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December 31, 2007

1. Rioting after Bhutto assassination continues, Karachi brought to standstill. January 8 elections in doubt as crisis continues.

2. Iran announced Bushehr nuclear reactor will begin operating in appx. 6 months, not the end of 2008. Russia sends second uranium shipment.

3. Hamas attack killing 2 Israeli hikers puts talks in jeopardy. Israeli PM vows no peace until terror stops.

4. Lebanese presidential election delayed again. Sarkozy cuts all French ties with Syria over Lebanon meddling.

5. Kenyan election disputed and violence erupts. Kenyan police to arrest opposition leaders.

6. As expected, North Korea missed the deadline to declare all of its nuclear programs in exchange for US aid.

Democrats Urge Shifting US Troops to Afghanistan - VOA

Bin Laden warns Sunnis: don't join US - The Australian
Bin Laden vows Jihad in Jerusalem - Haaretz
Israel says it is taking bin Laden threat seriously - International Herald Tribune

Hugo Chavez's hostage mission nears collapse - MSNBC

Iran Announces Nuclear Plant Operational in 6 Months - BBC
Oil Rises as Iran to Start Reactor - Bloomberg
Iran offers nuclear technology to Egypt - Jerusalem Post
Analysis: Iran's inner and outer circles of influence and power - Los Angeles Times
Iran backtracks on Russian S-300 missile announcement - Jerusalem Post
Iran hit by gas cuts after Turkmenistan halts supplies - Forbes

Hamas claims West Bank shootout, 2 Israelis dead - AFP
Israel: No Peace Until Militants Stopped - AP
Chemicals used in making explosives caught at West Bank checkpoint - Haaretz
EU slams terrorists' use of phony EU aid sugar sacks for explosives - Jerusalem Post
Israel stands by West Bank curbs - Financial Times

Incumbent Declared Winner in Kenya's Disputed Election - Washington Post
Kenya Leader Re-Elected in Disputed Vote - ABC
Kenya Erupts in Violence (Photographic) - New York Times
Kenya security on high alert - The Times
Kenyan police to arrest opposition over planned rally - Australian Broadcasting
Kenya Protests: Thousands Battle With Police, Close To 100 Dead - ABC

France breaks ties with Syria over Lebanon crisis - Radio Netherlands
Lebanon Again Delays Presidential Vote - AP
UNIFIL steps up supervision to deter Hizballah re-armament - Haaretz

North Korea Misses Nuclear Declaration Deadline - ABC

Rioting in Pakistan continues - Los Angeles Times
Riots kill 44 as Pakistan snubs aid - Press Association
Rioting Prompts Musharraf to Order Security Forces to Take Firm Action - VOA
Pakistan Considers Delaying Election Date After Riots - Bloomberg
Musharraf party halts campaign - The Australian
Ruling Party Sees Pakistan Vote Delay - AP
Opposition Parties Vow to Proceed With Jan. 8 Election - New York Times
Pakistan's Largest City Paralyzed - ABC

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