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December 27, 2007

1. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Unrest in streets throughout Pakistan, elections uncertain, new state of emergency expected.

2. Russia delivering new S-300 missile system to Iran to bolster defenses.

3. US seeking to out-sell Russia in major Indian arms bidding.

4. Canadian Defence Minister challenges Iran on weapons supply to Taliban in Afghanistan.

5. Al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq 'defense minister' in Iraqi custody.

Benazir Bhutto assassinated at political rally in Pakistan - Times Online
Benazir Bhutto 'killed in blast' - BBC
Bhutto shot while standing, waving through sunroof - CNN
Afghan president was in Pakistan to mend ties - International Herald Tribune
Bhutto Killing Threatens Security, Vote - ABC
President Bush: Attack on Bhutto 'Cowardly' - ABC

Canadian Defence Minister challenges Iran on Afghan weapons - Edmonton Journal

Six French Citizens Found Guilty in Chad - Washington Post
France readies appeal to Chad for return of aid workers - IHT

UN fears conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea - Radio Netherlands

Egypt vows to end weapons smuggling - Jerusalem Post
Hamas demands 1,400 prisoners for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit - Reuters

US aims to edge out Russia in big arms sales to India - Guradian
Indian Hindus and Christians caught up in 3rd day of violence - IHT

Russia to set up missile shield for Iran - The Hindu
Russia Selling Iran Sophisticated New Air Defense System - FOX
Backgrounder: New Russian Missile Systems for Iran After TOR-M1 Failure - ThreatsWatch
Larijani in rare Egypt visit probes normalizing relations - International Herald Tribune

Iraq says captures senior al-Qaeda figure, ISI 'defense minister' - Reuters
Triple Threat Pressures al-Qaeda in Iraq, General Says - DefenseLink
Anti-Qaeda fighters in Iraq face an uncertain future - AFP
Turkey Launches Operation Against Kurdish Rebels Near Iraq Border - VOA
Report: Turkey using drones in N. Iraq with help of Israeli crews - Haaretz

Turnout is heavy in Kenyan election - International Herald Tribune

Military Base in Africa: US dumps Nigeria, opts for Liberia - Nigerian Tribune

Chavez: Venezuela to Pick Up FARC Hostages in Colombia - ABC

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