirm al-Haq capture - Long War Journal
Pakistan 'not particularly looking for' bin Laden: Musharraf - AFP

'Taiwan could become another Hong Kong or Macau' if Opposition Wins - President Chen - Forbes
Taiwan To Purchase Patriots, Apaches - DefenseNews
China 's Taiwan Strait route for commercial aviation scares Taiwan - IHT
Taiwan Fears China Is Chipping Away at U.S. Support - DefenseNews

Iranian ships 'harass' U.S. Navy in Strait of Hormuz, officials say - CNN
Background/Analysis: Iranian Navy Threatens US Navy in Gulf - ThreatsWatch
Iran expels German diplomat in 'tit-for-tat row' - Telegraph
Iran has no immediate plans for normalized US relations - Canadian Press
Ahmadinejad seeks budget boost ahead of election - Reuters
‘Pakistan, Iran to finalize gas pipeline project by 25th’ - Daily Times
ElBaredei Headed back to Tehran - Los Angeles Times

Abbas-Olmert talks planned ahead of Bush trip: officials - AFP
Olmert to assure Bush he will remove outposts 'expeditiously' - Haaretz
Sderot families sue Egypt for Kassam Rockets - Jerusalem Post

Hizballah delegation met Iran's Larijani in Damascus over Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Arab League Backs Gen. Suleiman as Lebanese President - New York Times

Militants Kill 8 Waziristan Tribal Elders Negotiating with Pakistan - ABC
Governor of militancy-plagued NWFP Pakistan border province quits - AFP
U.S. Considers New Covert Push Within Pakistan Against al-Qaeda - NYT
Pakistan says it will not allow US forces to hunt militants on its soil - IHT
Commentary: In defence of Pakistan's military dictator - Toronto Star
The Ghosts That Haunt Pakistan - New York Times

January 4, 2008

1. Scotland Yard investigators arrive in Pakistan, Musharraf denies any connections to Bhutto assassination, and PPP calls for a Hariri-like UN probe.

2. In Kenya, amid continuing violence, the opposition party is calling for new elections while the Kenyan president says no talks until violence ends.

3. North Korea has threatened to boost its 'war deterrent' after accusing US of seeking a nuclear war, yet says it hopes six-party deal can still be implemented.

4. Blamed for failing to 'get out the vote' in the recent term limits ballot failure, Hugo Chavez has fired his VP and reshuffled the entire cabinet.

5. A US judge has ordered Iran to pay $466 million to the family of a Los Angeles man for his torture and 1997 hanging.

6. Pakistani newspaper reports that Taliban commander Baitullah Mahsud's 'hideout' in S. Waziristan was bombed.

Judge Orders Iran Pay $466 Million for Los Angeles Man's Torture, Death - AP

IDF uncovers two rockets in process of assembly in West Bank's Nablus - Haaretz
Report: Switzerland mediating Hamas-Israel 10-years ceasefire talks - Jerusalem Post
UN Mediating Israel-Hizballah talks - Jerusalem Post

Kenya president rules out talks with rival until calm prevails - Los Angeles Times
Kenya's Opposition Party Calls for New Election - Wall Street Journal
Background: Kenya's Descent into Anarchy - ThreatsWatch

North Korea says it will boost its 'war deterrent' - Los Angeles Times
N. Korea says it still hopes for smooth implementation of nuclear deal - Yonhap

British Investigators Arrive in Pakistan to Join Bhutto Probe - VOA
PPP insists on Hariri-like UN commission - Daily Times
Taliban commander ‘Baitullah’s hideout’ in South Waziristan bombed - DAWN

Bomb Blast Kills 5 in Kurdish Area in Turkey - New York Times

NY-to-CA passenger jets get anti-missile devices - USA Today

Chavez shuffles Venezuelan cabinet, Fires VP over term-limits ballot failure - IHT

January 3, 2008

1. Libya assumes presidency of UN Security Council.

2. Hizballah fires anti-aircraft commander, wants to exchange Israeli body parts for prisoners.

3. Longest range Palestinian rocket yet lands in Ashkelon.

4. China says North Korean missed nuclear deadline 'normal.'

5. Khameini says US ties not in interests, enrichment to continue.

6. Report says US export policy with China puts National Security at risk.

7. Report says Iranian leaders no longer funding, training, arming Iraqi militias. US General says report "made a leap of faith logic that was not discussed between the reporter and me."

8. Russia admits to thwarting more than 120 attempts to smuggle "highly radioactive" material out of the country in 2007.

Study Says US Policy on Tech Exports to China Threatens National Security - VOA
Original Report: In China We Trust? (PDF) - Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control
India PM Singh to visit, China says - AFP

Khamenei says US ties not in Iran's interest; to keep enriching uranium - Forbes
Iran hangs 13 persons convicted on murder, drug charges - International Herald Tribune

General says Washington Times Iran article inaccurate - Danger Room
US Generals: Iran no longer aids Iraq militants - Washington Times
String of suicide bombings in Iraq - Christian Science Monitor

Longest range rocket yet lands near hotel in Ashkelon - Ynetnews
Israel riled as Gazans cross Rafah - Jerusalem Post
Israel-Egypt relations in crisis: Cairo lets Hamas men into Gaza unchecked - Israel Insider

Hizballah dismisses senior anti-aircraft commander for wartime failures - Haaretz
Hizballah wants to exchange Israeli body parts for terrorist prisoners - JTA
Hizballah Wants Veto in Lebanon - AP
Nasrallah: Israel is behind the assassinations in Lebanon - Ya Libnan
Jumblatt: Hezbollah is behind the Lebanon murders - Ya Libnan

Libya Assumes Presidency of Security Council - New York Times
Libya Officially Welcomed Back To the U.S. Fold - Washington Post

China calls missed North Korea nuclear deadline 'normal' - AFP

Is Pakistan Pivotal for al-Qaeda? - Wall Street Journal
Why Pakistan Matters - TIME
Scotland Yard's Pakistan casebook - BBC
Musharraf deploys army for elections - Washington Times

Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades calls for death of PA 'collaborator' - Jerusalem Post
Seven dead as Israel battles militants in southern Gaza - M&C
Background: Islamic Jihad technical expert killed in IAF strike - Jerusalem Post

High Rate of Nuclear Smuggling in 2007Admitted by Russia - Telegraph

January 2, 2008

1. Pakistan Election Commission delays elections until February 18. UK's Scotland Yard to assist in Pakistani investigation of Bhutto assassination.

2. Iran wants better media cooperation with China "to defuse West's biased information dissemination."

3. Taiwan President says Chinese 'One China' policy a peace obstacle as military threat grows.

4. Palestinian newspaper reports 450 prisoners swap deal for IDF Cpl. Shalit to be struck in next 2 weeks.

5. Thirteen killed in militant raid on Nigerian hotel, police station.

6. US, British and Israeli embassies in Australia evacuated after each sent packages with unknown white powder. Later tests revealed no danger.

7. Car bombing kills four at Algerian police station, al-Qaeda (AQIM) claims responsibility.

Four dead in Algeria car bombing at police station - CNN
Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claims northern attack - AKI

Powder packages sent to US, UK, Israeli embassies spark evacuations in Australia - Reuters
Powder sent to Israeli Embassy in Australia found to pose no threat - Haaretz

Taiwan: US Caving to China on Referendum - AP
Chen says "One China" the obstacle in cross-strait ties - Radio Taiwan
Chen: China's missiles now at 1328 - Radio Taiwan

Iran Stresses Reinvigoration of Media Cooperation with China - Fars News Agency

Citizen forces seen key to driving out violence - Washington Times
Background: Iraq's Awakening Councils and Concerned Local Citizens Are Not the Same - CT Blog
Press, political pressure helped 'lose' first Fallujah operation, report says - Washington Times

PA Security & Intelligence members behind West Bank killing of 2 Israelis - JTA
Palestinian Newspaper: Prisoner swap deal for Shalit within 2 weeks - Haaretz
'Nasrallah to speak of abducted troops' - Jerusalem Post
New Hamas clamp on Fatah - Gulf Daily News

Death Toll in Post-Election Church Burning in Kenya Rises to 35 - New York Times

Militia raid on hotel, police stations kills 13 in Nigerian oil city - Jerusalem Post

Pakistan Vote Delayed to February - New York Times
Taliban shuts down Internet cafes in NWFP - Thaindian News
Pak seeking outside support and possible help on Bhutto investigation - IHT
Britain Scotland Yard to aid Bhutto murder investigation - AKI

US Diplomat's Death Ups Sudan Ante - New York Sun

January 1, 2008

1. As North Korea demands US end hostile actions as US response to NoKor's missed deadline is 'restrained.'

2. Renewed Hamas v. Fatah fighting in Gaza kills seven as Abbas presses Hamas to accept early elections.

3. US foes China, Iran plan cultural exchanges in capital cities.

4. Kenyan election called into question, street violence there intensifies.

5. Pakistani elections expected to be delayed, may result in angry PPP violence.

6. A US diplomat from US-AID and his driver have been killed in a shooting in Khartoum, Sudan.

Death toll rises to seven in renewed Fatah/Hamas fighting in Gaza - Reuters
Palestinian President Calls on Hamas to Accept Early Elections - VOA

Hamas wants lull in fighting with Israel - Haaretz
Hamas trying to develop West Bank Qassam rocket - Jerusalem Post
Olmert curbs West Bank construction - Reuter

Iran and China planning joint cultural centers project - Tehran Times
Iran's top nuclear negotiator reshuffles team - AFP

International observers question Kenyan vote - CNN
Fighting Intensifies After Election in Kenya - New York Times
15 reported dead as mob burns a church in Kenya - AP

Analysis: Syria’s Assassination Goal: Target March 14th Christians To Divide & Conquer - Counterterrorism Blog
Background - ThreatsWatch.Org Multimedia: Who is Next?

Mauritania forces unsure of al-Qaeda attack claim - Reuters

N. Korea Misses Nuke Deadline, but US Response Is Restrained - Washington Post
US takes soft line on North Korea snub - The Age
North Korea calls on U.S. to abandon hostility - International Herald Tribune
South Korea president-elect's aide says NoKor should be invited to inauguration - IHT

Elections Look Set to Be Delayed By Several Weeks - Wall Street Journal
Bhutto had 'proof' state, spy agency rigging poll - Reuters
Al-Qaeda aims at Pakistan's heart - Asia Times
Analysis: Benazir's Death: Army, ISI Keep Low Profile - SAAG

U.S. Diplomat Shot Dead in Khartoum, Sudan - ABC

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